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Saturday, April 10, 2004


I'd do just about anything to have just one hour to write, right now cuz I so need it. I can't even start cuz once I do I'm afraid they're will be no stopping the way i'm feeling.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

20 Signs you Have a Baby in the House

Sure some are a little out dated but I can relate to almost all of them.. :) and proud of it of course. Most got a good chuckle outta me from past thoughts and times as they've all occured.

1) You walk into the kitchen and get cheerios stuck to the bottom of your feet.

2) The toilet paper is either puddled 2 feet onto the floor or loosely re- rolled back into place.

3) The dog wants to stay outside to get some peace.

4) Everything in the house below waist level is either plastic or padded.

5) You can't open up a toilet lid, cabinet or drawer without maneuvering some sort of plastic contraption.

6) You get into the tub and step on a squeaky toy.

7) You can't find room for the "real" food in the pantry because it's filled with baby food jars.

8) The garbage can is locked away in another room.

9) There's tupperware scattered across the kitchen floor and the rest of the cupboard contents are scattered across the living room.

10) You feel like you are walking through a booby trapped mine field and then realize it's the living room.

11) The tv has itty bitty finger prints on it.

12) There are finger and nose prints on all the window panes at knee level.

13) You can lift an object over 20 lb. easily with one arm and rest it on their hip.

14) You eat with their fingers at the dinner table and think nothing of it.

15) At a restaurant you have to think twice about cutting your food in teeny tiny pieces and sharing it with everyone.

16) You no longer need an alarm clock.

17) You have sunscreens on the windows of your car.

18) There's dried drops of formula on the floors, furniture, etc.

19) You say nighty night when leaving a dinner party.

20) You actually know what a Teletubbie is.

Going Home

Me and the kids went over to Grandma's a bit ago but they were gone I had forgotten they had a funeral to attend this morning. My daughter upset to not be able to stop and visit says Where r they, I explained they had a funeral, of course a 4 year old asks what's that. I explained that an older man had lived a long life but has now died. She asks all kinds of stuff about why did he die and basic's I just said he'd live long and it was his time to go home to live with God. So a while later b4 we got home she says I wish that Jesus would hurry up and fly down and pick up that guy so grandma would be home. I thought that was so cute.

Went to a cooking show with my grandma last night it was OK, more fun to just be out with her she makes me so sad as I'm sure I too when we discuss moving. Sucks. Then got back and my cousin and his fiance were up for the funeral it's her great uncle and my oldest and his best friend are there watching the Twins baseball game. Only one cable company in town carries the games and my grandparents get it so once J's friend found out he was going over to watch the game he wanted to too. My grandparents didn't care having two boys over to watch the game with. BUT it lasted 15 innings and at 1210 they finally won and nothing like that to stay up late on a school night. But for me too Grandma broke out a wine bottle and we all sat and visited till then as well and being so tired and up late I awoke this morning feeling wiped out at 720.

It's super-windy today. I better start some lunch then get busy finishing up for the sale this weekend it's suppose to be crappy weather wise.. :( bummer but oh well. Chow for now

Monday, April 05, 2004


That's what I've been doing for the past week, rummaging thru anything and everything I can, every corner nook and cranny where-ever those places are I think I've now been. Were having a rummage sale this weekend never had one but oh my gosh I can't believe all the crap I have or have saved most of it I'm think OMG what the hell am I doing. I didn't think I was a clutter=nut junk Jane but going thru all this stuff I'm like If only people will come take it I'd be happy. Lots of kids clothes not the best stuff as I usually gave that to my cousins kids or passed on to other kids that need it, but just all kids of stuff I didn't even know I still had boxed up laying around.

I'm not into making a killing or anything, sure some if it's nice and about new those things I think if they sell they sell and that's cool I guess. Hubs has more of his stuff and expensive things. He's getting rid of most his hunting stuff but he has so much you'd hardly notice a dent in his things. I have yarn and boxes of it. Have no clue what to sell it for. At least 200 skeins it's crazy I just don't want to haul it or save it anymore but the more I think about it the more I want to go back out and grab it.. maybe i'll mark it all high. I mean a dollar or two a skein that's 3-4hundred bucks out there in just yarn OMG I'm crazy. But B4 I worked I crocheted a lot. I'm sure I will again someday just haven't this time in my life with little ones and all and activities but would like to again. Still enjoy the occasional but stick to smaller thread projects now. Easy to pick up and travel with.

Hubs starts his classes 2nite. Kids woke up this morning and I pre-school them myself this year and while we were doing the morning stuff C says Yep Dad's going to school 2nite. It was kinda cute he must have said something about it to her and she's all cool like her Dad's going to be like her now. ;)

We've been out most the day other than that it's 77 degrees outside it's awesome :) I still have 1000 things to mark and get ready I'll be out there most the night I think when we get home, maybe I'll drink up the rest of that beer I brought home who knows. :) Chow for now