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Friday, September 05, 2003

Just a Note!

Ewww I feel like crap. Got right 2 bed at 4 n slowly woke up hubs for an hour good b4 his alarm went off at 5 to 5.. I crashed round 515 I sopose but Kids up at 8 this morning and ewwww omg I can shoot myself now.. actually when it's nap time I'm sooo crashing and cuddling up with them. I had a dream I did the banker last night he came by and jumped into my bed tickling under the covers said liked my big puffy comforter and it's so nice the matress and stuff.. stupid. Ewww and later I went up and did it on the copy machine like a slut in some movie or something huh.. how about that doozie of a dream I had last week bout M.. omg... that ones still freaky yet mMmm wild.

What to do 2day??? I sopose I should go find something to whip up for lunch. Still savoring the taste of that walleye from last night... if only I could cook like that. I need to say.. Yes you can.. you can do it.. :) :) :) My bosses so sweet got me some musical rubber stamps.. I love to stamp.. and with fall coming up and winter I can't wait I have perfect idea's already for using them. Someday when I get a music room.. hehehe.. I can use it to decorate the room too.. cute :) They're so sweet making my day!!! I'm very touched Huggy.. K I better go I feel like ewww hung.

Football tomorrow 9am till noon.. yeah:) Son's last year of flag football he's excited to be the big kid this year:) That means up at 8 and our church's fall fun day this sunday.. will be busy and early weekend soo best I nap 2day and make myself crash early 2nite right. yeah..

Endof Summer

Whooo hard to believe it's after Labor Day.. I work at a supper club on the lake so that's our busy season or more people on the lake and it's almost over.. kinda sad since it seems nothing major really went on or nothing really sticks out as that much fun... and I know it's just not me cuz lots of others have kinda implyed they've felt the same way.. makes me feel better.. was worried it was just me and turning 30 this year ya never know...

I'm horney.. drank 4 drinks and 1 shot or maybe 5 drinks after work.. makes me feel so crazy.. and I get such naughty thought about calling people and I know no and lots of other no's not that I would do anything just it's I get off work and it's like the beginning of the night for me and it's really early to me.. but to real people that work days it's like super late.. and kinda a bummer. Like I want to fry up some bacon and eggs right now.. but no one up to feed... LOL oh well. I plan on jumpin into bed on hubs here in a sec b4 his alarm goes off. I took this week off my blog to try to see if it's anything I really need or want anymorel.. but yeah i came back... did enjoy my 3 days off and more on monday hubs and kids had off school and work which was awesome we had a lot of fun i'll have to write about it if I have time later. I had hopes of me with another and i'm a bit bummed... OMG this diet.. I will have to fill ya in about that too later.. New diet.. I need to have sex at least once a day too hehhehe told hubs part of my diet exercise plan hehee me on top to. OMG ok i'm stupid i drank a drink or two or three after work .. and a glass of wine here now to crash me out. I have a ton to write about.. omg i'm so behind.. so lots to say yet I can't.. not now at least.. Someone owes me lots of time and I wanna collect.. NOW.. hehehe omg.. shhhh amy.. K bye

Monday, September 01, 2003

LOTR - 3

Wheww the summer is over.... at least for me at work it is... we go back to fall hours starting this week so I only work thrus-sundays now:) YEAH.. you wouldn't think an extra day off would mean that much but it kind-of does.. this week will feel like a real vacation:) Hehehe even more nice I have tomorrow off with the rest of my family, hubs and kids.. and picinic at grandma's how fun!!!

I got off work came home and made "cookie Salad" - The receipe called for instant pistachio pudding and butter pecan pudding.. but grocery store didn't have the butter pecan pudding so I substitued butterscotch pudding instead all I had here at home.. Ewwww looks like brown poopy.. and didn't taste too hot.. well not that bad kinda good but not the same I'm sure.. folded in 2 things of whip cream a pint of buttermilk 3 cans of mandarin oranges and crushed those keebler Lord of the Rings - The Kings Returnsfudge-striped cookies and stirred it all up .. Mmmmm omg it was good. And sprinkled more on top. Mmmmm anyways I was in charge of buns and a dessert. I like picinic food simple nummy and that's exactly what I made and everyone likes this specially the kids :)

So Lord of the rings the 3rd movie called Return of the King looks awesome and coming out this year December 17th.. my dad's bday:) Can't wait. You can get lots of e-cards and preview posters and stuff at the official website too .. I have one of the screen savers on now:)

Sunday, August 31, 2003


I awoke dreaming about Bugs.. This giant yellow big winged bug about 5 inches accross was swimming in the tub with my hubs and he's screaming OMG.. and I'm like kill it.. and he's not touching it... grab the washcloth.. squish him... hubby's like NO.. I'll make waves and he'll touch the edge and fly up and away.. to me.. outside the tub. OMG NO don't do that I freak... he takes him hand and slaps the bug on the water and squish it comes flying at me dead and yuckie bright bug guts..

Maybe I dreampt right b4 I awoke about hubs and a bug cuz he woke up this morning and threw up .. and it dizzy not feeling too well this morning and I remember telling him he must have a little flu bug. LOL. I don't know I just hope I don't get it... all I need is to be sick for work. K dinner is almost done Hubs put a Chicken and stuff in the oven at 9 this morning.

sundays Horoscope

I thought this was werid... I took that emode test earlier and it said my subconscioius is preoccupied about finances.. and my horoscope never says anything about money but now today.. it does.. werid lol .. Maybe.. MAYBE.. lmao.. ok this is funny a guy came in 2nite that came in this spring I remember him and where he's from and stuff and he remembered me and we were chatty and he's like my dad.. anyways he leaves and says if he wins the powerball 2nite he'll be back and make my day :) LMAO maybe that's it.. reminds me of that movie.. kinda cute and funny that man was nice.. made me miss my dad. Nonethe-less... here's my silly scope.. and as far as all this talk about finances has got me more worried since b4 I never was but now all this talk about that I should be.. maybe I should.. JUST KIDDING i'm not superstitious?? Am I

Horoscope: Positive changes in your financial situation could come from an outside source, possibly through insurance benefits, probate, settlements, stock dividends, or perhaps even a gift of some kind. You might not have been expecting this, Amy, but it is welcome nonetheless. Don't be surprised if you have a few vivid, moving, and yet disturbing dreams. The dreams and the changes in your finances are symptomatic of important changes within you

Oh what a night

Wow what a crazy night at work and OMG how I forget how much women can really bitch. Just think of Snow white's 7 little dwarfs who "whistle while ya work" and stay happy! Just hasn't been that crazy of a night for a long time... and sopose after tomorrow night we may not have another for awhile being this is the last holiday weekend of the summer. Final blow out tomorrow night:) I so wish the lake was clean and nice cuz I'd just love to jump in after it's all said and done and just be like YEAH summer's over.. at the same time it's a total bummer since I feel like summer passed way to fast this year. I absolutley love fall.. my fav time of year, but with summer gone it's like WOW another year passed already... getting old LOL

So hadda fun day at home hubs n me working on the house n some stuff and it was so nice out again. Mon having a picinic at the lake cabin which will be fun and kids n me visiting grandma/pa is always fun. Miss my bro and parents durning holidays even such a holiday as Labor Day.. I do because every Labor Day we have a family picinic at the cabin for as long as I ever remember. Me, my cousins and all my aunts and uncles and grandparents and camping night b4 sometimes and camp fires and the adults drinking beer .. and the BBQ'in and ohhhh such fun to be a kid. I want my kids to have as much fun as I remember having then. But nothings the same anymore everyone's so busy it seems and moved away. Kinda sad. But not to fear... new traditions will have to be started. Xmas and holidays are just the worst.

OK I'm thinking of cuddlin up with my puppy n flippin thru some channels for now.. to relax.. So T called me 4 times 2nite at work beggin again to meet up with them later... i'm shot no way.. and still even 50 times after the initial no and stuff it still continues.. what did/do I get myself into.. oh well. So stories to tell just not in the mood to start spilling just yet.