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Thursday, October 16, 2003


OK somethings gotta be wrong with me I can't be really this tired can I? Went to bed last night at 130.. slept til 830 then did somethings and took nap for 2 hours even.. I'm home from work now and I'm wiped... so tired sitting here I think OMG I'm tired really tired somethings wrong... never this tired.. and night b4 I slept a ton too and napped.. it's werid and I have a ton of things I wanted to do 2day/night all the time.. I think maybe it's got something to do with the fact I've not been drinking pop and more water.. less caffine .. sure that would do this I sopose. I figure the main reason I'm up so late is cuz all the caffine I pump into my body all day and night builds up and keeps me up all night.. I sopose at home on a typical day I have one in the morning.. and maybe one in the afternoon for sure.. but at night I pop one after supper and 2 or 3 more I sopose after sitting at puter or watching TV or something.. night drinker.. but I think with me trying to drink more water I'm not getting the caffine and explains my headaches all week too huh.

So I started crocheting snowflakes this week I'm in the baking mood... xmas mood.. shopping .. making stuff kinda mood. OMG should be nice and hotter weekend 70's tomorrow and 80's on Saturday WOW.. OK I gotta go


Boy have I ever been boring.. not writing or doing much of anything. Went for a jog/walk the other night I figure I walk at a min of 4mph.. so walking so much i added joggin steps into my walk routine for 30 sec sprints.. but yesterday I woke and my knees are killing.. and 2nite at my walk I started my lite jog after warming up and with each step pain.. ouch.. I couldn't do it.. had to walk.. but walking isn't raising my heart rate even at 4mph.. only 124-130. I had plans ot go to the gym at 11am tomorrow.. to use machines there to work on my upper body maybe i'll ride a bike there to for 20... I am bummed I couldn't walk.

Hubs got home picked up a new tire for the van had that put on.. and him and J went out hunting got 2 more geese. J cute got his 1st one. Hubs came in complaining his tooth hurts was crabby and said he had to go lay down... he ate a little and went to the bedroom and just laid. OMG poor guy I know what that's like I told him to make appt... and he did .. but waiting for estimates whoopie' di do.. just get work done.. specially if ya have a tooth ache.. so he wasn't crabby at me as much but just over-all not fun.. and bummed me out.. by the time I got kids showered/ bedtime snacks.. packed lunches shit it was 930 and then I went for my walk.. showered baked something and it's 1230.. and I thought about going out 2nite at 1st sounded like fun but 2nd call of callin big t to go made me rethink it all. So I got stuck here till 2 late maybe another time..

I have been so tired this week... maybe it's just cuz I havn't been drinking pop... no caffine and I'm sure that has a lot to do with it huh. Draggin ass or something. Guess I've been up b4 9 and ready to go everyday.. and up late yet... I need to make myself go to bed by midnight .. even if I'm just laying there flipping channels or reading. That's it.. I will go to the library tomorrow and check out a new book to read. That's always relaxing at night to try to sleep. I am sitting here yawning knowing I am tired.. I need sleep.. I should go to bed.. yet I don't want to. I don't want to do anything particular but I feel depressed thinking about going to bed LOL. I'm stupid heheehe:) OK yeah bye for now

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Vegetable Dumplings

MmmMmm this is what I'm making tomorrow night along with my pita taco pocket thingys I'm making up as I go.. but this vegetable dumpling recipe sounds nummy and it's wonton week... why not join in the fun and make some of these huh. I am just hope I can find some wonton wrappers in town here :( doubtfull

OK had a busy busy nite too busy to even start talking about and I'm so tired so I'm off.. got my menu's done now and my list for the store in the morning. Serious diet time only 17 days till goal.. 5 to go so I'm sooo close

Monday, October 13, 2003

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What a busy day

OMG I'm pooped but getting my 1st wind.. can't say 2nd cuz I've been draggin all day up since 8 and stood in line for an hour and 1/2 for pictures again.. not as bad as the 3 hours last time.. And crazy thing is studio hours open at 10 we got their to sign up at 955 and there was a line of 20 other already LOL omg.. crazy.. anyways had a great fun time with kids and bought them the DVD lion king.. which we have a video but.. ya know.. so kids watching that while hubby and J out hunting geese. I'm cleaning getting ready to do something myself maybe I'll walk to video store and rent a new movie:) Sounds fun.. well when they get home here at 7 I'm off for my walk.. was hoping to see hubs and have that chat all weekend but I just gotta laugh and figure it isn't going to happen.. as by the time I get home and give kids baths and bed it'll be bedtime for everyone else.. at least tomorrow is tueday.. which means hubs has to be home with me.. or hopefully we will have some time together. I gotta make out a menu for the week BLAHK hate that... I'm going to shoot my dog too btw keeps barking driving me nuts.

Sunday, October 12, 2003


I was busy 2nite kept my mind off the million things that have been haunting me. Speaking of Haunting I want to find a haunted house or some spirits or something spooky... wanna go? work was fun 2nite was busy and fun friendly people with that I mean customers of course.. to busy to notice workers.. did my job and smiled and enjoyed the rest. :) I do know the begining of the night was so uncomfy and everyone so crabby i thought to myself OMG.. yet I knew I'm older and best set an example of friendlyness and smiles and if given the chance I'd have said something or sorry or something but the 1st 1/2 of the night neither anyone said two words to me nor looked me in the eyes.. i got a chuckle out of it kinda cuz just made me realiize how silly people can be at times... but I still talked to them and smiled and b4 to long they all came around and even with the negative comment all I did hear I just blew out. in one ear and out the other... what I'm going to try to do again.. :) Why should I have to quit a job i really like just cuz I'm not always in-sync with someone else... and that's so minor compared to the million other people that are good and wholesome happy people out enjoying themselves.. yeah :)

Anyways with this other thought right now at 303am... hummm yeap that's no more either now is it.. at least 4 the night better be. Still have 4 pts to eat.. so Im' eating a boston cream pie yogurt MmmMmm 2 pts I guess I'll forfeit the other 2 oh well. I'm not in the best mood but I'm in a great mood to be home :) Tomorrow is my friday and I'm sooo looking forward to that you can't even imagine how I look forward to no work days this week.. :) I keep thinking I may retire this journal as well soon.. or I should.. I'll never retire writing my feelings/ thoughts but i don't know.. anyways it's hard to keep at times for reasons i can't get into 2nite...

Church at 945 so I better get into bed cuddle up to hubs and after maybe catch some zzz's. Hugs to all.. no kisses WEwwww that one guy kisses my neck after insists I hug him goodbye.. ewww yuck BUT i can say i did get the phone number of another hottie 2nite that was so nice and his email. I will write him if not for me.. at least saying thanks for business and to come back.. wonder if I really will be there next summer people keep asking as winter approches and people leave.. see you next summer or I better see you or OMG I hope to see you.. hummm ya never know do ya.. life can be funny. OK Nite :)