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Friday, April 23, 2004


I get home from work help put the kids to bed tuck while my oldest sits on the computer playing his games, it's become quite a time consuming thing for him once this week on Wed I bet he was on 3 hours if not more. But because it was new and got outta school early that day and did his chores I said it was ok but told him of the hour interent rule per day. I more than anyone understand that time flies once you start surfing and reading and playing games whoo hoo i love that but yes it can be 1045 and then next time ya look it's 220am. and believe me it's happened.

But so, C says he's been sitting there since 915 and I'm like well it's 10 now 15 more min, but cuz a friday nite and stuff i'll let ya stay on till 11. He's like you just wanna go on, well yeah I'm the adult here and I like to read the news and weather since we don't have local cable channels or anything. I do all my kids pre-school activities and worksheets online, I pay bills I balance credits and debits and all that stuff, my journals my pictures and my day calendar is important I record days events and up coming appointments and such. After work I sit at least 30 minutes just doing that once a day. During the day If i am able to sit at the computer I seldom have a second to do much of that with little ones. But anyways my oldest at 11 now cops an attitude like C said I could be on till midnight, which I'm sure he never said.

He has band contest in the morning and is getting up with hubs at 5am to go shingle some more and at 8 i'll pick him up with the kids to go listen. That means I'll have to get up and get me and the kids all ready by 8 so that means at least by 630 we will have to all be up. I just know J is not going to think he's going to be a veggie in front of the computer 24/7 and be pissy and crabby cuz I make him get off. LOL i'm such a mean mom. An hour and 45 minutes and 11pm a bedroom curfew since he's to be up at 5am is ample time I believe I'm very fair. Oh well I guess I don't like to crack any whips round here but I know it's for his own good, just feeling like the mean mommie or something lol.

I suppose gotta check on a few things and hit the hay myself busy weekend ahead.


My baby crawled in bed with us he's been a turkey about going to bed and sleeping at all. He doesn't need sleep like the other kids it's funny, anyways he snuk in and crawls up in and then takes my pillow and is kickin us lol and 1/2 asleep. I just grabbed another pillow and decided I'd let him sleep there rather than disturb him cuz he's so cute laying there. He's getting so big.

2 weeks ago he weighed 34 pounds and has weighed that for a couple months but it's so cute cuz he's gotten this baby belly and chunk to him yet that he'll outgrow anyday I'm sure just as his curls I hadda cut out, but he stepped on the scale and weighed 39 the 1st time it's moved in months and he pats his belly, nods his head and says something like Full I think, but it's cute. I think it's the basket of candy on Easter he chowed down in 2 days too. lol

I still don't think his speech has improved all that much I would still say he only has a vocab of 20 words if that. I'm not happy with the choice to wait until the next school year to start him on regular speech classes, but I felt forced to choose that, then from birthright of SD says they are in fault of some SD program and I could press charges and I'm like OMG I just wanted to make sure everything is OK and he can hear blah blah.. crazy and other lady says doesn't like the programs oto much paperwork and the two obviously have issues, but I don't like the feeling my sons case might be in jepordy cuz of it. everything I read says start asap and 2 is good. And talking to another mom who's boy is 2 1/2 and started in wtrtwn he's up to over 100 words in 2 months now. Same situation as my son, and her son has less of a hearing loss that Z, I know each child is on his own I just don't hear any real improvement in the 2 months like the Dr said I should.

I will just keep on working with him one on one like I have been I bought a bunch of picture books and have him talk out things and he tries and I totally think he has his own language already. My duaghter doesn't help always talking for him, but what is SOOO Soo cute is how she understands him even when I don't. She's like Mom he said this not that.. and she knows. She's so mommy to him sometimes it's cute. I sure miss them all right now wishing I could go cuddle up or wake them up to say goodnight since I missed it 2nite. Was kinda nice to have our baby still up. Hubs saying you can put him to bed the turkey and i'm like lets leave him up hehehe. Can't start that he says, and I know we can't hubby needs his ZZZ's specially since I'll be working more nites.

Ok i suppose I could go back to bed and just wiggle back in either way I'm exhausted and waking up in the middle of the nights bad for me cuz it's so hard to fall asleep in the 1st place. Hubs has to work all weekend now too. It's our anniversary sunday.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004


OK so I'm a Runescape addict now or have been for almost a week, I am totally into games and this is like sims online but a zillion times better cuz it's fun for any age, my son plays it and thinking I should check it out since he's so into it.. and see why. But like with online games and multiplayers you meet people and this being a medival theme there's a million guys and being a girl player .. you can imagine how that goes. I do have to say I've joined this one clan who i've made the bestest friends with and today he left and his friend took over helping me another member of the clan they're recruiting me and suiting me up and giving me all kinds of tools. Anyways the leveling and stragedy is pretty awesome and for free-play no one can complain about complexity of entire game. It's pretty cool.