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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Lake Time

It's always excited me to be by the lake, specially in the spring when the ice is off and you see the ducks and babys and sunsets so pretty and the warmer weather gives ya spring fever and itches to get out and do things. Working on a lake is fun too as the summer crowd returns as well whom most all I so love to see again. I also get the itch to go camping and fishing, something the past few years with younger children we've not done as much of as the 1st 2 years we were together. We even bought a huge tent when we 1st were married but after having babies we never once got to go camping since cept for setting it up in the backyard for the kids. The kids are all old enough now to go finally. Even if it's just at the State Park down the road I hope we get to sometime this year.

I have been so busy, it's crazy. I havn't had much to journal about but then again not much time to sit down at the computer either, and when I do it's usually spent back chatting on yahoo with old friends or playing with all the pictures I take.

Went out last night nothing major but after working till midnight it was pretty late b4 I got to bed and up early. I had wanted to go out for awhile now since I hadn't for-ever and just wanted to do something. I guess that's outta my system for awhile again now, not that it's ever really been an issue with me or a need anyways, yet sometimes I feel like my life's so routine that you just have to do something different now and then to wake up.

I walked in 2nite and hopped on the bed and tried to wake up hubs and he just said come on in I'll warm ya up and I'm like lets watch a movie and he was sleeping again.. hahaha I can't imagine how anyone can sleep like that so easily. It takes me close to an hour to unwind and longer sometimes to fall asleep. I am pretty tired and busy tomorrow and work and SF on sunday it's going to be a long weekend. Suppose I'll go crawl back in bed and just wake him up the happy-ole whoo hoo suprise kinda way, sure he'll like that.