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Saturday, December 13, 2003

No idea

Being busy all night at work passed the time and made me ignore my mouth ache, but now I'm home and OMG its' caught up with me and so sore. Had a tooth pulled yesterday, that's 4 in the last year and 1/2. I feel I should get into my sons room and clean but it's almost midnight now and gotta get up by 8ish with kids to see santa round 9am, and I know Sunday morning we have to be to church early for the xmas program my duaghters in, just a busy busy time of year and I never know when I'll be home at night so sopose I should sleep now that I have the chance but there is so much to do. Son's bday on Monday, can't believe he's 12 already :( wow where does the time go, I feel like I'm so missing him and time with him and sure as he gets older it'll just worsen huh.. sad .

Some drunk ice fishing guys sitting at the bar all night, ya know the kind that want to hold you hand everytime you walk bye, or like this other J that thinks he's God cuz he remembers my name, ya almost gotta laugh cuz so predictiable, I walk by and this one's winking and makes that kisses noise and calls ya doll, or baby or honey every time, then ya got this other guy who's like Amy, hummm Amy where do I know you? I say, hummm probably don't know me I'm from where I'm from, I don't know you, but nice ot meet ya, then about 10 minutes later,, he'll ask the same thing Hahha..omg. Then the 3rd guy just laughs and whispers stuff to the other older guy who then will consult with the other what kind of job they'd hire me for $20 an hour and are a bunch of sick-o's. Not that I can't smile and just blow it off, that fine, it's OK, it's part of your job and specially in a bar, so you give them 5 when they hold there hands out... come on take me hand, come on dear, so you walk by, and slap it saying High 5, I just laugh at myself now cuz omg ya get so sick of holding hands with some 60 year old pervert, but what do you do but smile about it and think omg.

I don't write much about the old bar stories or drunks cuz I usually like to forget about them when I get home, but had to say somenights it can get to me and is nutty and sometimes so silly/crazy/nutty that I just have to shake my head, roll my eyes are laugh, so someday when I'm old I can look back and remember this time and laugh again I guess. It's comical somenight to watch sober or just listen. Like these 2 truck drivers omg they can talk and talk and talk, 2nite it was about lip service OMG my mouth about dropped wish I wasn't busy at the time where I could've heard a little more about that all I caught was a quick comment about one saying yeah they're all nicey nice until they want their money and I'm like OMG OMGOMG>. ewww funny wtf!

Hubs brought the kids down to eat supper with me and pick me up 2nite, they were so good and cute and it's so fun cuz they just beg to come see me at work and fun to get out somewhere for them and specailly where mom works. Was so cute my daughter was like Mommmmm ohhh mom she's got the same shirt as you!!! meaning the other waitress had same work shirt it was so cute! I gotta find matching outfits for me and her sometime, next summer we'll get sundresses or something or I'll sew some that'd be cute! Z my little buddy ate 1/2 my supper he's a little piggy, came home ate a banana and 1/2 an apple too. Hubs zonked out on the way home 2 miles up the hill,, hahaha but sopose he'd been up since 5 and drove 5 hours ontop of work n stuff, he's always tired it's werid almost, sometimes I'm jealous he can fall asleep so easy. Going to see santa in the morning with the little ones! Yeah!

Damn I better go can't wait until Jan 12th or whatever that week, cuz I think then FINALLY i'll be all caught up, holidays over, company gone and just winter relaxing... will finally come! Not that I don't love everything I have going on, just busy. Wonder what to think for new years resolutions I know I have a list started and having some major goals but nothing set in stone just yet. OK I'm going to go peek in his room I guess to see if there's anything small, I can stripe his bed and stuff and get some wash started easy e-nuf for now K nitey nite!

Thursday, December 11, 2003


OK that was another awesome movie :) liked the 1st one loved the 2nd one, now I want both these movies. They have a ton of cartoons out I could rent I sopose. Bad thing about movies I love is I don't want them to end just like a good book... or when Voyager series of Star Trek I went into depression the last 1/2 of the last season and cried after the last episode cuz I didn't know what I was going to watch. Bout the only show at the time I really loved and looked forward to watching everyweek.

This last week it was Average Joe. OMG did i go into shock when she picked Jason, ewwww I was so disappointed as I wanted her with Adam so bad he seemed so cute and funny and fun and real. But I sopose NBC wanted us to see what they wanted us to and feel that way or at least for me, cuz I didn't feel anything for Jason and thought him fakey. Oh well 6 weeks of watching that's come to an end.

I still get my Star Treky fix on Wed at 7 on UPN, like I have for so many years, enterprise is good I like it as well, sopose watching a series for 7 years does something, ok like the X-Files.. who that loved that wanted that to end... Oh well I sopose that's as life, everything must come to an end.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Super Hero's Sadness

OK so I just got done crocheting my daughter a pretty pink scarf while bawling my eyes out watching the 'Hulk" A few parts got me so teary eyed... And I laugh thinking a super-hero movie made me cry??? Oh well... Am I weird to be into super hero's and Sci-fi stuff or what? I mean how many people really want to learn Klingon? Me.. I do! Here's one website that has some basic's but there are tons on search engines. I'm way into Star Trek, and the X-files were great and I miss them, and any other superhero story gets me all excited. Wanna break out the marvel comics almost or hop on Ebay and buy a bunch. I also want this movie now. Used to be spiderman was my fav this year, then daredevil, I like the X-men serious but the woverine guy is kinda ugly.. maybe it's his hairy sideburns? Batman is always sexy in black, but I've never had a thing for robin, Superman is just ok but as a Kid him or Luke skywalker were my fav's. On that thought Hummm I wonder when the 3rd star wars comes out... Bet it's coming up!!! YEAH:)

That was a good movie and long, I want to watch it again. I'll just have to buy it, but think I'll have to wait until after xmas, holy crapolie my fundage sure has gone way down, holidays almost suck. hubs doesn't get overtime cuz of holiday pay and he had dentist appt, and saving for a new truck of some sort and xmas and bills and I was short 2 days on my check has got me thinking I need to rebudget again... seems like every year this time of year I feel strapped. I know were OK of course, yet with my non-contentness and over-shopping and non-planning starting to catch up. I realized I had spent a ton just online buying crap I'd normally would wait on or not buy at all. OK so the new bra I bought this month is nice.. :) and the books are great... and that game is kick ass for $50/yet it's adding up. I gotta reset some limits.

Wish hubs would pay everything and do the money and bills I have never known to not budget and never had anyone just take it over and say Don't worry about anything I"ll do it.. that'd be awesome I think to have no worries or stress over stuff like that. Hubs is lucky guess he just never has to worry about what bills to pay and how to get everything fit together to save and pay, and when he wants something he just asks and I can get it.. if it's small that is, otherwise like a truck or engine that takes planning and bigger things he has to give me at least 2 weeks to plan on. Wonder if given the chance to let him pay bills if I could let him do all that. Be something to think about.

So that could be a new years resolution, that Hubs and I on paydays get together, pay bills, deposit savings, and do our shopping. What's left we want we could just do what???? sopose that could be for the stuff that's extra. Sounds a little like a challenge, and that i always like. then after a month or two he could just do it himself. .. haha lmao sounds nice at least. Makes me think I'm a controll freak to laugh about it cuz underneath that sentence I'm thinking to myself OMG no way he could do that and do it right... naughty me to think that way. It's not hard, I should learn to trust a bit more.

Anyone watch that show 'starting over' it's on afternoons here at 2 on NBC. Somedays I think I need to check into that house. Boy i can think of a few things I could work on... ok i'm not getting on that subject at least not 2nite.

Works been fun the past couple nights! Hubs got his Deer 2day, last day of deer season and got it at the last sundown. OK so the last 3 years he has shot his deer on the very last day of deer season, I think he purposely waits to get his on the last day so he can go out hunting every chance he can. If he was to go out shoot and get it on the 1st day what fun is that it's over with... obviously he likes the hunt more than anything at least that's IMHO - in my humble opinion!

I sopose I better get going, kids getting up earlier and earlier it seems. Time change didn't help at all. Chow for now