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Saturday, September 13, 2003


Just a note to myself that I need a little haircut.. trim and thinned...


Hummm Hubs took me to work 2day so he could have the van and go places with all the kids. That's OK too bad he has to drive out so late and pick me up cuz I know they have to get up at 430 to get out in the field by 530am. Son's 1st time deer hunting he said he's 50/50 on this said loves the idea of meat and chislic his favorite and deer jerky and sticks told him he could make whatever he wanted out of his 1st deer if he gets one. He's cute but then says hunting small animals isn't hard but a deer is so big powerful and beauitful it may be hard. Ohhhh sad.. I know how he feels I just tell him his licence only cost 10 bucks and if he feels he can't do it or doesn't want to it's ok no one will think badly or care.. just so he knows.

Anyways on ride home hubs snoring.. hehehe came home played tetris with J for 20 mintues and they all crashed.. BOOO 1125 on a friday night and I"m stuck so I cleaned a little and have some relaxing music on the stereo I got last weekend. I"m on this diet and trying to eat the rest of my points but i'm about ready to burst. A banana, 1/2 wheat bagel with cream cheese and a big glass of milk and I still have points to eat. grrrr.. next week i'll cut down to 24 points as i'll be on it 2 weeks then :)

So none for me 2nite grrrr... oh well sopose tomorrow night either .. double oh well HELL.. not.. I don't think so. hehee.. I'm in a good mood playful. Think I'll go on my messenger and find some fun or friends or pop into the ole chat room i used to go in. Wind is coming up and it's sprinkling out. HOPE it doesn't rain for the boys in the morning. I'm off to check out the weather forecast

Friday, September 12, 2003

Hubs quitting

Hubs has had it with work... has off now til next thursday and not going back unless they find him another job in the plant or he's done I guess... told head bosses can't take it anymore. Guess I get a bit huffy at hubs for letting such immature co-workers get to him... needs to blow it off.. but i can be harsh wife and should be more supportive I know hubs good worker... and good dad and hubs and when lil 21 year olds who show up late at least twice a week and blow smoke in your face and hubs says he's always saying stuff about this woman or that and teases hubs yeah i slept with your ole lady last night.. did it. Always talking about how F*(Ked up he got the night b4 and all kinds of crap like that or teasing hubs saying he's an iowegan LMAO that's stupid but when a kid 10 years older than ya who's been there less than a year gives ya crap that would suck.. Hubs said he has no resepect for anyone and gets away with so much and he's a piece of shit worker and all cuz foremans' sons best friend.. and his foreman is another story... and either they put hubs in another hole or inside cuz three jobs are open on the inside.. or he's quitting. President of Co. said they 'will' find him something else.. but still.. and then I think ya know poor hubs probably feels like a nobody all those guys do out in the holes probably do that have worked there for a long time....

OK so i freak when I hear the word quitting and I know he's tried for the last few months to get along and talked to upper managment about problems and other guys have too but nothings ever been addressed. Can say I couldn't stand working with anyone in his hole but 3 of those men and just working outside in all kinds of weather as well.. no way.

Concerned about our future. I, who like to have everything set up and planned and perfectly structured, get so nervous when something gets disrupted like this. OMG i need to shut up about it all and just think of something else. I'm going for power walk after kids lay down for nap may help me to think. Wish I had a walkman.

Thursday, September 11, 2003


OMG I am going to go crazy. It rained yesterday and cloudy today i don't know, maybe it's that it's cooler out as well but the flies are everywhere. I walk thru the house and while swinging my arm or something I hit like 2 .. and ewww like one homes in on ya and buzzes right by your ear.. you swear its the same one.. just keeps coming back and you can't catch the stupid thing. I think I'm going to pay my son after school to swat flies round here. hehee EWWWWW that's it I'm going to take a shower.

Still Scared

OMG i don't care what anyone says I still think that movie is freaky. Something about aliens that totally creeps me out and the thought of harvesting.. LMAO.. omg. OK Now i'm off to write a letter, and play some games and sopose i'd better get that other stuff done too. Oh and Here's my newest diet journal hehehe omg.. it's just called One day at a Time .. :) feel free to check it out it's not much yet OK Bye

Wednesday, September 10, 2003


OK in 2 minutes this movie is starting OK so yeah I watched the 1st 45 min awhile ago scared and shut it off.. I'm going to attempt to watch it again. Was nice rainy morning. Kids, hubs and me all went swimming 2nite water was so nice. Oh gosh here is starts

Movie Spitty

My Big Fat Green Wedding... is the movie I just watched and it was sooo good. I liked it a lot. Could watch that one again some really funny parts.. lmao at the end when they get married and everyone is spitting on her.. there seems to be a lot of movies coming up that I want to see. Wish I could get back into crocheting. Wish I could get a lot of things done I keep putting off like my desk.. omg I need to organize and clean it off... it isn't like I don't know where everything is and it's not clean it's just totally cluttered and with open faced and no drawers or anything it's all in plain sight. Wish I wasn't so picky. Still havn't gotten thru those 2 boxes in my closet or the 10 out in the shed ..,, just so many other things I'd rather do.. and guess I don't figure it's that important.

Thinking next weekend will be painting the deck and front entryway. This weekend hubs takes our oldest out for his 1st season of deer hunting.. Youth season opens up this saturday. He's so so excited talked about it a bit 2nite. OK i gotta few things to do and being here i'm not doing.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Hubs in the shower I'm going to attack him in 5 when he gets out. Been awhile. After I'm coming out to watch a movie. Not sure which movie or what's on but sure i'll find something. Wish I could have a giant bowl of ice cream as well. Walked a mile and 1/4 2nite in 20 min with my son.. and a 10 min. bike ride.. it was nice outside. Wish I had a bike his is a bit small for me. Still was fun :) He peddled laps round me of course showing me all his tricks. Ohhh ohh the water's off.. so am I for a little bit at least..

I am sooo tired. And I was kinda crabby 2nite to almost everyone... well NO not everyone.. actually I loved me and the little one's day together... spent most of it outside was beautiful out with a nice breeze.. and I was fine up till hubs came back from fishing hungry kinda and I'm like I made supper at 6 you missed it.. fend for yourself now.. kinda pissy about that cuz I had everything out to make something good til 515 when he insists on fishing.. that's ok.. i'm not mad.. just grrrrr sometimes and I miss him.. or thought I did .. yet maybe not. I kinda liked him fishing just me and lil ones relaxing. Oh crap gotta go.. i'll be back gotta chat a few to catch up with a friend here onlien.

Sunday, September 07, 2003


Menu Planning this morning... on a diet you have to think up food and recipes that go to your diet... kinda fun. Lots of receipes call for stuff I don't have so I'm going to have to take that trip out to the store later this afternoon just hope they have all the stuff I need in the stores round here which sometimes can be hard.. wish I'd have had that list going over to wtrn friday night. That store has much more selection and things.. bummer.. maybe I can cruise over 2nite if I get off early enough. Maybe not.

My boss shared one of his cooking low-fat books with me and OMG I love it .. i love cookbooks anyways but the next 3 nights I cook I picked out things from that cookbook along with a few side dishes from the weightwatchers website and a veggie soup too. Oh better go


Long week... nice week too though. I started that new diet weight watchers. I think OK at the begining of the year I said I'm going to lose X amount of weight and I did awesome.. I quit smoking and I've gained it all back plus 5.. and I'm just stuck and not happy I think with myself. Never in my life have I ever weighed this much not preggy hehehe:) Anyways SOOO I did so well the 1st of the year and look how good and awesome I'm doing at not smoking for over 3 months now.. This should be a breeze to drop all this extra weight.. RIGHT? Has to. I have to do something to get outta this slump feel I have or something. I don't know I guess I feel yuckie now cuz it was so nice to be down those 2 sizes and now i'm back up and its kinda depressing and makes ya wanna hide out lol.. i don't know i'm silly ...

Your moods always better if you feel better about yourself.. right??? So with the positive reinforcement and pumpin myself up and getting back into an exercise program and I MUST start to do something for myself. I need to find something "I" want ... or do something at least once a week that I can do to just get away... revamp my life, thoughts and such and restore, replenish all those wonderful things I feel think.. and love with all I have .. just need a recharge of that I think. OK so a day at a spa... no spas... so I can settle for an afternoon or evening at the pool.. sitting in the hottub after a long swim.. and the sauna.. .. sounds sooo relaxing.. and something I would enjoy.

Maybe it's I miss hubs or more I feel he never misses me. I got home 2nite and he had just crawled into bed and I'm like hey good your still up .. cuddle him a bit and he's like I'm so tired.. and I'm like Ohhh but honey.. i wanted some talk time.. cuddle time .. but when were cuddling it's not much talk anyways.. just same how's the weather. Then I wonder maybe we don't do enough together to have anything to talk to about.. then I think.. that's not it or right .. what is it that or more why.. I can talk for hours to strangers or hours to other friends but hubs and I totally don't connect on this level latley.. grrrr and I almost am annoyed at all the converstations we do have... not badly annoyed but not satisfied or stimulated or excited to even talk .LOL.. omg.

Brings me back to a feeling earlier this spring... with hubs. Oh well I am not going to think negative ... nor am I going to start anything on any subject of that nature 2nite.. why?? Cuz .. I'm in a good mood. I need to plan out what I'm going to do this next week. Gotta do something someday/night. Church picinic in the morning better get

What is My Destiny Quiz

OK took another one of the emode personality test thingys.. this one was what will be my destiny.. and I'm desstined to be a performer.. my 1st thought was omg.. BOO.. an actor.. never true .. and boo.. but reading the stuff that describes it doesn't sound that bad does it?? OK i'll be back with more of a real post soon

Amy, your destiny is to be a Performer

Whether you know it or not, this is the role that is most in tune with who you are at your core. As a Performer, people are stimulated by your talkative, friendly, entertaining manner and love your generous, comical, and uninhibited way. With your outgoing, impulsive, and positive nature, you can't help but be uplifting to those around you because you are constantly showing them that loving life is productive and necessary. You are always attracted to new ideas, fashions and trends, and fascinated by the possibilities that each represent. You probably listen to your senses before making decisions, but because you are generally eager to experience all that life has to offer, you should pay even closer attention. You may have a tendency to be overly self-indulgent and this could be harmful to you and the people you love. Remember that your charming social gifts can help you go far.