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Friday, October 31, 2003

Damn Dog

OMG I awoke this morning with the doggy licking my face and jumping wild all over the bed she was in hyper over drive and excited because she chew thru here tie up chain here in the house. And puppy paws on my white down comforter pisses me off just a little bit !!!! Ohhhh what a way to wake up but that wasn't the bad part... the worst part was walking out into our living room and seeing her bed ripped up completely as well. OMG. She had one of those foam beds with a slip cover all from petco and she's never bothered it nor chewed on it and loved it always cuddling up in it at night and sleeping... well she won't be 2nite cuz it's in the garbage. I had to pay the little kids a quarter to pick up the 100 tiny foam pieces scattered thruout the house.

Soooo it seems to be a morning already just gotta laugh wish I'd have taken a picture 1st cuz it looked as if It had not only snowed out last night here but a storm had hit our living room as well. :) So what's in store for halloween??? I have to work later but not befor dressing up the kids and taking them to grandma's for candy and pictures. I sopose we'll take them round the block there of hubby will... but they're smaller and it's so chilly out that they have more fun helping grandma/pa passing out candy and seeing all the kids dressed up. It was so cold last halloween too I remember. Hubs will sit and watch westerns with grandpa and drink beer I betcha.

Next year I'm going to dress up for sure and hubby and get a sitter and go out after work or go out with some other people and do that bar scene. I called my GF this am and she's like they thought about it but didn't... and asked us to meet up with them and we could all go.. but J isn't home this weekend so no sitter major bummer... omg that sounded SOOO fun. I could call up another sitter but with never knowing what time I will be off work and one vehicle it's useless. Sure hubs could get a sitter and go out with them till I got there. I'm having naughty thoughts already and it's only 1030.. shhhhhh

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Busy Bee

So I did a ton 2day specially since I got up so early too.. was kinda nice... still wired went to the gym 2nite worked out wow.. fun will have to try to go again soon like that. Use my gazelle here at home yesterday and this morning.. that was a better work out than the bikes at the gym but that's all that was open... remind me not to go at 7pm.. it was packed with high schoolers... oh and brenda omg.. anyways..

My son had his 1st middle school dance 2nite.. him and another boy got ready here and I took them they were cute and funny and girls calling the house all night omg... crazy... He said he had fun and danced the whole time. Hubby still sicky but feeling better he says a little... poor guy .. it's sopose to maybe snow 2nite early morning :)

So I get home and get this email:
Amy i cant beleive that would take away my only entertainment. Im so sad right now. Now what will i do. I guess there is no love for me anymore. Oh well all i get is a hugs and a cheers well cheer this right up your ass!!!!!! bye

OK SOOOOOOO I'm sitting here thinking WTF??? I have no clue what the hell he is talking about but it's got me upset now cuz I have no clue what he's sad/mad about??? anyone? I said I'd go watch movies or play a game later... can't see why he'd write that now I never said I wouldn't... whatever but I don't want to play guessing games here on why your upset.. plus I've been way taking their comments too personal and this kinda hurts... cuz I like them lots.. ???? K come online anytime now and buzz me.

Anyways I'm off to watch Star Trek Resurrection... anyone here try netflix? I am free for a month. Kinda neat/fast. K bye

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Unconscious Mutterings

Week 38

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Roadtrip:: Beer
  2. Honey:: Bee
  3. Flanders:: Ed
  4. Vampire:: kiss
  5. Justice:: Judge Judy
  6. Marine:: Honor
  7. Protractor:: Not for tractors on the road
  8. Rubber:: burn
  9. London:: bridges
  10. Jerry:: Springer


Wow it's super windy outside. Took kids to grocery store and to grandma's this morning they about blew away.. was funny they are silly today and WILD.. crazy must be all this energy stored up since they can't run and play outside anymore or something. Maybe I'll take the swimming 2nite or something while big bro is at his 1st middle school dance. Ohhh but hubs can't go swimming he's sicky so maybe not... I have to go to wtrtwn if not 2nite tomorrow or thrusday. Maybe not. Humm Wonder what movies are playing? I'm bored 2day got all my stuff done yesterday and this morning so I'm free for the next couple days. Still I guess there are plenty of things I could do... Making chislic for supper I actually went shopping this am and for a whole week only spent 80bucks :) wow got by cheep this week... but then again hubs spent 40 there sunday sooo oh well that seems more like it. I think since I have been on this diet i'm more moody or something can that be possible??? Not that I'm in bad mood.. just bored or something and easily upset.

Oh and this time difference change has the kids up early.. got up this morning at 7.. both of them... we had breakfast ate and everything by 9... it's kinda crazy so after that I sat there thinking OK now what.. shopping.. sure visit to grandma's sure... home make lunch at noon and do dishes and hummmm now what... lol. nap??? I'm just going thru a bored phase I think.. I'll snap outta it here after kids wake up i'm sure.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Time Change

OK so that extra hour of sleep didn't do me well.. 1st off that also included an extra hour of drinking up at the bar last night too.. grrrr although I didn't even catch a buzz myself.. had 2 drinks then switched to 2 glasses of arbor mist than one more drink and I just couldn't get a buzz on so that was ok... feels nice to awake in the morning specially for church feeling ok and just tired... rather than hung and tired... speaking of hung geez the situations I get myself into sometimes when it's the farthest thing from my mind.

Extra time or the change in the fall makes my kids want to go to bed an hour early... instead of sleepy at 8-830 they'll be tired at 7 2nite... hubs all into that and I'm like OMG no... cuz C getting up at 730 past month and Z by 830 I can't handle 630am... ohhhh i should reallybut nooo i'm not a morning person nor do I like to go to bed early.. so pleads to hubs to keep them up as long as he can although I know there little inner alarm clocks will ring round 7 for sure.. hehehe it's OK. I am just tired 2day I should take a snooze I love naps but .. I have things to do too. Hubs n J out hunting what's new there. Crap I gotta go