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Friday, February 20, 2004


Why do all my dreams end up with J in them? Not that they are all sexual or anything not at all, well some are, but like this morning it was just casual work and chumming going to this store for plants together. OK so nothing but OMG i can not recall a dream of hubs forever. it's werid. But upon waking up think I felt like Ohhh gonna miss him.

I wish I could have slept in longer this morning thinking I'll be awake now till tomorrow afternoon, sure I'll catnap in the van on the trip.. maybe I'm so excited. This will be a week I wish to not sleep for once. It is SOOO windy which sucks driving. Weather is cloudy yet still warmer at 30 degrees.

Wow I'm so excited forgot feeling this way is so crazy. Everything is packed and ready I guess I just have to sit here now and wait hehehe.. OK I 'm sure I can find something to do

Busy Excited

OK so in a few more hours we'll be on the road and for a long time. Thinking about it now it's like OMG wow were going to be far away and like driving with kids. I think a stop over would've been ok but on the way back forsure I'm getting so excited. I can't sleep I know I should as driving that 20 hours straight i'll be tired and up all night.. busy as hell too getting ready today all day... son had a concert then hadda stop at gram's to say bye and drop off keys and show house to my cousin who will be house sitting staying here while we are gone which is cool and we have the van loaded and everythings ready to go I guess so tomorrow it's just getting us in the van with some food and were outta here... tomorrow is going to seem like FOREVER i bet just waiting wish I could sleep i needed a good nite in the sack i think and hubs crashed out sicky all day ya know.. waaaa boo hoo i'm a whino ... but dang K gotta back up bbl maybe :)

Thursday, February 19, 2004

phone sexy

wow i'm so wishing I this once could collect on some talk time or chat time to get off rite bout now. Went out 2nite with hubs who's drunk n so totally bombed and outta character I'm avoiding him and left with these crazy feeling and sexy thoughts of someone else right now and it's drivin me nuts all weeks with kisses and 2nite it's even worse or maybe that better... whatever the thought is driving me crazy -drive back there or here or call n just talk get them as hot as I am heheeh or something

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

One Word

Todays OneWord to write about in 60 seconds is SWITCH

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Hi :) I have officially gone on vacation as of sunday night! What have I been doing or am i going to do well
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