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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Wrestling Season!
Josh has done very well at wrestling this year. He's gotten mainly 2nd place to 1st at every tourney. Last Saturday he got 2nd at districts and on Sunday 1st at a regular tourney. Regions are this Saturday and Thursday night will be the city tourney! He's had a lot of fun again as it was his 4th year in youth wrestling now!

I havn't gotten around to updating anything like I had planned on trying to get done with the other pages.. But will plug away a little bit tonight. The kids are great.. Cassie and Zac play so well together with a moment here and there of fighting over the same toy.. but for the most part play well.

We bought a playstation 2 a couple weeks ago. Cliff likes his new game.. Big game hunter and Josh plays it as well as my new game the Lord of the Rings Two Towers! It is a lot of fun and nice you can watch DVD's on it as well! Were all looking forward to spring and summer to be able to get outside and run and play!


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