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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Back to Work

Yeah back to work, guess it was nice to get back to a normal day kinda... although coming home I really missed my family, the kids and hubby. Spent so much time together and so nice to be home at night again and wake them up in the morning and see there 1st smiles, instead of them running into my room jumping on the bed wake up. We had fun 2day we made mini scrap books for their stickers. Since neither can read ( 2 and 4 years old) we made books outta colored paper and I drew pictures of things they need can do to help out round the house and their little things to do. Like my daughters 1st page is making her bed and picking up her toys, and getting dressed, brushing teeth . Book time, creativitiy time stuff like that. Z's were similar with a added potty chair which inspired me. Kids love stickers and I have a bag they can reach into and grab out a sticker when I reward them sometimes.. not every time, but anyways Z using the potty so good wants stickers and sticks them all over , I find 10 in the wash and stickers on books and on his walls.. I decided were making sticker scrap books. Turned out pretty awesome I thought.

And the kids and I agree that when a page is filled with either stickers or stars mom makes or whatever, that we will sit down and plan on something fun be it out for an ice cream cone or a walk just you and me. My DD was thrilled and she ran round all afternoon trying to earn more. Kinda fun.

So slow winter == I want spring to come getting antsy for that. Can't wait to get spring fever i've been feeling so blah latley. Sat going to my GF's to plant some seeds were making our own lil greenhouse for flower seedlings.. blue poppys. so pretty on the internet.

My grandma/pa came down 2nite for happy hour they're funny, grams so worried about me moving now. They are so cute. I look up to them lots and love them so much. They are really amazing with all they do. 76 and doing meals on wheels for shut-ins during snow storms this winter.. always amaze me how active they are. somedays more than I. Gotta make a point to take kids over to visit more often this spring at least once a week.

Let's rate my energy to move from 1 to 10, 10 being hit the road now kinda number and one being no way, no how am I moving.. I'd be at a 9.6 right now. thought i was discontent with my life b4 and more recently now I really am. Sure it'll die down tomorrow heheehe:) Ohhhh wish I had more time to tell ya more bout my trip.... later..

Vacation is Over

Bummer my vacation is offically over today at 430 when I go back to work. Not that that is all bad I like my job, just seems like time went so fast and we did so much and I did so much and such different schedules and activities that it seems werid to get back into my old routine when I love this new one so much. Guess I could just modify it slowly .

I also obviously vacationed with my Blog, with my entire computer at that. My parents was not even worth trying to log on, using a free dial up program that was crap taking me at a min 15 minutes to open my email and write one letter. So I opt to not use that there and spent my time sight-seeing. Nothing like slamming in the sights in a few days, and I didn't even really see all that much but when I look at my list of things we did everyday it's Like WOW how did we find the time to do all that.

The last 2 days we looked at some Homes ya know the model homes in the new subdivision. Wow houses are cheep down there and all brick and beautiful. The One I feel in love with is outta this world just huge and only 200K, house here like that easy 1/2 mill if not more. and groceries are 1/2 price as to what ours are up here. It was fun to compare and shop down there. I hit the opraland mall 3 times when we were there... awesome mall and i'm not always a mall kinda gal, were going to eat at a habachi grill that's americanized the kind where they make the food all on a grill in front of ya, these guys do tricks and throw the food at ya looked fun but we got there too late and were only serving the last 3 tables that we got to watch though.

The Blue bird was a bust. we stood outside for almost and hour and the line didn't move once. I did get to step in and watch a few minutes then popped back out. Didn't come for SD to not see something hehehe the line was cool, full of songwriters it was crazy.

Character was all the bars downtown ya just have to go see it to imagine it. The last night we spent at the french quartet drinking wine. Note I drove downtown and all around piece of cake. Then again I never went downtown or near during rush hours... but at night easy street and so pretty.

On the way down hubs drove the 1st 4-4 1/2 hours then I drove the rest hahaha.. he was tired and i guess that was ok cuz I was pumped to get there. We got in at 8 in the morning how perfect went fast and kids slept pretty good cept for my baby, who was just entertained watching movies. Fun.

So I want to move down there bad Maybe next winter haha hehe i wish. If I could sell our house and buy one there tomorrow, and both have jobs lined up I'd be there in a snap. I knew that if I went down there I'd want to move there and I have the itch bad. Nothing for us here really anyways and hate hubby working outside in subzero temps somedays. I'd so miss my grandma though.

Well off that subject I guess for now cuz I get antsy. I ate some catfish, some frog legs which hubby said are giant bullfrog legs ewwww and aligator tail that was mushy and so yucky, yet i ate it, the swamp bucket at uncle bud's the 1st night we were in. Ohhh my baby just pooped in the potty :) YEAH 1st time all on his own. He went even without me making him ohhh were so ready for the lil under-roos. Pull-ups for another month I guess then it's scooby Doo. Will be so nice to not have diapers.

I have been noticing a new reader with the same isp as mine on the site the past few days... that's the thing about bloggin i hate cuz while you type for the world to see, there's still some you don't want anyone to see.. or at least anyone you know. Why I'm thinking about a new idea to bloggin but not sure what, don't want anyone to take my thoughts the wrong way or that kinda crap could make the site password only and only give it out to certain people or people that request it. hummm not sure

ohhh i wish i could tell ya more but gotta go uptown run run run seems like all i've been doing. It will be hard this 1st week getting back into staying up later as I've been up by 8 sometimes earlier even this week by 640 this morning i'll be tired tonight and I don't want to be crabby tomorrow morning, ohhh and major change... besides baby being potty trained we also threw out his crib when we came home and bought him a big boy bed which he's been sleeping in well all night, but with that No NAPS... neither of the kids have taken naps all vacation and that's wears on my patience a little... a lot sometimes, no time to myself constant painting with my fingers and fighting over markers and toys and all that fun activities and crafts and toys, will be nice to add playtime outside... waiting for spring patiently.... it was so pretty in TN my mom already planted all her flowers outside.. k gotta go