::crazy late night writings::
I can't sleep and I get so tired I pick up a pen and write crazy things most of it's crap but still it's fun. Sometimes I read them a week or two later in my scratch book and think "What the Hell" these are Korney ! LOL

Twilight is upon you

I want
I want You
I want you Here
I want you here Now
With you here now, I want
Now I want me here with you
Now I want me here with you alone
Alone I want me here with you now
Alone I want you here with me
I want you here with me
I want me with you
You want me with
You want me
You - Me

When the winds whipser thru me
I feel your eyes upon me
When the Rain pats on the windows
I hear soft kisses surrond me
When the Sun Shines oh so warm
I smell the words of your hunger
When the snow flies so white and deep
I see the pounding inside me
When the puff clouds soar beneath
I taste the visions under thee.

What I want
I climb above
Upon the place
when I can come
to find that spot
as you find mine
bound in time
how devine

As I lie awake at night
Thru the window in the moonlight
Thoughts of you run thru my mind
Of a place, a time, when you were mine

Wild things wonder my mind...
Like when I see purple,
but looking thru your eyes
it may be Yellow to my mind
So what if the sun was blue
And grass was orange
and the sky brown with a red ocean
what if pumpkins were white
and dark was really light
Apples are yellow
oranges are green
What do you think
I'd really see?
Give my eyes back to me