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Saturday, March 08, 2003


I have no clue what the I am doing. 1st off I upgraded to Pro version and has helped with 100 glitches I found in the other version. But What I don't understand is this RSS thing or the XML and things like that let alone the ping thing? is cool but where the hell do you sign up your site? LOL I think I need to get some zzz's and start fresh tomorrow. Hopefully I've deleted the 100 trial posts I just put up the past hour.

As far as the RSS and url for the title what is the purpose of that. Anyone use blogger pro and understand I'd love an email if ya can explain it better than I've found on their website. OK I'm off to sleep


Temp: 5 Degrees Snowing

It is snowy outside, it wasn't went I left work but it's a 12 mile drive and as I got closer to home the wind really whirled round the snow. I'd say we got a 1/2 inch is all so far. Hope not to get much more as my sons district wrestling tourney is tomorrow an hour and 1/2 away. Work was fun 2nite. Kept busy had to make 8 ice cream drinks and even some blended drinks! Time goes so much faster when your kept busy!

Reason No.2 - Hubs loves me & makes me Smile!
Came home from work tonight and the dishes were done and house vaccumed and picked up and he even did his work laundry already. He left my favorite candle burning an baked apple pie.. and the house smelled so nummy!

Martie posted some hilarious websites tonight. Click here and then here if ya need a chuckle!

Friday, March 07, 2003

It's been one of the longest mornings. Kids are down for a nap now. I don't feel like doing anything round here today. Think the less I get out of the hosue the less energy I have. Will help going to work 2nite getting out and running this weekend to lift my spirits.

My Friday Five

Nice Night

Temp: 10 Degrees

Had a nice night and afternoon off. Got a lot done around the house and dug into some spring cleaning projects! Didn't do much 2nite.. just played with the kids and tucked them in. Hubs hit the hay at 9 I watched some old Friends that were on .. Listened to the President and some debates after. I guess as an American I must support our President. I am concerned about the people that are against war... and their reasons.. Even though I watch the news and listen to all kinds of opinions I still don't feel comfortable saying too much cuz I still don't know anything. I am for supporting our troops and our President though.. we must be united and stand together and trust in our leaders... I guess. It's a bit scarey.. It's after midnight so I'm fasting as of now. On that note being on my diet I'm always craving something I can't have. Right now it's a blueberry begal with strawberry cream cheese! Nummy

I planned on calling my brother 2nite but it's kinda late now. I talked to my mom yesterday.. she's still very depressed but sounded good on the phone. She's wishing my dad would get help as always. My puppy has been funny at night she whines to go out round midnight.. it's OK.. but then again at 3 and 4 and 5.. and when I let her out she's not going potty she's eating snow and playing with her toys. Obviously she's playing me.. instead of going to bed like she's sopose to she whines just to go out... then back in the house will right away have an accident. Frustrating. No more treats! Mommy's mad.

My friend and I yacking tonight she's a Ebay nut she admited she's having major problem buying online. She's ordered hundreds of mosaic tiles and wants to make things with them.. and is buying them left and right. LMAO I'm not sure for sure what she is talking about thought I'd browse around looking for a site so I can understand what she's talking about. I have an idea. Isn't is tiles you break and glue onto things with grout and stuff? Sounds neat

My son has district wrestling tourney this sat and wrestling tourney sunday too. So I'll be working the next 3 nites and going to matches sat & sun so I probably won't be on as much.

Thursday, March 06, 2003


Temp: 28 Degrees

Note temp.. sunny and so nice out.. My Boss H called said we are going to be closed 2nite as owner/chef has that 24hour flu bug with a cold and so sicky. I already took the little ones to daycare. That's OK cuz they need to get out and play with other little ones too but no it leaves me sitting here wondering what to do? I thought about going over 2 H20Town shopping pickin up some household things we need and diapers. Diapers are 1/2 price over there from what I'd have to pay here in town. I'm big on shopping in your hometown.. but some things I just can't resist to buy at say a Walmart.

I think I'm going to go to the gym and work out a little and dip in the pool.. shower.. come home kick butt round the house cleaning say the closets or something I put off.. since everything else is clean. No actually I'm going to go thru the kids clothes and toys and get rid of a ton they don't wear or play with anymore and drop it off at our community thrift store. If time allows it I may cruise on over to go shoppin.. if not I guess I'll just enjoy another night home with the family! Now I have to think of something to make for supper.. :(

For Lent I have came on agreement with myself on a few things I am going to do during this season. Fast on Fridays.... Do a self-course bible study at night b4 bed.. there are lots of self-studies online I plan on going to look for one later. I have a few other ones but wrote them down last night and there on the bedstand. I couldn't decide on one specific thing to give up.. instead choose to do other things I find important that I don't do so much of but during this time I will focus more on doing.

Oh and Thanks DarthNeo new champ for the most given at once - 10 Lickins yesterday and thanks to TeddyBear280, Anna & Jess! LMAO donating oral sex.. Gettin a chuckle from these people! And got a few others from no-namers.. wonder why? Hehehe that's OK wanna Donate be my guest!


OMGosh you gotta check out this site if you need a laugh. It has captions for the Gov't terrorist signs and such. I thought it was funny!

My Thursday Threesomes nThumb Twiddler

Good Movies & Lent

Temp: 9 degrees

OK I watched Unbreakable.. it was good. I have been in the movie mood for serious or past time sorta movies and this one was good. Gottcha thinking. With the little comments at the end about the characters makes ya think it was real. A little slow moving I thought at 1st but realized the need for it thru out the movie.

Check out Martie's blog. She's always posting nice things to me! Thanks.

I didn't do a lot today but my usually playing with the kids. We colored a lot and this play doh thing is getting a bit old. I think if we had better molds and stuff. This fish world set isn't that fun. Kids have fun regarless just cutting and rolling the play-doh out.

Ash Wednesday. I picked my oldest son up from church at 515 he has after school program on Wed's after school. Picked up pizza with the money my parents sent for us for Valentines Day. Wanted us to use the money to do something together as a family. Eat I guess. Could've gotten something better I guess. But when we were eating it we all said Thanks grandma/pa for supper. LOL kinda funny.

At 645 my grandparents picked me and J up for our church's Ash Wed. Service. I'm Methodist.. brought up that way and confirmed and then when I was 18 confirmed Catholic. So am I really a member of my church still since I was confirmed Methodish 1st then Catholic.. am I catholic still since I was confirmed that last.. or what??? I consider myself Methodish although I don't find much difference between the two at all. Upon moving back home I started going to my "home" church. I turned Catholic for J's dad of course not a reason but kinda for the reason we wanted to raise my son with the same beliefs and same church. I don't feel anything different between the 2 religions.. as far as I'm concerned they are pretty much the same.. plus I felt at my age my beliefs in God and stuff are already installed in me when I was a little child.

So the funny thing about church tonight was 5 1/2 years ago we got a new minister. He started the "catholic" thing of putting ashes on our forehead and saying.. "Dust you are, and to dust you shall return. Repent and believe in the gospel" I dont' know if it's a Catholic thing or not but something our church has never done before. So it was kinda funny to look around and see what elders of the church didn't get up to get the ashes. only One couple and their family ... the owners of a large cheese factry didn't go up. Of course I didn't think anything bad of it.. it's everyone choice as is communion I feel.. but it did flash through my mind.. don't these people think they sin.. or any of their kids or grandkids? Bad of me I'm sure. I'm sure some people feel they don't need to have ashes on their heads to wash away their sins or repent or whatever... as I don't believe you must confess sins to say like a priest. If I have a problem or sin I can talk and pray directly with God. But guess these people in my church some have the persona they are above others and that's what really bugged me althought I'm sure it's just me. Some elders have it stuck in their head the old ways are best and don't like change I sopose too.

When we first sat down my grandmother said to me. Yeah you get ashes on your head but you know all about that you were catholic. LMAO what's that got to do with it??? See it's funny to me. So made me think it's still werid I sopose for some people in the church.. but why I don't know. If it makes you feel better go for it.. and some people take more in an action.. such as this. More as a ritual and in turn feel better and imprints it a bit more? I don't know to each their own I guess. It was werid sitting in church I havn't gone for quite awhile. Working nights I can't get up and get everyone ready and out the door by 815 on sunday mornings. Bad excuse I know.

But even have this feeling the minister is looking at you the entire service thinking why hasn't she been here.. and half a dozen people come up to you.. Ohhh it's so nice to see you.. and shake your hand.. or Welcome back amy.. Like I'm a little lost sheep. Mabye I am. Maybe the fact is I am a little lost.. obviously in some ways.. but since my parents moved and more since their troubles... and talking with similar friends currently about our church I havn't felt like going. They feel the same way so I know I'm not alone. And what is it that bugs us.. I'm not going into cuz it's a long story. I believe as long as you believe in what you believe and try to be the best you can and live in the way he wants us to and all that stuff. I have never felt that I need to go to a "church" to worship God. Something my mom and I totally disagree on.

Sometimes living in a small town and members of one of the largest churches and everyone knows everyone you feel different at times... and like everyone saying Ohhh Amy so nice to see you.. I'm sure they mean nothing bad by it.. but I feel underneath they are like .. Hummm where's she been? LOL I'm paranoid. Our church sometimes feels snoopy.. very gossipy.. as most large groups of people are. I mean I'm guilty of it as well I'm sure at times. And our church is so dressy. I mean if I'm not wearing a dress OMGosh you just can't do that. I mean my mom always says you dress up to tell god your taking the time to look nice for him.. well she didn't say those exact words but how I always felt. I figure God loves me regardless of what I am wearing. OK my Mom's views are not all bad. I think it's important to take you kids to church to learn and set an example. But I also want them to feel just being themselves is what god wants most.

So Weeee off that subject cuz I just need to. But on a similar note: Lent season means giving somethings up. I am having the hardest time trying to decide. As a family we decided to turn the TV off from 4 till 7ish.or not turning it on till kids bedtime and doing things together more.. and no eating out. Eating outs not hard cuz we seldom do it anyways. My son is giving up pop and candy. Pop isn't hard for him as he usually doesn't drink it much anyways but he likes candy here and there and right away at church 2nite grandma offered him some hard candy. LOL... he declined but tried to make up an excuse he had a cough and tickle in his throat and suckin on candy might help... cute but I didn't say anything and he choose not to.

When hubs and I were talking I told him he could give up sex... we gotta chuckle out of that. Naaa... I still have to search within myself to find something cuz I havn't decided on much yet. Instead of giving something up.. I thought why not reverse something. Like give up sleep.. but for me give up "wake time" Instead of staying up .. sleep.. or instead of not reading my devotions... read them. Giving up 10 minutes a day to reading them or doing other good things. I think that sounds more like a challenge to me that giving up chocolate or something. I mean give up 1/2 hour TV time to read bible storeis to the kids. I don't know??? A thought. With that I'm off to bed! Nite

Wednesday, March 05, 2003


Thinking of hubby.. thought I'd post the cute little things he does here and there when I think of them. Makes me smile LOTS!

Reason No. 1 - Hubs must love me..
Last night I had a mini chocolate fit and while taking the garbage out snuck up to the gas station and brought me home some chocolate HoHo's...

My What If Wednesday Answers

LOTRs two towers

Temp: -2 Degrees

I didn't watch that movie I guess I will tomorrow night... since it is a 3 day rental no hurry. So I decided to play my new PS2 game some more.. This weekend my oldest son J was playing his own game and accidently saved all his work over my game. Grrrrr he wasn't paying attention. I was bummed all the work I did. He's about 4 levels ahead of me and I didn't want to restart it but didn't want to play on the game overwritten not played by myself.

So I pulled up the recliner infront of the TV with my glass of water and popcorn.. (lol) and started all over. this time I know a lot of things and a few cheat codes.. only one I've used is the one that restores your health. I'm on the easy level I can't imagine playing it on the hardest and even on easy.. I have to restore all the time. I'd die right away otherwise. The game is awesome! But after an hour and 1/2 I'm ready for bed. Although I have this urge to go kick someones butt with dual swords and ninja style kickin ass. LOL Just kidding. But does wind ya up. I see why it's rated Teens. I let my son play cuz we've talked about it and he's seen both movies and stuff.

My hubbys Big Game Hunter is rated Teen too.. you killing animals.. but I figure he's of legal age to carry a gun and hunt next season he can play that game as well... again explained games are games. He wanted to rent red fraction or something one night but I wouldn't let him. Heard it was bad.. anything rated Mature he can't play I told him. And why is it ever movie we rent you have to enter a code on your PS2. I mean a movie like Shrek you had to.. can you set the levels or something cuz I know I don't want him watching theres something about mary and a few others we have.. but same code regardless of rating.. maybe I should read the manual huh?

Jerry Springer is on and OMG who are these people? This one guy acts just like my hubs when he drinks whiskey. I should've taped it and shown him how he acts.. LOL that's why he's good and sticks to beer now! For some reason he can handle that a little better. See there is a reason he quit drinking for 5 years obviously.. I'm just glad I don't see that side of him often and only have maybe 5 times. At home when we have a few drinks playing games or cards with ourselves or just another couple he does fine whatever he drinks.. it's just out amoung a large crowd or something that he acts dumb or so I think. It's like he's got to show he's this other person or someone he's not.. or flashes back to his childhood.. or I just feel like he's fine to everyone else but the biggest dick to me. I mean he'll turn evil and say the most mean things.. and looking in his eyes I see this other man.. and he is like Your a bitch just out of the blue.. in the middle of laughin.. and spit on me. LMAO not spit but think he could. I remember a few different times it really scared me. He doesn't even remember a thing the next day.. never did... and would get mad saying I'm lying and disbelieves what I say.. kissin my ass saying he'd never say/do that. What it comes down to I think when he's that trashed he thinks I am someone else from his past.. maybe his mom or ex-wife or something.. who used to always bitch at him or something... I know during a talk once I said.. Honey I'm AMY.. I love you.. and the evil look turned normal for a second and he says I know honey love you too.. and the next second he's Get the hell outta here... can't you leave me alone.

There he's a skitzophrenic drunk LOL. Don't think bad of hubs he's the most wonderful hubby.. just the 5 times I recall him really drunk.. were the only bad points of our whole relationship. Which I think is pretty good. Then again I'm not an easy person to treat like shit either.. cuz I am stubborn as a bull.. and won't take it laying down. My downfall for sure. I'd love to go out somenight though and cut loose with him... I think in the back of my mind I'm afraid he'll end up drinking too much.. although he doesn't.. usually.. and then I stay sober'er.. if that's a word. How did I get on this subject... Oh yeah Springer is on. LOL

K going to bed .. Nite

Tuesday, March 04, 2003


Temp: 1 Degree

My bro just called watching a debate that I'm watching too on ABC with Ted latenight townmetting. It's pretty good he called on a commercial asked if I was watching and I was too. Kinda cute then commercial was over and he said he's gotta go.. watch some more. Poor guy lonley and so worried about his honey. She's out in the field training all week so has no access to a phone he's going to die when she has to go overseas and may not hear from her the 1st month I think. Ohhhh sad.

I'm having a urge to snack. Not often I get snacky.. but I'd like some popcorn. Rented Shrek tonight.. it was pretty dang funny but missed the last 20 min of the movie. My baby was climbing up the recliner my son was sitting at and fell and bumped his head pretty good and bit his toungue.. and scratched up his chin on that metal bar.. scrapped his little chin he cried and cried and I held and rocked him for a half hour. He finally quite crying and got up and took his blankie and went into his room and wanted to go to bed. Tried and it was bedtime and he threw kisses and waved and musta felt better cuz smiled finally. I was scared cuz never seen him cry when he's been hurt before. Always the Tuff guy. I've just wanna sleep by him... went in a few times and checked on him of course he's just fine. Just loved the extra loving from his mama. :) :) :)

Rented another dvd called Unbreakable with Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson. I havn't started it yet not sure I will... kinda late. Here's the description I don't remember ever seeing the previews for this movie or anything...

Unbreakable is a riveting story shared by two men. David Dunn, a man from a blue-collar neighborhood in Philadelphia emerges unharmed as the sole survivor of a devastating train accident. Enter Elijah Price, a mysterious stranger who offers a bizarre explanation as to why David escaped without a single scratch, an explanation that threatens to change David's family and life forever.

Sounds good kinda. I'll let ya know. OHhh and LMAO I opened the DVD case and it says on the inside.... Be Kind Please Rewind LMAO like you can rewind a DVD?? hahaha.. Bye for now!


I really suffer from this... and have earworms like 80% of the day I think. This site did a study on it and the top 10 songs that people suffer from Kinda funny. Earworms are those songs, jingles, and tunes that get stuck inside your head. I suffer from this all the time article says it's worse in woman and people who are musical. This morning already I know I was singing 5 different jingles over and over.. but see I'm always singing in my head or humming. Now I have that dumb "Gimmie a break, Gimmie a break, Break me off a piece of that KAT KAT BAR... OMG LMAO


1. Soup or salad? MMmm I love both depends and on what the soup is
2. Hot or cold sandwiches? Hot but I like cold too
3. White or whole wheat bread (or rye, etc)? White
4. Pack a lunch for work/school, or buy it? Buy it
5. If you eat chain, or mom & pop type place? I'd much rather a ma n pa place
6. Tuna or chicken salad? Tuna salad
7. Cheese: Swiss or cheddar (or American, etc)? Swiss
8. Mustard or mayo? Mmmm both.. or more mayo
9. Sandwiches: wrap/pita pocket, or regular bread/roll? bread/roll
10. Sweet stuff: cookie/cake or fresh fruit? fruit


1. How much money would it take for you to expose yourself, let's say in a magazine or video...your choice? Full nudity, partial nudity? What is your price?
Exposing myself to people I know would be lots cheepier.. but say for a magazine.. I don't think there would be a price.. a cool mill maybe.. a video No way.. what if my kids or relatives seen it??? Nope.

2. Airbrushing - yah or nay? Yeah I like it.

February 26th

1. What if you discovered a star, and got to choose a name for it by yourself -- what would it be?
I'd just name it Amy... after me!

2. What if friendly aliens landed in your backyard and offered to show you the universe -- would you go?
Oh yeah I'd go...

3. What if you were chosen for a space program mission into outer space, and could lead a study on any one of the solar system's other eight planets and their moons -- which would you choose?
Saturn... it's pretty and I like the rings

4. What if you were transported to a planet where humans were slaves to a race of aliens and, oddly, you met the love of your life there; and then you were offered one chance to go back to your home on Earth... but he/she couldn't come with you -- would you stay?
IF I was in love I'd stay and the sex was good... LOL Nooo can't really answer that cuz my hubs and family is all here so hard to say..

5. What if your best friend was going to another planet to start a colony with a group of others, to lessen the stress on earth, but everyone else you know is staying -- would you go with your friend?
I'd be game to go

Temp: 3 Degrees

Thinking something I shouldn't be once again and a little upset about something. But I can't write about it. Mabye that's a good thing that I can't. So that way I won't think about it too much and feel worse. I have it set in stone in my mind I wouldn't get that way or feel that way... or think these things. I know why I am.. I just need to do something major about it to never get this way again. I know what I need to do.. at least for now. Until it passes. Again.. Damn


Added a few new links to pages of mine kinda sub-links of this main journal. My this or that tuesday page.. just a blog of all my answers to that. Also A new page for all my answers on the Friday Fives. I also have a new link to the newest things I've started which is the participation positives pages. Easier way to keep these I thought. Maybe not but for now I thought worked nice! Easier to find my answers at least.

Not much new today. Played play-doh for a couple hours this evening with the little ones. I was shocked that on ebay you could find some many different play doh sets. I'd buy a bunch if it wasn't for the outrageous shipping charges.. But then again a few of those sets I remember when I was a kid and I'm sure many you can't buy anymore so I guess it's cool. I'd like the Electronic Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop set ! I had this one when I was about 8.

Didn't do much watched my Monday night show Fear Factor. It had me almost puking. They had to eat mold-old-smelly cheese with magots crawling all over. only 2 out of the 5 actually made it and ate theirs. The gagging and puking they did just about had me just watching. OMG gross. It was bad. Didn't get chance to chat with hubs much he was busy all night. But having a urge for choc I agreed to pack his lunch if he'd give him his M & M's he had left over from lunch 2day! Mmmm only a handfull but nummy.

What did i eat today. Well I cheated last night and had a big burger bun and all and even a few fries. Today I had my bacon and eggs and juice of course for brunch. And hamburgers plain.. with a about a bag of green beans and lite salad for supper. Again more juice and 2 pops and about 4 glasses of water. Down 3 lbs from last week. This diet sucks I've lost what I think is a lot but I can't tell what-so-ever in my clothes or anything. Makes ya wanna quit. Hubs really trying to quit smoking bought some chew. I didn't smoke till 1 this afternoon then again at 5. But once the kids hit the hay I'm like a night smoker. Maybe if I'd go to bed instead I wouldn't have the urge so much. Slowing down for now may help... till the next step.

Gotta call to get my belly button pierced sometime this week. I still have 6 other things to do b4 my bday. Hubs heard running a special this month only $20 bucks for the pierce. Cool. Girl I work with said cost her like $80 last summer. I'm not doing it to show it off to anyone cuz my belly is really not pretty with all the icky stretch marks. Hubs loves them says they feel so cool when he runs his hands over my belly. Whatever silly sounding to me. Each fancies their own thoughts I guess.

Tell ya I don't find his little incisions sexy. Not that I even notice them see them or feel them they are so tiny. Well I thought about renting a movie but didn't get out to get one. Probably tomorrow night.

MP3 of the Week:
Fooled Around and Fell in Love
by Elvin Bishop

OK yeah I have most the songs from that Ultimate 70's now and just find this one relaxing and remember it as a tiny child. Fun to sing along to. Can't say the words hold true for me.. but the title a little.. but the falling in love part. LOL silly me. Maybe I'll load up more from that era later. K I'm off to play!

Monday, March 03, 2003

participation positives

I am starting something new it's a blog based group of bloggers who on Mondays write their reasons of being or to be positive. The site participation positives came up with the idea where you just post the little things that make you happy!

My kids reading "me" books this morning
Having a reason to crochet again
Laundry is all done
I have the next 3 nights off!
The sun is shinning - Spring is coming soon
I feel great and rested
CrockPots!! fill em up, turn on n eat 8 hrs later!
Smile God loves ya

Maybe I'll think of more later?


Puzzler I accidently hit post on my last one before finishing my link and can't edit now LOL. Oh well anyways about my last mp3 Fade this was really weird 3 out of 4 nights I worked this past week I would go out into the garage to get into my van and hubs radio is always on low out in the garage and that song was playing at that exact time 3 times!!! IT was werid. I'll be removing that song later today and replacing with a new one. Probably something from that ultimate 70's hehehe:)

Oh this is funny the link is on the left side also but I signed up for a donation system for Oral Sex You can give it to me anytime ya want now. LOL i thought was funny. Gotta go!

Temp: 21 Degrees

Kids are fun this morning they must miss me lots after working past 4 nights. Been busy morning already with a lot to do today. I did 5 loads of laundry yesterday and on my 2nd this morning already my bro left an hour ago. I will miss him so much if he moves this summer. I need to clean up my puter files today and make some new spreadsheets for the new year.. I'm behind on that huh being March 3rd. J has wrestling practice 2nite from 5-7. So just me and kids pretty much til 7 2nite. Wanna rent some movies this week I havn't for awhile.

Funny looking thru yesterday search engine hits again and seen some came again for the ding pies are done post click there to see it again. Here are a few other topics.

Electrostorm Ball (OK 10 hits at least a day on this stupid thing... again)
Hate Wearing Socks
Quizes about what pisses your off and to find out your iq
Thurs mouth babies (????)
Sponge bob cakes
Adult conversation pieces
lego sex positions (?? LOL)
hidden chat rooms
scooby do nude pics amanda
queensryche silent lucidity
tonka truck gifts
fun meeting people friendship
Coon Recipes

OK I just posted a few I still lmao at a few but getting better! Going to be posting a new mp3 later my posted by Amy @ 10:27 AM


Hubs still kinda a crabby butt. He came down to work and I thought rude to everyone unlike himself. Not rude being he meant to be but I thought so. It's like he's talking out of his ass or something.. different. Whatever I guess. But think I'm going to have to sit down and have a little yack with him tomorrow night about his attitude. OK I know people have their days and down time.. And I can bend a little here and there but he kisses my ass when it's just me and him and acts like a total ass himself when out with other people.. guys specially. Or so I think.. hope to god no one else things so. Specially when he comes down to where I work... I dont' appreciate that at all. Maybe it's all in my head. I don't know.. whatever. Kinda pissed me off.

Work went well still hard to believe it went so fast this weekend. I have the next 3 days off. My bro spending the night playing our PS2. He has one too bought one when they 1st came out but playing our new games. I should go to bed huh? Yeah soon. Funny 2nite at work T asked me if J is pissed at her. Said she asked him and he said no but said she feels like he is and I am. I didn't say anything really just a casual no. And said why would J be upset with you??? she said I don't know just feel that way. I'm thinking to myself guilty concious??

But anyways then I said something about hubs coming out 2nite and how he pays a babysitter to go out and do his things all the time but bitches how he can't do anything with me.. but I was pissy at him thinking I have 3 nights off doesn't ever ask me to do anything those nights.. Another discussion another time.. cuz I'm not going there.

But anyways T said at work that Yeah she hates that her hubs is going out everynight when she works cuz he's home alone and gets lonley so she might look for a different job. Hummm thinkin to myself again... I didn't say anything. I thought alot of things but I'm not going to spit that out 2nite either. Whatever ..

Am I in a bad mood? Yeah kinda am. Not very often I feel pissy or I don't care bitchy like about anyone but I kinda am right now. Sopose I have the right to feel that way at different times don't I? I'm not a bad person just havin one of those moments or feeling like I'm sick of caring. I could whine no one cares about mine.. so wtf? LOL NOOOO just kidding. It's positive Monday isn't it? Yeah tomorrow when I wake up so today's still sunda for me althought is 2am. I can remain attitudish till I wake up.

Got a lot on my plate for tomorrow. Gotta get some good zzz's. Forgot to tell Boss that Big T called 2nite and wanted me to say hi to him as well. Opps.. sorry. He's funny .. and more funny how many times I called him the other night so late. Oh well. Darn I'm in a bad mood. I better get going before I say too much. Nitey nite Sweet dreams.

Sunday, March 02, 2003


Temp: 1 Degree

Hubs is moody. I ask what's wrong he says I don't know. Are you upset about something.. I don't know. Are you mad about anything... I don't know. Are you pissed? I don't know. Won't say anything but I don't know. Is there anything I can do??.. I don't know replys again. So I give up. Don't even like to be around him cuz nothing I can do anyways obviously and doesn't want to talk about it anyways. Let him sort it out himself I guess. Then he calls on the cell and says He doesn't want to have to remind J to roll his papers anymore. I tell him Don't I don't. We agreed when he got his route that if he whinned or we had to remind him 100 times to do his job he wouldn't have it anymore.

In a way I feel it's hubs own fault and brings it on himself. He gets so worked up over the dumbest things. I say .. what is really buggin ya cuz that's nothing important. And he says nothing just pissed I have to tell him 10 times yesterday to roll his papers.. from 1 until 3. I said from 1 till 3 you two sat and played PS2 I know nothing was said about papers. Plus J always rolls on Sat's when here it wasn't like he had to have it done by 3 or anytime yesterday cuz never delievers until sunday anyways. SO has all afternoon and nites on sat to roll. DUMB to get me upset over something so dumb. I just tell him if it bugs him so bad dont' say anything. He's old enough and smart enough and should be responsible enough to roll his own without being told. And hubs needs to trust that he will.. and give him his own chance to prove he does it.. like 99% of the time he does. Hubs obviously crabby ass time of the month.

Chatting with the Boys

Wish I could post the little icons MSN messenger uses cuz my bro and cuz are chattin with me dumb stuff using all the photos they have avalialbe and talking dumb with it. Funny.. they got drunk over at my grandma's she feed them Mudslide and buck lost every hand and my grandpa lost his meat LMAO. Ohh bet his meat like gamblin?? LOL Who knows

OK now they are being sick fixing me up with geeks and being dumb. I'm video chattin with them instead. They can hear and see me but they can't figure out how to hook their stuff up. I'm so tired. OK now they got their video working but no mic.. Werido's dancing around taking their shirts off. I don't know somedays about them two. Total goof balls. LMAO.. Now there off to video chat. Been awhile since I"ve done that. Almost feel like proweling the rooms myself... naa better not. Would like to do the video cam again some night.. just not 2nite.. LOL Nite


Temp: -6 Degrees

Burrrr it's so cold and windy out. Work was pretty slow tonight. Had a mini rush but the bar was boring. Everyone crashed super early here obviously cuz came home all the lights were off and hubs and J both snoring logs tucked away in their bed. Kissed the little ones and put my PJ's on and I should really hit the hay too.

Stayed after work and played pictionary with my boss, a waitress and her boyfriend. Girls against the guys and we rock!!! kicked their butts all over the place the little cheaters. Hehehe no it's fun. I love to play games any game.. all kinds. Fun in a group like that.. wish I wasn't so tired. Tomorrow is sunday all ready. This work weekend went by like super lightening speed fast. I mean it seems like friday or something hard to believe I only work tomorrow and I'm off 3 nights again already. Wow.. I started a load of laundry when I got home. Going to try to get most my cleaning done tomorrow so I don't' have to waste so much time on my days off catching up. Actually the house is really clean. Hubs hasn't been butcherin or fishing or hunting so helps out picking up and vacumms here and there so that sure helps out. He even did the dishes earlier today. Wonder what he wants. LOL maybe nothing.. I didn't even have to ask him to do anything. maybe he's bored. I'm going in to bed soon and going to cuddle up and wake him with some kisses. I have some silky scarfs and some long chiffon scarfs I thought would be fun to blindfold him and tickle or wrap my body in.. .

Maybe not 2nite.. but thought I'd put on the satin sheets this week and have a soft silky slippery week with him. I love these one PJ's I have their are like shorts and a tank and satin.. and when you have those on and like run and jump into bed you slide all over the place. I feel that candles and accents and smells to your bedroom are awesome. Not only for aids but for mental relaxation. Aroma theropy. Sandlewood and sage theme going on now. But going to switch it over to Jasmine and a mix of this oil we got at a oil shop last year in the cities.. with A Mountain rain sachet. Get out the sage sheets and pillowcases. again i'm feeling like a soft silky touchy person. So setting the stage for the next week together.

My bro is home wonder if he came over 2nite? Our friends went to a concert 2nite out of town wonder if they had fun? Ever have a weird vibe from someone. I think some people are full of shit. I don't know how to read this person at all and it drives me totally insane. I don't have any clue or controll over myself at all. And most the time when talking to them I don't feel any real responce to anything coming from them thats remotely personally postive - Nothing negative either, really just nothing. Sopose I'm expecting more or something? I don't know what, but maybe that's it? I'm sure it's just me. Weird. Oh well not that important.

I want the Ultimate 70's CD's that are on this commercial right now. It's an informecial I know but the songs are awesome. 198 Classics from the 70's from Time Life. Wish my burner worked cuz I have several of the songs on my puter already. OMG I gotta get it. There we go theme for another week. 70's theme with bell bottoms and disco lights in the bedroom and all these songs. OHhhh fun!! Get hubs in some terry cloth sweat bands LMAO... funny Bee Gees are cool! Here is the website.. check out the titles! CLICK HERE FOR SITE OK I gotta go.

Oh and I just noticed 4 other people are on my site with me WOW! My cuz and bro are online now;( LOL werido's I'm in you peter frampton. Cool