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Saturday, November 29, 2003


I get my hopes up hubs getting off at noon 2day cuz I needed to go uptown and get some things and then we were going to head out to the garage when kids were napping and the water pump is going out in my van and a belt which he picked up this morning and has to replace like now... and I ordered some lumbar to make a shelf for my room and I'm going to turn a closet in the kitchen into a pantry more with shelves and such so I have some plywood and 2by 4's to make that and i'll just use contact paper to cover.. and I wanted to stain the wood for the shelves all this while he's working on the van.. but he calls at 1.. ok so i knew he wouldn't make it by 12.. and still has a cow to butcher at least 2 more hours...

I guess there are a million things I could do around here in the meantime, but seems like it's always just me here with the kids. So I guess if I get off early enough he can fix the van when I get off he says and he'll set of everything for me to do ut he has to get that water pump in b4 I go to SF tomorrow morning! But ohhhh i had wanted to go uptown and look at xmas trees and decorations nothing uptown open here on sundays guess i could make a quick stop off in SF if I have any extra time. Oh well I'm off to fold some clothes and make the beds I washed all the bedding today round here.

Friday, November 28, 2003

Back To Work

Ohhh I had 5 days off.. two which I spent in stupid tooth pain which I'm not going to go into it's negative thinking and I'm so being in a good mood. Got home and hubs still awake watching TV and got to cuddle up with him and our new little kitty for a bit and talked on the cell the whole way home. I miss my hubby. Something has so been missing the past few months, my friends, family, kids and hubby I've been distant off on my thoughts or something.

Realizing that I've started reading again and crocheting to keep my mind occupied on happy things, and picked up the phone and started calling my 2 good friends in town and I'd say somewhat rekindled a friendship. Not to ever be what it used to be just because I don't have the time to invest in it like I used to b4 I had little kids and a job and the same with them busy working and with kids.. but still..

Friends are great, so my other GF is all nice and calling me everyday again now, not too much yet... and I am going to go outta my way to keep on the best of terms and try to make an effort back. My one friend is great anyways I miss her a lot now that we're all friendy again. I forgot how much I liked her. So besides reading and kids, house, hubs, crocheting xmas gifts and work and friends, family I havn't had much time to come online that's for sure.

One thing about her is I can tell her almost anything and she will listen, totally and never over-reply but listen .. she'll also tell me straight out what she thinks if needed, yet it's always in harmony with what I'm feeling and thinking for the most part. I can bitch about hubs and she can relate and she can bitch about supper and kids and hey I can relate... and I
never have to worry about saying too much or keeping anything inside cuz you can talk away for hours even.. and she's never one to judge me too harshly or try to be all defensive or one-sided but will gasp and say Ohhhh OMG. I am not afraid of her.

Onto more self-discovery. So I've spent the week ordering books to read! I've gotten 6 online this week so far, and just started "The Power of a Positive Mom" by Karol Ladd. I need to get back the 'real' me. I mean I'm usually pretty positive and happy I think, just I've been in a terriable slump I think and going back to the time and things I used to do when I was content I hope will help me. I should make a list of things I think might help.. I know going to bed at earlier times would be one of the biggy's.. that way I could awake feeling refreshed and not tired and have more time and energy with the kids. This week was GREAT! I went to bed with hubs 4 nights outta 5 and it was so great on our relationship as well. I am making a point to go to bed at night earlier at least. I know it's later now, but jsut getting off work I need to unwind somehow. I guess I could go read some more. OK off to beddy bye!

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Thanksgiving is Here!

Wow it's been a long time since I've posted.. a lot going on, and doing a lot, and felt the worst ever Sunday and Monday... I don't even want to reflect on all that. So I'll be happy and Tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving:) I'm making my list of all that I'm thankful for and sure i'll post later.

Were going to my grandparents for dinner. I'm bringing 2 pies, coconut cream my fav and lemon meringue my other fav, and green bean casserole, and homemade rolls. So i'll be up early watching the parade on TV with the kids and finishing my baking and cooking. I like Thanksgiving. My oldest son and I just finished up frosting another 5 dozen sugar Chirstmas cookies. He had fun I think making a mess outta red, blue, green and yellow frosting. I blew my diet for the week. Not paying attention and going out last night to eat and drinks then the cookies and frosting 2nite.. I've used all my points plus all my bonus and I had hoped to save them for thanksgiving: ( :( I've never used all my extra weekly points.. ever.. nor have I ever gained.. guess I have to suck it up and just get back on the right track. I have been exercising again and that feels great!

Watched Daddy Daycare Ohhh cute! I also have watched Finding Nemo with the kids a couple times in the past week and OMG i absolutly love that movie. It is so cute and I so love Dori that fish and just LMAO. My daughter is a nut watching it too and at supper tonight were talking and she's all quoting some big part of the movie and when I realized it I laughed.. omg so funny and cute.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Concert::Music
  2. Sydney:: Australia
  3. Shower:: Cap
  4. Patterns:: Quilt
  5. Market:: Fresh
  6. Chair:: recliner
  7. London:: France
  8. Reception:: Wedding
  9. Republican:: Democrat
  10. Cough::Medicine