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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Nashville :)

Yeah I'm in Nashville TN visiting my parents and my lil brother. I'm wiped tired been running every second we've been here and I've blown a ton of money and we still have 5 days to go hahaha :) And we havn't even hit the opra land Mall!

It is so beautiful here and hilly and the terrain is so fun and different than South Dakota. All the homes here are brick it's so pretty and the sidewalks are so pretty even all stones and colored reddish. My parents have a beautiful home and in such a nice area and so convientent to everyplace around.

I could be so tempted to move here... last night the bars downtown nashville were outta a movie WOW. OK I'm at my parents and there' waiting on me I better get going I will write more later... I have so much to record down about all we've done so far and seen it's amazing.