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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Hummm my posts arn't showing up and sometimes they are showing up hours later.. like one time this week I posted and it didn't publish till the next night:( Weird going to go see if I can find out whaz up

Friday, November 21, 2003


OK Hubs has the discovery health channel on when i come home and there is some show on now about sex.. it has couples on mats with instructors explaining different sexual positions and the spoon and LMAO omg it's funny grinding. But these couples acting it out on the floor on mats on TV is even funnier, and now couples are to go to their rooms for the night and try these different positions and come back in the morning to discuss and learn more moves... it's called what's your position. Hahaha funny wish he was awake to watch with me and get more ideas. Even though it seems like we've done them all but.... would suck a little being that TOM came this week. Hold off a few days at least

Seems it's all that's been on my mind 2day and dreaming crazy. It was so nice out this week almost a pre-winter spring fever feeling. OK I gotta get up and turn the channel this is getting me horney.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Appt's Thing to Do

OMG I had the weridest dream this morning and as it goes by I am forgetting much of it. Think that's a good thing sometimes as crazy as it was sometimes dreams make ya feel so uncomfy. Kids are angels this morning! It feels like I've been off work for a lot longer than just 3 days. I look forward to going back, yet I worry about home just a little since I know hubs working every second he's awake.

I need to make some calls this morning and get busy on writing up something for my xmas cards and printing some pictures or something. You should see the doily I've been crocheting the last 2 nights it's pretty and I almost want to keep it. I've never kept any I've made. This one's 20inches diameter. I've made some bigger than that one for my mom and my grandma they took over a month each to make. Guess if I had something pretty to place them on. I guess after xmas i'll make me one or try and just put it away till the kids are older.

Went to the dentist yesterday and now my tooth hurts again and he put me on ANOTHER 10 days of antibiotics. I gotta go back on monday again too. I'm always there it seems. Sopose it's that time of the year to get a physical too isn't it, hubs having his yearly 2day. Kids need checkups too. K i got some stuff to do i guess! TTFN

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

BamBam n Pebbles

Grocery shopping last night I let my duaghter pick out a box of cereal this time and she picks fruity pebbles.. so This morning the kids can't get enough of them. Serving size on the box is 3/4 a cup but they've had at a minimun of 5 servings each by now but still hungry. Somethings funny here and they've been all fruity funny giggling and I started to call her pebbles and my lil one bam bam. Names for the day!

Watched Dumb and Dumberer the 2nd one last night it was OK some parts were funny but still nothing compares to the 1st one! Then Serendipity was on.. hadn't seen that since hubs and me in the movie theater that was awesome, then the pick up artist was on and OMG that's old and good so totall in the movie n crocheting mood.. have a list of xmas presents I wanted to make but running low on time now.

My DD (dear Daughter) is singing at church 2nite. Wed nights are family fun night so her sunday school class is singing she's so cute and excited all week about it saying I have to go practice and will be screaming singing in her room but doesn't quite know all the words I should record it. So precious! So me and kids have been chumming all week and will be out 2nite there, wish hubs could go with but has to work. worked last 3 nights till at least midnight and home, showers and crashes bout 1230-1 and up by 5am. stupid but I'm not about to stop him but did really wish he'd have taken at least 2nite off to come with us, but more just to have a night off and relax and gets so zzz's since I know he has babysitters lined of for all weekend i work as well to work and hunt.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Awww Hell

OMG yesterday was one of those days I never want to have again... I don't even want to talk about it. On another note their are male strippers in town.. never seen them b4 J from work called to ask me to go last night I think very doubtfull I'll get to go hubs I'm sure will have to butcher and we have church program tomorrow night at 7 so he won't be able to work then.. so will have to work late 2nite probably:( I have been skipping breakfast but up at 8 and I'm feeling oatmealish right now with a big cup of OJ. Best I go

Sunday, November 16, 2003


I get off work call hubs sopose to meet me for supper and pick me up since needed the van but had to work at the mill which is OK.. but says be waiting when I pick you up and I thought he said cuz he's only had 3 hours of sleep in the past 2 days and had to get right home shower and to bed.. hummm so we get home and he's like leave the van on.. and I'm like why? and he's all I gotta go back out to the mill .. omg.... i mean it's his own fault but I know he feels like he's helping but I worry about him working all week so tired... hunting season .. ba humbug. So he kisses me and I come into the house and I swear b4 I left for work I had the house clean but OMG.. hahaha so I filled up the sinks to do dishes but the waters too damn hot so I popped online quick to vent.

Not that I'm pissy just needed to write something i guess. I'm packing his lunch for him too that'll surprise him see I'm being so good at trying to be nice to my hubby. I have some movies to watch this week.. anyone wanna come over hang with me and watch any? LOL I think, no pretty sure I'll be watching these myself this week that's OK. I have these scarfs to crochet for my cousins. Ohhh LOTR 3 comes out in a month !!! I want to watch the 1st and 2nd ones again .. It's been so long since I've seen that 1st one!

I sopose I better get busy on these stuff here I'll be back online or buzz me I got this radio station on that I'm hooked onto listening now all the time when I'm able. It's spooky.