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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Spring Fever Itch

I thought I had the spring fever itch today and most the night felt like I hadda get out.. or wanted to go out that's for sure. I can't really recall the last time I went out out.. or out and enjoyed myself at least it's been awhile. Seems like since we came back from TN vacation it's been a headspin for me. It's not that I'm stressed or crabby or anything feeling bad about anything but I'd just love to go out enjoy a few hours and not worry about anything at least for that little while. Had thought all day about just escaping up the hill after work with J but I know when I plan something or really want something it seems it doesn't work out. Plus ya end up sitting there hoping they'll leave being your off work yet they stay, which OK i know that's cool for them and stuff but I listen to truck driver talk it seems like every friday and this friday I just was in the mood to hit it. Go somewhere I've got the antsy pants on I think. I even had it so bad when I got to town I drove by all the bars here in town and 1/2 wanted to stop just to do something different or something at that. But OMG that thought I think nooo then my friend and hubby in town are kidless for the weekend and invited me over any night this weekend for yatzee rematches but their house was dark. But I'd not have stopped anyways as it's too fricken late cuz after 2 drinks in 2 hours wears off ya just get tired. I'm bored but more boring to myself than anything. Just need to go somewhere for the hell of it not cuz ya have to. Tomorrow is busy, Sunday is hubs Bday and I have to go to SF, and Mon to wtrtown and tuesday with grannyma and wed back to Wtrtwn I feel overwhelmed with busy things then the inlaws coming up for 4 days over easter. OK I'm so going to try to be positive here. I want to be really I do. I wish hubs was awake suppose I could go nudge him till he wakes up huh.. it's so quiet everyone is asleep guess I'm next.

Thursday, April 01, 2004


What a nice day, I'm tired, more so as the week draws on I look forward now to sleeping in till 9 on saturdays this getting up all week b4 7 is something I am totally outta shape for you wouldn't think 2 2 1/2 hours more I used to get and naps would make that much of a difference.. duh of course they did... but I guess it's oK once I'm up it's just about 3 or 4 that it hits me and I want to take a snoozy and get crabby. Telling myself all week I have to have lights out by 11 and it's been about 12 cept for one night. Probably would have been whole nother story if I'd have had the internet shut off hahaha..

Not that I do anything bad on here, surfing reading this article or that. Or printing off activities for the kids has been a biggy the past couple weeks or games or whatever. Reading books is something else I have re-picked up as a good habit I guess. Kids are outside all the time and all these trips to the park makes it easy to carry a book round and pick up and read while they're playing. Right now they have the lego's going on the floor behind me but It's just about time to eat, having leftover goolash Mmmm

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Internet TV

OK so a couple weeks ago I found a server from WinAmp that has a zillion radio stations I just love ot listen to, but it also has Internet TV. Where people broadcast their own stations, as well as some PBS stations and discovery stations are also posted and the kids watched the special on Dinasaours earlier today, and Futurama is on now and this one channel someone has is Video's from the 80's and it has Thriller on now.. the long version. Lots of comedy shows on kinda neat forgot and now with no cable, could find this fun for something.. They even had porno's broadcasted OMG I thought what if my kids clicked on that.. good thing there is parental controlls on it so I was able to block all that, messenger should have that. anyways I'm off to beddy Nite

Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Today was my Grandpa's 77th Bday. I had them over for supper and cake and ice cream and a couple hands of cards. My uncle came by too for awhile 2nite. Wow what a busy night I'm bushed. Up at 6 my oldest had a field trip for school outta town and bus leaving at 715 so I had to be the bus and for a few other of his friends as well.

Didn't matter I was up that early anyways and have been all week and probably why I can't post on here cuz no time and when I do sit down the kids are sitting down pulling up chairs right beside me. My DD is a whiz on the puter I allow her a certain amount of time each day. The sites and games I allow her to visit and play are really educational and good, I'd like to get my baby on as well, as She was surfing before age 3 as well. He's cute with his Winnie the Pooh game and already knows all the answers.

Boiled 2 Dozen eggs to color with the kids tomorrow night. Just love coloring Easter eggs, I'll be sure to post a pic now that I have my batteries re-charged again :) Lost or forgot my charger down at my parents over vacation... going to have to get myself a new one. Have to get Tags for my Van tomorrow too.. almost forgot.

Really hitting me about moving more and more it's so hard for me to say suppose I'm nervous since I'm not one for doing something so not planned. Hubs comes home everynight from work with a new plan and idea's and gun hoe on his GED and jobs and money and selling this or that... He's got us moved. A realtor called me from the Nashville and sending me up pictures and information on schools in the area I wanted to live in.

My heart is set on Mt. Juliet. Just cuz it's pop is 20K and growing but the town seemed so nice and non-cityness as did Hermitage as well. I don't know. I told hubs if we sold our house and got settled there b4 next school year with a home and stuff I'd go oh and he had to get a job close to as good as he has here, just to cover insurance and his support to his girls... and after we sell this we'd have no bills cept insurance and one credit card we pay off every month usually. Then I said he'd have to try to get his GED hard to get a job without that now-days. So really he's working superhard on moving. And yes I'd move yet it's so scarey kinda. Who' knows yet ...