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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Merry Christmas

Yeah it's Chirstmas the most wonderful time of the year.. singing that song... eating my mini frosted wheats anticipation killing as my parents called and having breakfast with my cousin in SF at the crapn-a-barrel. Ohhhh I can't wait 2 hours away now. I have been totally overwhelemed and busy the past week and sure with extra company I will be until after the new year to ever be online. My 4 year old's on playing the nick.jr website or my step daughters 13 is on playing games pretty much 24/7, she's so into games and crafts and wanting to do this or that or baking..

OMG baking Monday was bake day at my house from 1230pm till midnight we baked. Sugar cookies, puppy chow, chex mix, 24 quarts of carmel corn, almond joy cookies, cherry bing bars, fudge, butter brittle, peanut butter brittle w/chocolate, almond dipped pretzels, choc dipped crackers n peanut butter, chocolate covered peanuts... MmmMmm omg what a kitchen mess that all was but the trays i've been putting out look awesome and I have enought for 1/2 the town I think. If we weren't out of Chocolate in every store in town I'd make more of more stuff but for the past 2 weeks I havn't been able to find any chocolate to melt :(

I sopose I better get going I'm so excited and should fold some clothes to get all my chores done to enjoy the next 2 days :) If I don't get back Merry Xmas and Happy BDay Jesus!