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Saturday, November 08, 2003

Busy Season Begins

The Busy season begins.. phone rings at 8am... a cow's down.. hubs gots to go butcher later ... 830.. phone again, deer coming in.. 9am.. HELP my lil cousins there alone and someone's there with an elk, hubs goes... comes back with lunch at 1030 and says he won't be back in time for lunch just grabbing his knifes bitching cuz a the guy that shoot the elk didn't gut it himself so hubby had to LOL... MN deer season opener makes me wish I did apply for my deer tags again this year. Just the excitment of everyone and the busyness was exciting outta the hum-dum boring stuck here feeling I have somedays.

Plus, it was fun to hang out with the ole man doing something he loves and seeing him get so excited yet so serious. Next year I want to pheasant hunt for sure. I have only duck and deer hunted. I've been along on a goose hunt, that was relaxing although they couldn't call any in that was fun.

So for the next 2 months hubs will be spending every free second at the locker, told me yesterday next mon,tues and wed, he'll be there and yeap I fogot after a year, i'll miss him now I wish I felt better last week when he wanted to go to wtown to finish xmas shopping... oh well.

Xmas .. hummm i'm in the mood more since we got that snow last week which is still here. I feel like baking and I want to get a new xmas tree and/or decorations this year. But 1st off I need to get organized again. being sicky all week I feel behind on my household chores and hubs won't have the time to help with the kids or house much either so I'm going to have to get some energy soon I hope. I awoke this morning feeling crabby yet again... worse than yesterday even... thought your colds are sopose to get better in time...

Friday, November 07, 2003


Damn I'm good I budgeted $120 for groceries this week and I went to the grocery store and spent $113.18... but they didn't have frozen brussel sprouts or fat free graham crackers that I wanted so I had to go to the other store and that was $7.24.. lmao so OMG I was sooo on budget LOL wow that's like the 1st ever specailly at the grocery store not that it matters if I go over or under but... still.. never right on.. So I've made 6 graham cracker pie crusts and toasted 4 cups of coconut... not sure what I'm going to make.. maybe i'll freeze some crusts and the coconuts easy to store and being it's already toasted easy.. probably i'll make coconut cream pie cuz I'm so craving that.. and lemon meringue of course my fav... wonder if they freeze good???? Making sugar cookies too and started the crust on some cherry bing bars my mom used to make.. mmmmm i'm so in the baking mood what a mess I have going on in the kitch... Buzzers going off

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Fruitcake Lady

OMG ROTFLMFAO... I love Jay Leno.. and tonight I caught that segment they have now called the Fruitcake Lady omg lmao... i love the jay walking but this is way too funny I was laughing so hard. So I went on the site and watched 4 previous ones she's a riot. A 91 year old lady who answers questions about sex marriage and just silly questions and her answers it's too funny. A must to go to the site and listen for yourself well worth the laugh :) Gotta go Russell Crowe is on now....

a bit better

Ohhhh I still can't breathe thru my nose but finally today feeling i little bit better... maybe it's the fact that I have to go to work in a few hours that I'm feeling better I don't know. The worst part is taking this antibiotic because I almost always get a stupid yeast infection everytime a Dr. puts me on one... I'm chowing on yogurt and cinnamon to try to keep from getting one. On top of being sick with this sinus infection I get an absessed tooth on a tooth I had a filling put in last month... so on tuesday night I just wanted to be shot.

Can't say I did much of anything but laid around with a box of kleenex watching the boob tube.. I watched star trek nemesis which was awesome and the 2nd matrix movie which I liked but it's been so long since I seen the 1st one I had forgotten some of the stuff. The rest of the week is a blurr... of pain and sleeping. I'd rather have 10 babies than a fricken tooth ache... seems weird that I get a filling filled and a few weeks later it absess' and seems like a year ago the same thing happened...

I sopose I should get the kids down for the nap wish i could take one... I havn't been outta the house since monday morning... I'm so in the mood to bake.. a pie. Coconut cream pie.. or lemon meringue or ohhh how about making cut out sugar cookies... i could start now freeze them and me and kids could decorate over thanksgiving vacation for the holiday season.. Mmmm i always remember doing that with my mom and bro. :(

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Sick sick yuck

Ohhhhh Now I know it's not all in my head why I've been so tired and kinda crabby this weekend it's all cuz of this damn cold I now have going on in full effect. This afternoon I had a temp of 102 and the chills and the right side of my face feels like it's swollen totally and so sore to even touch. OMG i must have a sinus infection and used about a box of kleenex already... my throats sore so I don't want to eat or talk and all the medicine makes me feel funny.... and I slept so much 2day/night that I awoke an hour ago and thought I should just get up for an hour or two and drink more water.

When I was little my mom always said drink a lot of water it will 'flush' the yucky stuff out.. so I still do that along with the nummy chix noodle soup I had for supper. I awoke feeling bad but it really hit this afternoon.

Funny is how I always seems to get sick on my days off if ever I am sick... sopose that's not a bad thing is it but still funny. I guess I knew something was wrong yesterday when I awoke scratchy throat and last night at work I felt totally like shit at the end of my shift and wanted to feel good I did and got home and to bed and layed there thinking somethings wrong not feeling good at all. I need to trust my instincts more or listen to them. I knew I was getting run down going on no sleep and all the running... and weather changes and other people sick i've been with...

I'm being a baby.. no one to be a baby to but journal cuz lil ones I have to be mommy too and take care of anyways and hubs had 2 teeth pulled this afternoon so he was in bed all night or most the night... and so he played the baby which was ok... just if I plan on feeling this way yet tomorrow night it's going to be my turn... do you think??? Hahaha

anyways I miss J... he hasn't wrote me back and I sent him a couple emails missing him... sopose I look to him for a smile when I feel down.. needing that specially being sick. Ok this guy on TV singing is a hottie... sexy voice. I watched star trek niemes today omg awesome... can't describe how much I love star treks.. not the old ones.. the newest 3 sereis.. generations, deep space 9, voyager and i'm into enterprise now too... but whoa.. i could watch it all 24/7... even though I never got to a star trek convention b4 i turned 30 I still want to go someday.. i will.

I sopose I best make myself get back into bed my sinus on that one side so puffy that eye is even watery and swollen... and I so don't want to go out to the Dr... feeling shitty I don't feel like sitting in waiting room for 2 hours to be told I have sinus infeciton but I sopose if it gets worse.. Ohhhh and it's sooo pretty out i'll upload some pic's i took this am when I was outside with the kids.. it snowed 6 1/2 inches at least what I measuered out in our yard:) Pretty

Monday, November 03, 2003

1st Snow

Think I'm depressed.... I don't feel like doing anything.. at least for this morning but sitting here watching the snow come down it's really pretty. I don't want to go to my weigh in tonight. For some reason I'm all puffy feeling and retaining water I must have used too much salt this weekend and drank and I feel icky.. nothing specificly wrong just do not feel like smiling. Just writing that makes me very sad cuz I love to be happy.

So I just turned and looked out the window and leaned back and imagine going out with kids this afternoon making snow angles and smiled and now I think ya know nothings wrong... and how beautiful it looks outside and I'm going to go... get outta this mood. I'm still a lil upset with hubs after all weekend/week/day/month j/k nooo i hate fighting and I want to get back to feeling happy with him like I used to I do... it's just I don't know how to do it or if there is anything I can even do??? or sometimes even want to.

Betcha we've had a inch of snow already.. it's so pretty. 4-6 by tomorrow morning. The kids are crying to go outside.. I'm trying to hold them off till after lunch.. but they might just die if they can't go out. :) haha

Sunday, November 02, 2003

(11/1/2003 1:05:32 AM): you know i''m ttryigg too gggett in your pants

An IM I got last night ... hummmm what to say to that OMG nothing yet makes me feel funny.. I'll just blow it off as teasing. OK I've had one of the longest weekends I've had for awhile this weekend and not so happy and some other stuff buggin I will be back in a bit...

anyways I flew home since I knew hubs and J up watching the game and figured since I am actually getting off early I should go home and get off for real since it's been like NEVER anymore and we fought stupid all weekend and I being gone all day/night I thought I'd surprise him to find I come home and I'm more mad than ever and grrrr I don't know what to do now about this all shitty.... i'm going for now i'll bbl hopefully then I'll be able to figure it all out... would be nice if someone could just tell me what the hells up???

Oh and in a winter storm watch and may get 4-6 inches starting tomorrow morning til tuesday am.. YeeHaww.. and on my days off I just can't wait to get out and sled this year ... damn i'm frisky this sucks again.


Leaving in a few to go pick up my son I hate this 4 hour drive and I woke up with the worst sore throat and hadda work late til 1 and I was so tired.. then i get home into bed by 2ish and finally fall asleep and at 330 the phone's ringing OMG i think who and the hell... I lay there it's still ringing and I'm like maybe it's important being it's so late.. I jump up and it's my drunk cousin in town calling. OMG>.. grrrr I hung up on her and took the phone off the hook. I had maybe 4 hours of sleep 2 nights in a row again so I'm wiped. so glad it's friday and I have the next 3 days off after 2nite. Sun is shinning this morning YEAH:) Sopose I better get on the road.