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Thursday, February 12, 2004


I wish I could go one day without some drama or my life was less crazy, or that silly stress of daily living was wiped away with a kleenex like a runny nose. I hate this cuz I hate to sound depressed or negative and I have feeling that way. 1st off Zac is still sick, he has this gag reflex thing going on now I thought since he had the flu all sunday night, throwing up all over all week, I awake in the night to hear him choking and rush in with the bucket to find he'd already done the spit up several times b4. Change the bedding... again sometimes 3-4 times a night. This morning was the worst as now he has the 'runs' poor little guy and it's like the watery stuff and had it all over his bedding and PJ's and OHhhh little guy has had that all day, and the gagin and throwing up still continues I am worried about dehydration now with his 'runs' and he isn't eating at least not much, then I think it's the medication the Dr put him on last week so I call over to his nurse and she didn't answer any of my questions at all, but said the flu's going around and I asked how long to give it since didn't say on lable she's not sure sometimes it's 2 days in babies and I'm like well can ya look it up and she's like the Dr is outta the office today and I'm like well OMG I don't want to give him this stuff if upsetting his tummy more yet I want to find out whats wrong with his ears and continue that treatment but frustrated no answers..

no answers, another frusrtating thing about today, Van went in yesterday for a tune-up b4 our vacation and 2000 mile trip next week, to find out the transmission filter wasn't on. not even around... and who knows for how long? Hubs explained it but I'm stupid I'm just like well fix it, he replies the guy put another one on and said to put as many miles on as possible b4 our trip and pop back in and will stick it on the computer to see if that helped... and if the service engine light comes on b4, come back you need a new transmission.. ok ok.. yeah so lets just get it I'm thinking.. cuz holy crap I'm not driving 1000 miles to get stranded somewhere cuz of the transmission, and he's like well it's approx 1800.00 OMG.. forget the vacation I guess... So now I'm stuck with this STUPID decision. Sure the guy says the new filter put on might work just fine and nothing wrong but maybe not... and if not wouldn't recommend driving that far or at all if the service light comes on after he put this new one on, but may take a bit of driving b4 that. OK So we get 500 miles down the road and breaks down and 1800 like we would/could even afford a vacation if we need to do that. I don't know what to do now.

Hubs has no opinion and when I'd ask questions he'd be like Well I didn't think to ask all that stuff to the mechanic.. so i was upset thinking ok so what??? drive around I guess in hopes the light doesn't come on b4 we leave in a week and a day??? OMG

Want to hear some more that's just scractching the surface of my week... i gotta go to work now though and son's home from school.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

One Word

Just love this site, it's a Meme that throws out one word everyday when you hit enter and your timed at 60 seconds to write about it



What a Long Ass weekend that was, Boss'es Bday friday went out for that was fun but OMG I drank way too much, my daughter had the flu that night so all day saturday I was sick and thought Ohhh no i've gotten the flu like her, worried I wouldn't be able to go to work hubs would say ohhh honey your just hung over, and I'm like Yeah i thought that too but no I really think I'm sick, hahaha hung over.. anyways got thru that on sat and on sunday it was ...


Sunday, February 08, 2004


Woke up again with a killer sore throat I know it's dry in my house either that or sitting in the hospitals and Dr offices I picked up something maybe, cuz my nose is a bit stuffy too. I hope we all get over this b4 vacation, hubs was stuffed up last night too he said. Fun thing about being sick and not smoking is no cough it's so weird but a great weird. Gotta go do my son's Paper-route for him as he went away with his best friends family up north for the weekend bet he's having fun. Thinking were going to go out for lunch too with the little ones but not sure where or what. I know one of our resolutions was to not eat out as much but we havn't that much I did TJ's the other day too... funny broken all my resolutions pretty much it sucks. OK I have to get busy printing out some pictures for valentines, gotta get them off monday:) Nice to get up early on sundays for church gets you up and home and you have most the day now, well until I go to work at 4. Hope it's not so late 2nite I feel kinda shitty, or maybe this sore throat will pass or I hope. Maybe I should take some tylenol.