100 Things About Me!
Date: February 26th, 2003

1. My Name is Amy, I was named after a soap opera character my Mom liked at the time and she didn't know anyone else's kids with my name.

2. My middle name is Amanda, After my great great grandmother.

3. I have 3 kids i love more than anything!

4. I have a cat who's 4 1/2, named Snuggles but he doesn't answer to anything but "kitty"

5. I have a puppy who just turned 1, named Belle. She's a English Springer Spaniel

6. I took 9 years of piano and 2 of organ

7. I played the alto saxaphone for 8 years in school, and could also play the saprano and baritone sax, obbo?(sp) and most other instruments but the flute

8. I live once again in the town I was born in.

9. When I was 3 we moved to Oregon along the coast, until I was in 1st grade.

10. I love seafood I've had shark, squid, octopus, snail, crab, lobster, clams, oysters and most general other fish and stuff. All yummy!

11. I have 3 kids and 2 step daughters

12. My favorite color is Yellow

13. My favorite flower is the daffodil

14. I grow a garden it's not the greatest but I love to do it, and hope to get better

15. I love to crochet.. mainly small danity little things made of thread

16. I can't knit or sew very well, but can cross-stitch and needlepoint and embrodier well

17. I love to read books but seldom have the time because once I pick a book up I can't put it back down.

18. My birthday is May 20

19. I've had a one night stand by my choice.

20. My best friend is my open

21. I took ballet and tap danced for 4 years when I was a younger and ballet

22. I love games

23. I have one brother who's younger than me

24. I am a god mommy twice

25. My parents live in Nashville TN

26. I love to garden

27. I like to fish

28. I hate drivers that don't use blinkers

29. I do not eat beans (cept green ones)

30. My favorite subject in school was math and biology

31. I love to take pictures

32. I scrapbook and stamp cards

33. I love Star Trek all the series and want to go to a star trek convention and learn klingon

34. I have a secert

35. My favorite childhood toys were Barbies and Babies

36. I passed the lifeguard course when I was 14.

37. I've done CPR on real people.

38. I believe in Ghosts, I've seen 3 and felt one.

39. My favorite games are, Monopoly, pictionary and cards wist & rummy

40. I could read when I was 4.

41. I believe that there is life somewhere else out in the universe.

42. I am college graduate.

43. I have collected in the past.. 140+ beanie babies, 22 precious moment figurines, coins, Books, cards received, disney movies, and when I was younger anything that was rainbow colored to decorate almost everything.

44. I have never lived by myself

45. I drink Diet Pepsi

46. My favorite number is 4, and find myself doing many things in 4's.

47. I am German, Swedish and a little French

48. I've never broken a bone.

49. I have my ears both pierced twice and my belly

50. My most favorite comedy movie is Dumb & Dumber.. I can watch that over and over and get in the best mood

51. My favorite memory with my mom as a child is napping with her or watching the wizard of Oz together.

52. My Favorite shows are: Star Trek, Young and the Restless, Passions, Days of our Lives, ER, Friends and the News Channels

53. I am right handed

54. I am totally unlucky when it comes to winning anything that's by chance. I don't know if I've ever really won anything by say a drawing or at a casino or even Bingo.

55. I am scared of the number 66 6 and usually won't even type it all together and if the amount on say a check I need to write is that I will grab something at the checkout to change the total.

56. My mind revolves around numbers And multiples and divisions of numbers. And any other combination of numbers.

57. My favorite liqueor is Windsor or Captin Morgan.

58. I've never seen stripers

59. I have no desire to ever get a tattoo.

60. I love music.. any and almost every kind

61. Writing online I find very therapeutic.

62. I am a budget freak

63. I have neopets.

64. I got my 1st car when I was 14 for 100 bucks!

65. I have few friends I can trust, and few people I do turst.

66. I will be direct with people if approched directly.

67. I still don't know for sure what I want to be when I grow up.

68. When younger I wanted 1st to be a nurse, then a scientist, a surgeon, then a nurse practicioner and finally a pharmacist or nurse.

69. I'm a bartender. I love my job and being out amoungst people out enjoying themselves.

70. I will respect you if shown and given respect back.

71. I don't consider my sexual relations or preferences a part of my real life.

72. I dream a lot, not always happy dreams but for the most part.

73. I imagine when I retire we will live at a lake home sitting out on the dock fishing all day and cuddlin watching movies all night while I crochet for the grandkiddies ... lmao

74. I say my prayers everynight takes me approx 10 minutes.

75. I always eat our meals at the supper table.

76. I love the water and to swim.

77. I believe in love at first site

78. I think I have the power to controll what will happen to me and if I want something enough I will get it.

77. I am for the most part a positive person and believe in positive reinforcement.

78. I love to bake.. I like to cook as well but just not as good at that as baking.

79. I enjoy a smaller group of people rather than being in large groups.

80. I want to know everything about everything and like to get into topics to learn more.

81. I have a good relationship with my parents.

82. I wish I could do so many more things with my life.. and if I could live other lives I have 100 I'd choose.

83. Don't think I don't love my life now by the post #82 I love my life and all that's in it. Just think if I could live other lives say after this or whatever I'd imagine living in the outback.. or as an indian way back when or a puritan or a cavewoman, or a missionary or a hooker and just about every other possibility. Just fun to daydream.

84. I stay up way to late and can't sleep at night.

85. I have living, 1 great-grandparent, 3 grandparents, both parents, 15 aunts and uncles, and 17 1st cousins,

86. Everyday I hate trying to plan out what to make for supper.

87. I make notes to myself all the time and lost without my planner.

88. I like my surroundings to have a personal touch.

89. Saying my name in the right way turns me on more than anything. But the added hair strokin will catch me off guard almost as well.

90. I am not the instigator when it comes to sex but once it gets down to doing it I'm submissive for the most part. I get sick of being the "boss" of the house all the time and in life always being in controll I have never had fun well felt emotional well sex. He sucks in bed btw

91. I think I like sex more than most woman I know and my girlfriends.

92. I can't wait to be done with this list.

93. My hair is brown and my eyes are brown.

94. I use my eyes to tell people things.

95. When I was single I would only date men with brown eyes.

96. I cherish my kids more than I could explain as well as hubs!

97. I like to debate subjects for better views and watch Debate shows and news programs.

98. I keep several journals. This online one.. my kids journal online.. my craft journal online.. my bedside one of My relationships.. and a family events one also on my bedstand.

99. I write to think things thru more than anything.

100. I am so happy this is over.