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Saturday, March 22, 2003


Whoo Hoo.. having fun with the hubs.. I'm a bit tipsy.. out for awhile for supper and drinks.. now back for war games.. and some fun on the couch laying round just him and i watching movies.. later.. after I whip him in games. Last night was fun J got 2nd place at his wrestling tourney...seems to B getting 2nd all season this year. Cant' type. I better go make us a couple drinks and get the games ready. Tomorrow will be fun him and I going away for theday leaving kinda early hope to get back by 6ish to deliver papers.. K bye

Friday, March 21, 2003


This map is cool! Please try it out and let me know what area your from! I also added another Geo tool to find blogs registered within 500 miles of my home but there wasn't any:( Boo hoo.. oh well K gotta go

Bowling?? Later

I'm sleep everyone's nappin here but I don't want to. Going north an hour to a wrestlin tourney for my son 2nite have to leave round 345. I still do not have any plans thought about going bowling later 2nite when we get back from 10-12.. sounds fun!

Awhile ago almost everything worked good on my webpage using BloggerPro but I am getting very fustrated again.. It's stupid little things that I can't figure out that drive me nutty anyways. My blog used to update for blog rollin and at every time I published it would update there but for the past week or at least the past week I have noticed it will not update anywhere else. Blogger Pro is sopose to report them thru their settings confuses me cuz not working again. What's so worse is blogger support is crap.. they never respond or review anything if you ask me cuz none of any of my bugs have been addressed. Oh well

More Movies & Go Lil Bro!

Must be movie week cuz the boys rented Scream 3 2nite. This isn't so scarey not like the ring last night.. I think these are more amusing with the actors trying to not act like "real" scarey movies.. kinda funny. I did make the mistake of letting them rent A Scarey Movie 2.. After the first 8 minutes I shut it off and told them NO WAY! nasty movie..

The one boy that's spending the night said he's seen them all b4.. I just said well not at my house you won't. I crocheted a pretty curtain tieback during the's crocheted with white thread so has that lacy look with pink flowers... pretty now I just have to make the other one. I don't really have any pink in our main room but my daughters room.. little fancy for her room but so pretty. I'll scan once I get the other done and startched.

Hubs gets off work tomorrow at 11! So we'll have entire weekend 2gether. Still no definite plans going to call some friends in town to see if they'd like to join us one night also! Got my hair done this morning wasn't as light as I wanted but the little streaks of blonde highlights look so pretty and springy. My hair is lighter brown with nautral highlites anyways so this just spiced them up. Blended very nice I thought!

I'm kinda bored now boys both crashed after the movie.. 1/2 alseep the last half hour. Tired out from the slumber party the night b4 I'm sure. Hubs crashed at 9 with the little ones. I wish I could sleep at night. Bad thing 4 me is even when I do try to go to bed say this early I'm laying awake for hours.. has 2 b at least 2am b4 I fall asleep. Then again I don't have to be up till 9ish well I usually get up at 730 and lay back down on the couch after J goes to school. My daughter gets up round 830-9 when I get up then I have to wake my baby up.. I usually don't let him sleep past 930.

OK I decided I have some things to do. My bro just called too excited to sleep flying out in the morning to see his honey who's in the guards stationed in CO. Going to propose.. wants to actually get married even.. but not sure how to do it specially on a weekend. CUTE! He's nervous he won't wake up to be at the airport by 6am.. so wants hubby to call him b4 he goes to work. Then he says so excited probably won't even sleep. I'm off! Nite

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Day 4 Off

4th day off! Still havn't done anything too exciting just nice to have the night off with nothing really to do. My son has a friend spending the night again 2nite. They rented some movies they are going to watch later I may catch one with them.. or just hit the hay early with hubs.. not sure. Going out of town tomorrow shopping with hubs and kids and J wrestles tomorrow night about an hour away. Bored for now.. I'm finally home on a Thursday night and able to watch Friends.. and it's a re-run. I hope ER is new my fav show!

Electronic Iraq: Iraq Diaries?
MSN noted this site as a personal journal of an iraq resident/newsperson and various writers and their diaries.. thought I'd read more tomorrow when i have more time.. but noting it for now.

The Ring

OMG I am scared. That was one of the most scariest movies I've seen for years. I don't even want to talk about it cuz still making me feel paranoid and ghosty like. Movie wise it was great when you thought the movie was over and all was fine and dandy then it wasn't.. freaky then not so real... but anyways still was a good movie. I absolutley love movies that get your mind thinking. I only wish I would've read the book b4 seeing the movie as I think they are so much better.. then again you have to see that tape-movie of the ring to get the effect.. I don't know I'm pretty freaked. Would love to watch it again.. something creepy about all alone in the house and it's dark watching a movie alone that's scarey.. Hubs so hates movies like that couldn't pay him to watch it with me. He went out on a skunk hunt most the night with my uncle. They have to be hunting something at all times I think. Poor skunks.

I feel good about all the stuff I got done 2day.. but still a lot more to do. Gotta get my hair done at 10 so I better get to bed:) Nite

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Break Away

Updated my This or that n such things for 24tuesday and this and that.. what if wed.. amoung others.. find on left side under more of me!.. Still pluggin away on my chores!

Day 3 off!

My Grandma stopped by for a visit for an hour this afternoon was nice and my mom called also! Seems divorce was the main subject with a couple we all know in town. My mom's still wishing for the best between her and my dad. It's so hard for me to see her hurting and upset and my dad acting so childish going thru his midlife crisis it is very sad for me:(

I'm 99% better still have that back ache.. thought I slept on it funny night before cuz i had so much zzz's but not so sure now cuz still aches way low along my tailboneish area. Like I got kicked or something numby like feelings. Anyways I'm not going to let it stop me from getting done what I'd like to do!

I want to get a ton of stuff done in the next 2-3 days. I am getting my hair highlighted tomorrow blonde streaks 2 or 3 shades of blonde mixed in with my light brown hair will be pretty I usually get it done every year in april. My oldest son is spending night at friends 2nite. But here's what I have planned 4 today or hope:

  • Laundry finish up do kids bedding

  • Clean Laundry room

  • Finish organizing our bedroom junk out

  • Clean out of dressers/drawers and closet

  • computer desk.. organize clean

  • Entertainment center.. organize rearrange clean/dush knick nacks

  • Pick 3 drawers in kitchen to clean out

  • Clean out 3 drawers in the bathroom

  • Clean out Medicine Cabinet

  • Pick up Kids Rooms- Make Beds new bedding

OK enough for the list now. I got most the regular scrubbing dusting and stuff done yesterday so it's spring cleaning time now. The windows I want to do as well but sopose to rain maybe tonight or tomorrow so I'll wait. K I better get busy sure I'll have a list a mile long tomorrow as well. I would like to target the bedroom most for the new bed/dresser i'd like to go shopping for this weekend!

2nd Day off!

Guess I am on vacation because I havn't been online at all either. I feel much better today but actually think I slept too much or layed too much cuz I think once I did fall alseep last night I didn't move all night and woke up with a sore back. Did get all the laundry done and cleaned the bathroom and picked up the rest of the house and dishes and stuff like that. Played PS2 a little 2nite once kids went to bed. Didn't really do that much. Transfered 8mm to VHS 3 1/2 hours of J's previoius wrestling matches from the past 3 years. Took all afternoon and night to just sort thru the tapes and watch as well. Was kinda fun rewatching old matches. He had a dentist appt after school no cavaties again!

I'm expecting tomorrow to be a good day and a day I hope to get a lot of things done. Still not sure on what to do this weekend off but this feeling under the weather hasn't left me even wanting to make any plans. Sure I will start getting my good mood back once I feel better. Am I a whinny sick person. Yeah maybe but very seldom do I ever get sick... LOL so I like to whine a little online here is that OK? Hehehe OK :) Thanks

So reading the other blogs I like to read and it's funny how no one really comments on the war. I know it's a very debatable piece of converstation and maybe like me they just don't know how they feel or afraid to start up the topic.. for it's such a deep one. I sopose tomorrow will be the end of the 48 hours our president gave sadamm.. although he already stated not leaving. My brother flies out Fri morning to see his honey and propose before she's shipped over in a few days. He's hoping he makes it in time.

I of course support the war when it comes to our troops! I can't imagine going over feeling like your own country isn't behind you. I being a American citizen and all have to agree to unit and stand behind our president as well,,, regardless of other opinions I may have or thoughts on other things I wish could've been..

Then I'm not one for the anti-war people anyways. I feel like it's showing their lack of graditude or fear of living and things. I don't know how to explain the feeling I get from demonstrators.. specially anti-groups. Maybe it's not them or what they are standing for more than the way they go about showing how they feel I think. I mean standing in lines and chanting and holding signs and yelling and some crowds of protestors get way out of hand and they break laws.. and so unorganized and uncivilaized.. it turns me off. I don't want to be part of something so disorganized maybe???

I don't know.. just not something I could ever see myself doing. And if my kids were in the armed forces I wouldn't be a parent going on talk shows on the news saying This war shouldn't be.. while their poor kids is trained and believes (hopefully) and positive in what he/she is doing is right!.. seems disrespective. Time to unity. Even our own senator in our State. Tom Dashale.. knocked the president yesterday.. I didn't vote for Bush but wouldn't want his job either.. but because he was our president I stand to stand and unite behind him I guess regardless. Time to pull together... I don't know.. a topic I'm sure I could waste up 100's of pages on but won't. Not now at least!

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

General Thoughts

Temp: 41 Degrees

The Temp above is the temp outside. I make reference of the outside temp just for my own thingy. If it's snowing out or raining or foggy I will at times make note of that as well. But for the most part I think it will be neat say Next year on the same date to look at last years post and compare temps and such. I don't post the cloudy or sunny status but will occassionally write windy if it's really windy out too. Then when it's -10 below and someone in say FL reads my blog where it's 80 will go OMGosh cold.. burrr. lol

I went to bed last night at 845. Watched HGtv one of my favorite channels. Decorating on a Dime. Then crawled outta bed and took a long hot bath at 930 and back to bed and sure I was sleeping by 1015 after catching the news headlines. Kids got me up round 9 this morning and I feel better after a good night sleep but still have the stuffy nose and slight cough but much better feeling than yesterday. At least the fever is gone and I will be able to enjoy the day with the children.

My oldest son just finished the 3rd Harry Potter book it had 435 pages he was so proud he read it all and finished it up last night! He reads at 6th grade 7month level. He's in the 5th grade he likes to read once he starts a book but just getting him to start is kinda hard. He's spending the night at a friends tomorrow night and another friends on Thursday night. He has off school Thurs & Fri for spring break. I love to read just don't have the time. Plus I'm one of those readers that I pick up a book and if it's good I won't put it down. I'll read till 5am or until I can't keep my eyes open anymore.. and up the next day reading more. I'm just waiting for the new patio furniture I'd like one of the reclining soft chairs for my deck so I can sit outside with the kids this spring/summer and read while they play. I mapped out my garden for this summer already. Going to cut back on a few things and not plant a few other things as well. Too much last year.

Monday, March 17, 2003

Got a cold

46 Degrees

I havn't been sick for almost a year. But today is the day I am officially sick. Fever.. slight sore throat.. cough.. aches and sooo soo sleepy. Achy and just blah. I had been so happy when everyone else has had colds here and there I never caught them.. until now. It's ok just not getting anything done that I wanted to. Just going to have to make myself rest n relax the rest of the night with the hope that tomorrow I"ll be feeling better and can start fresh and new then. Didn't even go to the parade for St Pattys day thing.. cloudy and damp out anyways and with my under the weather feelin it's a good thing. Think once the kids hit the hay I'm hitting the tub for a long soak and crashing for the night!

Lil Song Bush

Dania's site has the funniest lil song. Bush Hates Me...Sung to the tune of "She Hates me" Puddle of Mudd. check it out!

1st Day off

Monday. New day.. new week, new thoughts I hope. Still upset about last night. I am not going to go there again now. I am watching Bob the Builder with the kids and sorting thru my 8mm tapes from my camcorder. I have 27 tapes to go thru and transfer to VHS or what? Is there a way to transfer from say 8mm or VHS to digital or someway to convert into DVD? Nice to have backups of you home movies and stuff would be easier yet to burn DVDs and keep copies that way but I don't know how you'd do it. Do you need a DVD burner probably I sopose. This is going to take me 2 days alone going thru these they are fun though. I have had my camcorder since my oldest was a baby. I have had a lot of fun with it way back when.. Main reason I got it out is I wanted to put together all J's wrestling matches we have recorded and the last time he went to state!

OMG Not Again :(

That's it.. I'm mad I'm tired and I'm upset and was upset b4 about someone but now more about someone else.. what an ending to the end of my never-ending night! I'm sick and not feeling that hot and to top it off someone's pissin me off taking advantage of someone I care about and really ticks me off! I'm not a person that likes to be upset.. and tries so hard to be a kind person and positive and trusting. But WTF. I'm sick of feeling sick about this situation and blaming and questioning myself. I want to talk about it more but physically can't cuz I'm sick about it.. makes me wanna puke. I've discussed it several other times on my blog if you've followed you probably know exactly what I'm talking about.

So when my boss approched me I just get the frickin slam in my gut and I'm sure my eyes roll and my mouth drops to the floor and I wanna throw my hands up and say WTF??? OMGosh again. And I can't believe it feeling then the hurt and fustration of the entire night flashing thru my mind.. like what was i doing.. when .. where.. how was everyone else?? Panic like feeling of OMGosh and then guilt. the what could've I done.. what did i miss.. when? Where was i? LOL drive me nuts! Obvious I work with someone that's totally untrustworthy and that hurts cuz i like everyone i work with.

I try to put myself in her position and I can't come up with any logical or sincere reason as to why it continues to happen except that she feels she can get away with it so wth. Then I try to put myself in the owners position and I know what I'd do. But can't say for sure. What pisses me off more I retrust this person and start to relax and get screwed all over again. I dont' know why it works me up cuz it's not like she's stealing from me.. but then she is.. mentally stripping away my trust of her.. and of friendship.. and respect for others and my friends and owners.. and that is what makes me mad!

I love the owners.. more then in a workplace relation.. I've known them forever and friends b4 I started there and even more personal then that now in other ways so I am protective of them even more and hate to see them getting screwed over as well. I try to do all I can to insure safe keeping of everything .. my till.. other people tips.. smokes.. lots of things. I don't know anymore. Grrrr

I'm not perfect.. I know there are things I've probably done or did or do that could hurt people at some time of my life. But overall I try not to at all costs! I for the most part do all I can "to" do what's right.

OK whatever I gotta get to bed!

I love you!


OK I'm really really really really really really really hurting upset with someone. So much I can't talk about it. So I'll try not to or let it ruin my thinking for the moment. I'll be back with the rest of my post in a bit

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Going to State!

56 Degrees

Hi it's been a busy weekend. I got up yesterday morning round 4 getting about 2 hours of sleep maybe and we headed to my son's wrestling tourney. Regions. He did Great! You have to place in the top 3 to go on to state and he got 2nd! So in 2 weeks we will be headed out the big arena with 3000 some kids! It is very exciting and he is just thrilled! I am a happy Mom for him!!!

It is beautiful out again today hit 60 yesterday I have all my windows open and hope it stays warm now on my week and 1/2 off! I am in the process of cleaning our room out. Went thru a ton of boxes and our closet last wednesday and trying to organize so much junk. Piling up in our room now until I can put it all away in the correct places. Never enough room!!! I am going to buy some organizer storage containers and such.

Also going to buy a new bed this week I'm sure or pretty sure which I'm thrilled cuz then I can paint the bedroom hopefully on my days off as well!! I'm thinking I"ll paint it a darker beige and dry paint or stencil in that tiger border .. not quite sure yet I like to play around with it! I found the material I'm going to use to make the new curtains. It's a velvet type material more like suade I should say and tan. I bought the new rods and stuff already just need to make the new curtains. I still want bamboo blinds but havn't found them yet..

I know with the bed we need a new dresser... such a small room to work with I want to try to construct it in a way that's looking more open. then makes me wonder about a darker color paint. ??? Whoaa lots I can do on my days off!!! Excited!

Last night after work me hubs my brother and J&T and J and Big T all went out to the bar here in town. Hubs played pool only were there about an hour n half. We all came back to my house and played pictionary. Kinda tippsy was funny! In the middle of the game hubs got sick. Said he didn't eat all day so that was why.. maybe it was he drank? LOL whatever he went to bed soon after that and the rest of us fried up some bacon and eggs and ate some breakfast at like 4am. My boss showed me a awesome way to make eggs! Yummy and easy! cool! After the rest left my bro and I talked a bit and I got to bed round 6am. So i was up for 26 some hours on 2 hours of sleep the night before I was tired.

I got up at 1 today. So I should be caught up now.. but this bad cold I have is taking it's toll now. I feel like death! I gotta go shower and hit the grocery store yet b4 work! I have lots more to say but no time! So until later Bye!