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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

LOTR Return of the King

OK i'm so loving the mood of loving a movie, it's that feeling of you hate it's over yeet it was so good Ohhhhh dangit what to do now??? I feel like there's so much to do that I don't want to start or even know where. Hubs n I finished up xmas shopping last night that was fun, but his check was 250 short cuz of his holiday bonus they take taxes out and that always sucks right b4 xmas, love the bonus just chunks outta reg pay and always stress this time of year for me and I don't know why, OMG my dog farts I think cuz I keep getting doggy awful smell whifs every so often and Omg ewwww yucky.

On Movie notes this website called Movie Mistakes is funny, it already has some for LOTR, it's a website where it states the funny parts in movies that didn't get edited out, like if you look closely during this movie you see a car in the shire.. opps. Kinda funny to read/see these, specially after watching a movie, makes you want to watch again to see these bloppers huh.

I have most my wrapping done too! I want to play PS2, yet I should get some zzz's early been busy week and Fri my step-daughter will be up and next week my parents I'll have a house full trying to get things in order b4 company it lots of work, sometimes I think I worry too much wish I could just throw my hands up in the air and say forget it all everyone fend for themselves hahaha...

Got a new book bought off Amazon 2day it's called Raising your Spirited Child, a guide for parents whose child is "more" sensitive, perceptive, persistent and energetic. Hummmm I have no idea what to do bout my baby, he's so unlike my other 2 and I've been more worried that last few months that maybe it's something more. I have an appt begining of Jan with Dr to discuss some issues, then you have grandparents and friends saying he's just a boy, or he's the baby, or some kids are more quite and don't talk right away, and yes that's all true, but so unlike my other 2, is where it has me confused.

J & C both could recite the alphabet and write b4 they were 2, count to 10, know their colors and that stuff, non shy and listened, yet Z is a handful, loving and good then wild and almost out of controll, but understands everything you tell him he knows, and he knows how to play me and my hubby and the other kids to get what he wants and pouts which is almost cute... almost hehehe... yet he's extra energetic I've let him go for days without naps, hubs n I have let him run the house at night to where I get off at 11 or 12 and he's still up bouncing off the walls. He only says a handful of words yet fully understands what we say, like go get the yellow card with a 4 on it and he will or if brings the yellow 3 back, i'll say No this has one two three, I need the card with 4, and he'll go back grunt it out counting to four to find that card so he knows, maybe it's me over-reacting yet I can't imagine a mom not concerned. Reading this article on a 2 year old's language skills tells me I'm not to worry probably as much .. i don't know

But anyways... reading this book maybe will help to see or point out some area's I can maybe find and use that might help. My mom thinks he needs pills OMG that's never even crossed my mind and I wonder if we just need more one on one, like when C is around she's over-bearing and protective of him and mothers him as well and talks for him, I don't know. But I'm looking forward to starting it 2nite or at least to do a glance at.

He's still up in his crib I just heard him laughing playing with something obviously, best I go in and say goodnight and see if he' wants to cuddle or something. and it's like 11 and he's up often in the night, maybe he'll be a night owl like me poor lil guy, cuz he's a bear to wake up in the morning like this morning I tried at 8am and he was crabby and made some yelling like comments at me after I changed him and grabbed his blankie and turned around pointed at me in motions like you don't come in here, and went to my bedroom climbed into my bed and put the cover over his head, and it took a good 30 minutes b4 he'd come around to even wanting to be awake, yet moped around the morning til at least 10am. :) Funny


Monday, December 15, 2003

Happy Birthday J

In a few minutes it will be my son's 12th Birthday! OMG I Can't believe it's been that long ago, where does the time go. It makes me sad, yet I'm happy and proud as he's such a good son, the bestest I could've ever dreamed of having. 10 minutes and it's offically his Bday I have at the exact minute woken him up at that time and kissed and wished him happy Bday every-year cept one, last year I had to work it was a saturday and was a xmas party so I couldn't but called him instead. So glad to be here 2nite to be there again. I am letting him open a gift early from me then as well. He begged so I picked out something small.

Hubs just got to bed, somethings wrong with my van now, the stearing on the way home didn't feel right so he had to take it for a cruise, it's like it's loose or something so i'm going to have to call and make an appt something not feeling right thought maybe it was just me, but he agrees something not right and he thought was pulling to the left, and I thought right, but when it comes down to it, it's just floating all over the road. Sounds expensive and with that other part $450 to fix yet feels like all that we've been saving for down payment on vehicle for him might be sucked up just to fix the van. I know I'm worrying about something that might be nothing major at all so I should just quit. Gotta call the boys mom's tomorrow coming for the party to see if that can go to the movie Stuck On You it's rated B-, so only so so good, yet it's rated PG-13, for crude and sexual behavior, and language, geez makes me really not want to take 3 12 year olds to that specailly with me sitting there. well I think I'm just dropping them off anyways I have a ton to do, plus I invited him with to LOTR3 - return of the King Wed and he's like extra thrilled for that more than anything I mentioned all night.. awesome I can't wait!!!! OK i have to go, then wrap some presents and get to bed cuz I have to be up and outta the house by 8am, damn that sucks I'm tired too tom came so shitty extra tried over that.

OK 2 minutes I better go sing happy Bday!

Sunday, December 14, 2003


I am getting excited for Xmas, Friday hubs goes down to get my step daughter P til the 5th I'm looking forward to seeing her and spending some time with her, and my parents coming up 95% sure for xmas as well. And just family and friends and spending time with the kids and just seeing everyone I am getting excited for xmas now, starting it all off in the morning, my daughter is in her 1st lil reinactment of Jesus' birth. Her sunday school class preschool thru 2nd graders are putting on the christmas story tomorrow morning. So fun to watch the little kids and hear them sing and recite their verses! With that in mind I better get to bed up early 2 this morning to see santa.. OMG yeah the kids seen santa this morning, sopose that had something to do with the thought of Xmas around the corner, and 12 days to go!

The kids were so cute with santa, and when we were leaving my daughter ran back in to wave and say bye to him, cute. What was cute was how she sees him and says, Oh Mom santa got hungry and stopped to get something to eat (at hardees) before he goes to the mall in another town, I just love little kids' thoughts on things! :) :) :) *hugs* Z was cute with Santa too but just wanted the candy he was passing out more than anything :) Somedays I wish I could freeze time to just have everyday be just like today, where the kids can't grow up and I can't get older and we all stay the same and they can be my little babies and be so cute and fun... ohhhh dreaming they grow up so fast!