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Saturday, July 05, 2003


lmao I'm so silly. Hubs gets home we have a toddy n play a game n watch a "movie" n get all funky n do it for like n hour. Yet I get off 3 times and see the fireworks going off yet. Think the people that do the show find the big ones that didn't go off during the show and keep shotting those off cuz it's like 2am and every once and awhile ten or so more go off.. the big ones.. to match our big ones. yet omg i should really go to bed huh. Yeap. OK :)

Friday, July 04, 2003

Happy 4th of July :)

Great day/night. Hadda mini picinic 2day with the kids and my dad and brother for lunch. Just made potato salad and cut up some muskmellon and watermelon and strawberries and grilled some burgers and brats and had chips and dip and and kool-aid :) Hehehe was warm. I had to work 2nite.. it was ok busy for a holiday I thought.. more a bummer to work this holiday than last cuz I missed last years festivals and all the fun at our house with my brother and his friends and relatives but was awesome my boss lady had it set in her head we were all going to get outta there in time to see the fireworks this year and worked out well I believe as most everyone was gone by 9ish so we were all able to leave! Even me :) YEAH was great...

Got home fireworks show didn't start til 1030.. lasted 30 minutes was pretty. My dad came by just b4 as well and watched too.. was nice glad I got to see him more. Last few times he's been home he's always been chumming with aaron but sopose since aaron's moving with him and mom now down to nashville he's spending more time with us and my kids. Kinda nice, actually i love it. Sad to see him go again and more my brother. 2nite is his band's final show at a bar in town they've always played at. I want to go so bad and probably will get to eventually as we have 2 bartenders on tomorrow night. Sure it will be SUPER busy sat night.. but that's ok. As long as I get up there for an hour or so I'll be happy cuz I'm afraid I will be sad whatever the case.. sopose I should not drink at all tomorrow night cuz I'm afraid I'll get all emotional and cry and cry cuz I'm sooo going to miss my lil bro.. and I know last time I was upset and tried to talk to hubs about my feeling "blue" about it he was sooo non-compassionate and even made me feel worse and upset me lots.. and him being my hubs I looked for.. for some comfort and that hurt me even more.. anyways.. I just keep telling myself i'll be going out to see him this fall maybe with the baby.. and he has a puter now too we can write and call and yack whenever we want. I will miss him lots.

So hubs and my twin cousins and the 2 older kids left after the fireworks to go shoot off the rest of our fireworks at my aunt and uncles out in the country. Having a couple beers I'm not like sitting here alone. I stayed behind with the little ones since way past their bedtime and were soo tried. So I let him go. Older kids spending night there I think and twins and hubs were talking about going out to some firework party or something. So here I sit with a beer buzz.. I don't usually like drinking beer.. but warm out and tasted nummy.. But I cracked open a can of Dt. Pepsi so I whipped myself up a stiff one and figure since I'll probably be here for awhile alone I might as well get funky n play or do something myself I guess. I tried calling a friend in town but they weren't home and another couple we hang with went outta town. They called yesterday to see if we wanted to whoop it up 2nite and/or sat night if they stayed round here for the holiday but said I hadda work so they went up to Northern MN to her parents for the weekend instead. If I'd have known we'd have gotten off that early from work that would have been soooooo fun to hang with them again.. been soooo long.

Hubs better not get those twins too drunk n hopefully my uncles out with them too probably... they were so funny here kept accidently swearing and covering it up.. sopose since my dad was there.. oohhhh nothing major or bad.. just like If she wasnt such a bitch.. and then they'd be like If she wasn't being crabby about an itch. LMAO. silly. OK i've gotta go mix up another drink.. n friends on the phone now.. bye


OMG stormy 2nite... My Son is home :) YEah from his Nashville trip from visiting my parents the past 6 weeks:) He's gotta guitar.. and strummed some chords for me.. sounds good already :) Cute :) OK it's super late but just hadda write happy he's home and OMG cuz was sooo stormy 2nite and working on the lake.. the waves and wind was freaky with all the pretty glass windows.. and this big tree outfront snapped in 1/2 and trees branches all over and tables knocked over and chairs and boats washed up funky on shore and shutters tore off cabins. OMG and then I am driving home and a 1/2 block from our house a big ole tree is totally uprooted and tipped over.. roots and all.. laying 3/4 in the road I hadda drive around and get out and look just to see.. how it was thrown even from where it once was rooted. High straight line winds I assume. Wow.. hate storms like that. Freaks me out horriably.. and I don't know why but it's getting so much worse... lmao I'm sure i'm just a nut. LOL oh well.. I sooo freak when I'm home with the kids just not safe ya know anywhere.. unless in a basement I feel.

Oh well over for now another huge cell moving this way sopose i'll just fall asleep and round 4 I'll awake to that rumblin again and Grrrr it's the 4th tomorrow.. My Dad's up for the holiday and my brother too.. excited.. HOPE i get to spend some time with them.. :) :) :) OK nite --- Hubs snoring I recorded him.. I'm going to put it online somenight for shits and giggles... it's horriable.. it's loud now even out here. Throw that idea out a new bed would help him rest more. I don't think it's ever been the bed thing he says why he never feels rested I think it's actually he probably never feels rested or good cuz OMG he can't be sleeping thru that noise .. and can't be getting O2 to his brain well can he??? I don't think so.. he should see a specialist or do something I think it can't be healthy. OK for real Nite :)

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Nite Out

I was really tired.. now that I'm home I'm not so much cuz I hadda wake hubs up to have him get my drivers window up. I rolled it down 2day and it wouldn't roll up and chance or rain tonight and tomorrow so can't really drive to work or around with no window so he's all crabby getting woke up to come fix and kinda pissed me off a bit. I know he was just tired and no one likes to be awoke from a good sleep.. specially to get up and do something like that I sopose but geez not like I wanted it to brake. Plus pissed me off broke in the 1st place. Our Van is 5 years old and last fall the passenger window motor broke $180 to replace.. and 6 months later the drivers side window is now broke. For the entire time I had my old car b4 this for almost 11 years old when I sold it and the electric windows in it just fine. And in every other vehicle I can remember or people say no problems.. then I have this Pontiaic and not just one motor goes out on the window but now BOTH go out. Grrrr anyways. Fun

Last night hubs and I went out for supper for our "Monthly Nite Out" thing that we havn't been faithfully doing once a month but did and was great. Had great food and lots of fun being out 2gether and I was quite giddy drinking a bottle of reisling all myself with our meal... well in the 2 hours we were there so not so bad huh? I just know I was giddy.. and to top that off decided to cruise the lake and then stop into where I work for a cocktail b4 going home and that one more glass ended up to be 4 more I guess and that sure did me in. Still nice time with hubs but so much to "not" tell the I really wish I could.. LOL oh well Wish he was in better mood when I woke him up a few min ago to talk cuz I havn't talked to him yet since last night. Oh well My son will be home tomorrow from Nashville FINALLY :) I'm so excited My dad and brother will be coming up as well and leaving Monday. my brother will be moving for good now.. makes me sooo sad. 1000 miles away. Never been over 2 hours apart. Depressing me a bit.. well not depresseing bad but just sad I guess.

Here's My Answers for the Two for Tuesday:

.: Two for Tuesday :.

1. Recently I've been watching the show Monster House where a team comes in and redesigns your entire house in one central theme (ie disco or European), if you had the opportunity, what design would you choose to decorate your entire house in?
OMG i love that show.. I have been watching the all the time too. I'd love to have that jungle theme going throughout the house.. loved the once with the shipwreck on a deserted island kinda theme.. but not with the ticki god.

2. In your opinion the laundry room::belongs closest to the garage, kitchen, or bathroom??
Bathroom for sure

OK here are my This or That's too...

Summer Fun!

1. Lemonade or Ice Cold Beer? Lemonade
2. Swimming pool or beach? Beach
3. Long weekends here & there, or a 2-week vacation? 2 week vacation
4. Destination: Acapulco or Hawaii? Acapulco
5. Destination: Mountains or Beach? Mountains
6. Hotel/motel/B&B or camping? Camping
7. Carefully planned vacation, or play it by ear? Either.. would be nice
8. Sneakers or sandals? Sandals
9. Air-conditioning or fans? Air-conditioning and fans.. depends on temp and humidity
10. Concerts in the park or baseball games? Concerts.. depending on music of course...

OK... now I have too much on my mind I better go for now

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Mini Catch up

Uploaded a ton of pictures from my camera 2nite and I have been putting it off cuz I just knew there would be pictures of my kitty and still painful to see but I did and now I have to get over his death as it's been a week and I have to reflect on the positive things and smiles he brought to me the time we had together.. and although I still am sad today I am trying to focus on happy times. I think the hardest part is that he was sooo young yet and wasn't like he was dying from something natural or of old age.. that was hardest... and more the fact that he got sick when we were away on vacation :( That's the hardest just thinking if I'd have been home ... anyways this is a picture of my snuggles... Outta the 100 some pictures I uploaded I found about 15 pictures that he was in somewhere.. with the kids or just laying around or just somewhere in the pictures.. so cute. :)

So what have I been up to??? OMG where to start or to end cuz so far my summer has been nutty and crazy and jam packed... Every day I think Tomorrow I'll have some time to do this or that and tomorrow comes and goes and I'm saying OK Next week I'll have time to do this.. LOL. My oldest step-daughter went home already last monday.. she could care less I feel about being here or not and more I'd say she'd rather not.. I like to think she enjoyed her time with us and hopefully will be able to think back happy thoughts about her time with her sisters and brother. My other Step-daughter P stays almost all summer with us every year she's only a year younger but so much different but has always been around as well so she was glad she said A left.. which I explained as did she her feelings with A and think she understands why A is the way she is yet I do know how horriable she is to P and why she'd feel that way too. Much more relaxed all around.

So Hubs said taking her to the movie 2nite. Looking thru the paper P sees rugrats gone wild.. is at the theater and she's wanting to go. Charlies angels and the Hulk are here too.. And Hubs is like Ohh nooo had to go to the rugrats movie and took our youngest daughter C also. They had fun. I had to go to a Home Interiors party and took my baby Z with.. OMG remind me to never take a toddler to one of those shows... it's all breakables and pretties and he's like Ohhhh but Mom I have to play.. chasing him around. LOL it was cute so no biggy but still. Then stopped at the Nana Grandma... My Grandma but kids call her the Nana Grandma cuz everytime she comes over she brings banana's. Swears by the potassium in them keeps ya healthy... anyways she's all gossip about my other cousin moving.. and how my bro moving and just her gramps and me and my family left:) Kinda sad she was all her kids and now grandkids and great grandkids all moved away.. Guess I'm stuck No way I could ever leave my grams even if she's getting a little senile.. or however you spell that.

Wow time is flying 2nite. Gotta get some stuff done. I'll write soon:) Thanks everyone for their comments and emails and cheer-up email cards sent this past week.. so touching and appreciated.. thank you. Also Note: 5 Weeks No smoking :) YEAH I'm a non-smoker. Someone commented the other night at the bar.. well 1st guy saying how beautiful my eyes were but this other guy goes. Did you wear braces .. I'm like No and he's like You have the whitest teeth and most beautiful smile.. LMAO 1st time I'd ever heard that line.. white teeth.. and he's like You must not smoke.. and I'm like Nope I don't :) :) YEAH it was great to say that!

Unconscious Mutterings

Here's My Mutterings for the week and last week :)

  1. Trolling:: Motor
  2. Profile :: Murder
  3. Tin:: Man
  4. Phenom:: venom
  5. Mug shot:: Picture
  6. Tubular:: circular
  7. Six Flags:: adventure
  8. Pickup:: line
  9. Auction:: sale
  10. Astonishing::Fantastic

  1. Tumbler:: Dryer
  2. Recital :: Piano
  3. Reform:: school
  4. Nipple:: boobie
  5. Jackal:: jackalope
  6. Mailtruck:: postal
  7. Merchendise:: store
  8. Comma:: end of story
  9. Erotica:: sexy
  10. Ferment::icky