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Xmas Snowman 1996
I have been stamping cards, some scrapbooking and other things since 1996. Then I worked at a bank office where a lot of us gals would get together once or twice a month and stamp all kinds of things. Moving back home almost 5 years ago now I havn't found anyone with my hobby until this past summer when I seen an ad for a workshop in a nearby town and quickly called to say I was coming.

Even when I couldn't find a StampinUp person I still bought stamps at local stores and found a few at Walmart. My son and step daughters just love making things for themselves and friends also!Boy I just find it so nice to be able to reach into the box I keep all my cards in at anytime and find just the right card for any occassion. I have a shoe sized storage box I keep all my cards in and have dividers for the different holidays and special things! It's so nice to be able to handmake a card for someone!

I decided to make this website for fun and hopefully I'm able to share some of my idea's for anyone looking for a new look, because I know I always am.

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Here are Links to Photo's of my Cards I will be adding more as I make them!

Christmas Cards (9)
More Christmas Cards (4)
Birthday Cards
Valentines & Love
Thinking of You (11)
Receipe Cards
Cards for Babys (5)
Halloween Cards (2)
Thank You Cards (9)
Get Well Soon

NOTE: If you have a website or online photo album and you would like me to link your site from mine please Email Me and I would be happy to add your link.

Here are some of other stamp websites I have found online! Most of them have beautiful cards and give me hopes that someday I'll be creating some just as wonderful!

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