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Saturday, November 15, 2003


It's gotten really foggy the past 2 hours here, hubs out deer hunting wonder how that goes only able to see a quarter of a mile.. while a bullet can go over a mile.. kinda scarey I'd think. Talked to him at noon and no one in his party of 6 had gotten anything hubs 1st time hunting with my uncle and cousins from SF.. and omg they are crazy city hunters shooting like mad hubs said LOL.. hahaha glad I'm not there hahaha...

I do have to drvie down to SF tomorrow hope the weather clears up b4 that.. I hate driving in crappy weather and more specially at night. Working nights it gets scarey driving home late like last night I didn't pass one car and it was only 11 for 12 miles, and had to stop twice for deer standing in the road... sopose they'll really be on the run now that they've been pushed and hunted all day huh.

I'm hungry more this week than usual. Must be lacking something in my diet havn't figured out just what it is yet.. not enough protein maybe??? Maybe I'll have to skip my fish fetish for the night and have a steak or something. Ya know what's really sad Is I am sitting here right now chowing on brussel sprouts and chatting with this guy that's so funny weird I laugh, I'm to imagine him washing my hair when I'm in the shower... LMAO just that thought alone cracks me up cuz OMG funny sure.. k bye

Positive steps continue

I've been trying, really trying to focus on being positive on one thing every week and this week it's my hubby. He needs some TLC i think and it's something I've been neglecting to give him latley just cuz I've been kinda stubborn or cranky bout some things, maybe even a little selfish, but I'm trying and I'd say just me alone even trying has had more an uplifting feeling than anything I've felt for awhile. Thank God!

And on that thought I must remain positive. I've also made lots of steps this week to reconnect with many old friends via mail, e-mail. phone and visiting. That was very hard for me in some areas... keep stepping.

Thursday, November 13, 2003


Looking at the past posts I see I 1st was sick on the 4th of November, it's now the 14th and yeap finally i think I bit this cold... 10 days ewwww but I do have to admit I remember being sick when i used to smoke and that cough and hacking that went along with my colds made me feel 10 times worse... being a non-smoker now, wow what a difference.... how much better I feel faster and even though shitty sick... not that shitty.. lol. I'm actually in a pretty good mood.

Looking for some new radio stations to listen to when I'm online I love talk radio and streaming is so nice just need to find some new fun broadcasts. Anyone know any?

I've been lazy the past 2 weeks being sick.. havn't worked out at all.. just a little here at home but last week I didn't get out or to the gym once. But in 10 weeks on my new weight loss program I have lost 12.6 lbs:) Slow.. but sure I guess... that figures out to 1.26 lbs a week? Hummm I guess that's good. And I havn't gained anything in all that time.. and lost every week so it must work, and it's totally healthy which I love.

I'm sooooo wanting to be in the xmas mood... so much I want to put up a tree.. bake, wrap some presents, sing some carols, cuddle up with blankie on the couch listening to xmas music sipping on hot chocolate with fuzzy slippers and watching the tree lights sparkle in your kids eyes... ohhhhh ... yeap in the xmas mood. Hubs and I were shopping the other night looking at maybe getting another xmas tree i've had this one for years now and it's cheep.. feel in love with this one for $150.. ouch kinda spendy for a tree best I look round a bit b4 I really decide a new tree means new decorations too doesn't it??? LOL it does for me. at least new lights I want new lights this year.

Every year we have silver and white lights and decorations are those given over the years or made. Each has special meaning I could never give any of those up.. but the lights and tinsel has had it's lifes worth. Crap gotta go

Monday, November 10, 2003


OMG i forgot off another lifelong fear of Chili... Never in my life have I ever been able to eat it... But my boss made some at work that was spicy and I thought everyone loves chili it has to be somewhat good??? Childhood fears of beans and the mushy stewed tomatoes almost always made me cringe with nasty thoughts... BUT... I thought OK amy just try it your a big girl now. And I did and I liked it.. And I liked it a lot that I had another bowl last night with supper. YEAH YEAH on the way home last night I was excited thinking I can make chili for hubby now but stopped thinking errrr eating it is one thing but to actually make something with beans and stuff I haven't done yet.. Another challenge I guess.

So I was so hungover yesterday but the night b4 I must have ran into something or something ran into my chest along my sternum cuz i'm sore bad there all the way up to my collar bone.. yesterday was puffy but not this am I can't hardly stand it trying to pick up my baby outta his crib and oh crapola.

I have weigh in's 2nite. I felt good about it till yesterday drank too much and probably ruined it as well as the salt I used last night along with no water yesterday and pop instead... I'm sure I'm full of fluid.. plus being sick all week and non motivated to work out even once... and this morning my frickin cold has finally moved into my lungs.. and I have a barking cough... still feel like crap. I hate colds this one is a long one too.