When twilight brings her curtain down,
and pins it with a star,
remember that you have a friend,
thought she may wander far.

:: As of July 13th ::


Wednesday, November 24, 2004



Sunday, October 17, 2004

Lords Gift 2 Me 2 Day


Aww my hun got his magic level up in preperation for our wedding so that he took the ring he had me make and now was able to enchant it for me. He went to the nature alter where we 1st kissed and enchanted the ring and made this image for me to see! awwww isn't he sooo super sweet! Oh we started legends it is sooo soon that I will b able to marry on rs now having the white cape is so near i can almost feel it.

Got my crafting up to level 64, ohhhh so super close to 66 now! if I take all my cooked seaweed and sand i have now and make molten glass I will have my level I need! I started FFXI online omg it look super cool so far! I hope to get some screen shots but 1st I have to figure out how to play.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004



Fall is my Favorite time of year and today my Lord and I were out walking and talking of future plans while he took me to this spot and how awesome it is. We woodchopped lots the last couple days on maples like these and i made a thousand or so bow strings for him as well to get my crafting up to level 62 now! Won't b long now i hope... But aww this is one of my most favorite spots on rs! I also finally did Nature Spirit Quest!
I now have 105 Quest points, and only 4 more of agility and 4 more of theifing needed and I can finally start my lengends quest. Working harder than ever for levels now it will not b long until I can marry my love! I think i'll just get one more level on agility and drink a pot for the actual legends quest cuz i still hate it so much.

Saturday, October 09, 2004


Wow this quest was super fun and took us about 3 good hours and we did sooo good and up until the end it was fun and fine and then i started falling. Not just once or twice or 10 times.. like fricken 50 times!! ROFL. Aww I hated it hehe but made it when i had no food left. So my hunny went in 1st to see how bad killing iban was and i having no food and never going in or reading ahead i went in bravely enuf I lost only 11 hp and threw the dolly in and whoohoo

Got my iban staff it rocks! I hit some 24s on some Ardy guards. So Lord and I dressed in Red and took our Staffs round RS killing stuff it was super fuN! The quest was awesome!

Thursday, September 30, 2004

70 Range!!!


Wow that took awhile to get from 60-70 but sooo worth the wait! Lord and Flying were there when I got my level then lord took me away go give me gifts of color as I change my armor from red to black so he gave me all the gems, and of course wearing best ranging armor u need best arrows so he gave me loads of rune arros!!!! Aww it was sooo super sweet! and Below me me wearing my new black stuff for 1st time hehe!! whoohoo finally!

Friday, September 03, 2004


Home, humm a word I always believe to be where u r happy, or maybe it's where u lay your head down at night to sleep. Whatever home is to you I choose to be where you feel loved and safe and is where one makes it. Moving has been crazy as most things in my life are always something chaotic and crazy as the sega continues so does my life.

For those of you whole still come in hopes of finding my old stuff the personal journal of my life for the past 2 years sorry i scratched it all. Runescape and me is the perfect past time keeping me having fun and then some. My Hubs left me never to return to rs I will miss much about him. Best Wishes

Working hard to b a legend now spending most all my time with Lord he has been my most dear friend and companion always the past near 3 months. Not only playing rs I tried Tibia with him and Black Hawk Down and sooo talked about playing World of Warcraft this late fall it looks awesome. Its all been so awesome and fun. Our time as well is over I fear and I am left alone to rome the roads and paths of the worlds. As b4 and as will b i will survive!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Long time

Wow its been a long time since i posted on here and not that i havn't been playing RS i have but just been so busy having fun. I'll soon post more I will b offline a while as I make my move on Monday the 16th and I guess I'm not sure a date i'll b rehooked but wont' b long. yEAh!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

No Goals

OK If i ever wanna b a legend I have to start working on some things. I think I will more so in a week and 1/2, but for now I'm just going to do what I can and try to finish the quests I've started and get my agility up so I can do watchtower! I went up lots of levels in woodcutting and burning 2day! That was fun we hadda giant bbq in fally liting up the town! hehe OK i'm on now to get ready to finish up somethings i've started I need to finish. I can't set any goals for this week yet cuz well i just don't know what to do next :-) I'm sure i can think of 100 things

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


:-) Another week gone by and I really didn't accomplish too much but had a lot of things going on. Things I'd rather not say here but anyways whats new.. beside I died pking last night with Cent haha we were funny :-) I'm way too much a chicken Cluck Cluck! I really want to do 100 things for goals this week but who knows I havn't followed thru with much of anything lately.

Did some quests that were fun finished the Ardy Transport one and did a monk one hehehe with Lord thank god cuz he's great at them I told him the next one i'm going to lead him hahaha omg can u imagine ??? I'd like to try it he's always leading me and getting me things and I'd like to return the favor and see if together we can't do one. He did the new one I seen the nature name and i thought about the time we traveled and explored the nature alter wow how beautiful that alter was omg we spent like an hour there hehe that was 2 weeks ago already. Thats the most beautiful spot I think on rs so far!

Me and Fan are going to do the new one 2gether !!! He's done soo many this is one we can do and I hope it will b fun and pretty and new! We need that maybe i think. :-) So agility i need but omg i hate it. I'm not sure what else I should do I know i need lots of levels in lots of things I guess it's just setting my goals but I don't want to set them alone not yet.

Alright I best get busy :-) Gotta make some arrows and clean out my bank!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Red Drag whoo hoo

Yea:-) i made it to level 60 Ranger! whoo hooo thats big for me cuz i have wanted this for what seems like forever! So red's my new fling and color! hehehe :-) I was at mossy men most the time or fire gaints and ogres. But only 600 exp points away aeter asked me to duel and i thought omg perfect way to level while killing him in the arena hahaha for fun of course! hehe :-) and that it was!!!!!! I was sooo excited and think the red drag is soo cool! I love arching! Looking at pic now omg, yah! i see u near my side watching over me thank u ! it means a lot u still think nice of me after so much sadness and how u have always been my protector even now afar u r there. what am i suppose to do?

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Vit's Big


Yeah :-) my kitty cat vit and me have been the bestest of friends how great he's always there hehehe and how much more fun it is now he's grown! :-) yeah we were in fally just standing round lost and i pet him and whoo hooo he's big now! I was sooo excited omg i had cheered and wOOt!!!! before too long i had 6 other peeps there with their cats as well lol .... Started the Kitten Club passing out tuna and every1 stroking their cats it was sooo funny. How alone i felt 2nite. I'm glad this happened cuz After this mess I'm soo alone now and afraid to befriend any1 anymore :(

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

To do!

My Moods hit bottom to top, from left to right n up and down and all around this past week! And to think one week ago was to be the begining of the happiest of days yet all spent upseting others and utter confusion all around. Now when alone I spend my days just me and Vit traveling the world, and he's still just a lil kitty! I can't get him to grow and not sure i wanna i like him needing me with her purr's and meows!

I keep being called a slacker by a friend and yea i have been totally preoccupied or more so distracted from training. I find myself on the game just standing there watching people pass and not knowing where to fit or jump back into the game after so much feels lost. I'd walk round in armor doing the For Camelot! 2day when we argued and how ironic that the topic was the one that i admired most of them and turns out to b just as all the rest. ohhh how i was sad at that.

But now what to do? I know i gotta reset goals and get my game back on. So for Vit i'll take him to the sewers in varrock to catch some mice. Then it's agility time until i suppose level 35 or until i can't stand it anymore... and then i will range until my level hits 60 on the island west of brimhaven on those mossys. After that or now after the sewers i'm going to use up all my herbs on pots to get rid of them since i killed 100s of druids 2day upset and wanting to kill... so i'm not going onto topics like that on this.

I'm going now to get busy! Herblore making 1st, then sewers then agility... then my ranging level! Chow!

Saying Goodbye

How do u do it? How do u leave a part of what makes u and makes u feel wonderful behind? A point in time comes that u must make a choice to do something u may never want to but know it must b done not for your own good as much as theirs, yours and another so u do it with faith it's best! How does one ever know it's the right choice, only time tells and in my case I may never know. I am sad now not just because i will b lost without u like the song they sent sings, but because i didn't even get the chance to really say goodbye. But f assures me its for the best.. but is it? I'm not feeling happy at all will this week of tourture and fighting and upsets and emotions ever end? I can't take much more :( :( :( i am sorry every1 and if ever i'd ever been so sad it is this very moment! ! ! more than words i can even write or sing or say! I'm numb now frozen and cold. I think i'll stay invizzy for the day... omg this is the saddest song

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Happy 4th of July

In celebration of our Country and it's freedom I placed on a song my brother composed, sang and played for his new wife! They were married and weeks later she was called to duty as service in the army on feb 15th 2003 :( She's stationed in Iraq and is super strong and wonderful and my brother the softy sooo misses her and loves her and writes the perfect songs for her and mails them to her! This is one that chokes me up! On good note our local unit is to return the end of the month! A year in a 1/2 away is too long omg i miss her!!! Hurry home Amanda!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Bryan 100 CBT


WHOOOOooo HoooOoooOoo !!!! lets get the party started! Bryan has become the god of the game hitting his cbt to 100 finally! LMAO me and lord have followed bryan around waiting to watch him level! And YEA! he made it today at the blue drag under hero's guild! wtg! It was a lot of work and took lots of time he says 3 years! whoo hooo! his stats are all awesome as are his pures!

yea!!!! the most fun i had was him getting so pumped and excited me and lord would run to meet him to watch him level and ohhhhhhh :( it didn't work :( then he thought prayer level would help we run and kill drags and give him the bones and cheer more and :( booo didn't work lmao.. grrrrrrrr then the next day me and lord and bryan decide to raise up a magic level and we all head to the bank in the wild!

Up there we get runes and go back to the lessers and Bryan mages while me and Lord cheer him on!!! We draw a crowd with our cheers and get called the Santa Squad! Go Bryan Go Bryan! hehee bummer didn't work :( He works on more prayer then arches! Getting the final drag bone he becomes a level 100 cbt! WHooo Hooo I take him on a celebration picinic and then we party the place in camelot! whoo hoo!!! Congrats Bryan! hehe pic below is the santa squad we are for hire btw hehe

Friday, June 25, 2004

Cent the Legend!

Cent met me 2nite! He's finally became the great legend! Whoo hooo I'm so proud of him and he's been so dedicated! He asked to meet me so I did in fally. He says follow and leads me to the mining place south of fally and there he plants a flower seed and gives to me! The place where we 1st met! Ohhhhhh soooo sweet and I sooo miss him!

If u ever need a smile or a hug cent is there! We met and then it seemed wherever I was he's run into me or I him. We'd chat over private if we needed help and I remember lmfao when he was at the agility course laying down the cakes and yelling at peeps! hehehe i still lol at that!

We quested 2gether and finished Lost City 2gether and I'm soooo happy still I was able to see the city with him and experience it will him! *hugs* How pretty that was and how we explored!

This day was fun me cent and lord went to arching range! We look sooo cool! I love arching anyways and we hadda protect the north tower ya know! hehehe grrrr i wanna b level 60 archer!

Cent and me have been thru much and i can't imagine never meeting him cuz he's made my whole life on rs a part of living being with them! And I still agree to come to FF11 with u this fall!!!! how fun can't wait my final fantasy friend! whoo hoo! *wink*

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Happy Bday Lord!

Today was Lords Bday!!! Being the great friend he is I had planned a picinic where we would explore to find the best place and we found the perfect place. I'm not sure how to get there or how we even did but it was on the beach with these cool birds flying over us! We ran up and down the shoreline and then we ate. Then I gave him his cake and candle to make a wish and next was gifts. It took me some organization but I felt I found the perfect gifts!

Lords My Rainbow and at this time he pointed out that that I am his Diamond, His diamon that is a reflection that creates him as my rainbow. With me only he exsits as one and how to b one he must b with me!! OHhhhhh it was sweet I wish i could remember all the exact words as they were beautiful!

Next I gave Lord his Gifts as all the colors of the Rainbow! I gave him gifts all themed with the colors that remind me of him and brighten my dark times with light and happyness! So I'll post in order I gave and why:

  • White: The Ring of Life, and a diamond to wear so that he may always stay safe and alive and to keep me near to him and a reminder!

  • Yellow: The flower the Daffodil is My Favorite and is yellow and I wished to share with them it's beauty.

  • Orange: Restat Pot ;) To keep him safe when he goes RRrrraagghhrrrr

  • Red: Fire Runes for finishing waterfall quest with me and 1st taking me to see the Fire Giants and teaching me new things may these help in his future

  • Green: Nature Tally that was one alter we thought we would go visit together soon as We had spent much time together in the other alters exploring last week!

  • Purple: Mith ore and arrows because we arch well together and he has many times shared his fletching exp with me and made me many arrows! thx

  • Blue: A Saffire to show my favorite color and a Blue Dragon Hide as thanks for the time he took me to blues just to get me hide for vambraces!

  • Brown: An apple pie I made Mmmm

  • Black: A Black Sq Sheild as he has often protected me recently from peeps like Step in dueling them and much other times he has just been there! My this remind u that I am here for u too!

How perfect of a time I had with them like I always do! Happy Birthday Lord!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

This Weeks Goal

1st off I'm not a slacker I find more to the game than just levels I guess but I do like to set some goals to living! This week will b hard as I'm preoccupied a lil bit. I do know I need to clean out my bank! But lets not say I'm not going to try to complete anything else. I still didn't get my theifing up to 35 and I didn't arch near as much last week. I also want to get my Magic up to 55 !!! And that is a main goal for me to b able to high alch! I also want my Smithing to b 40 so I can smelt my own gold instead of always begging Cent to for me and now Lords been my Smelter too! hehe thanks btw. OK i best go get busy!

Monday, June 21, 2004

My Day!

What is a typical day for me like. Well today I seen Trail and took him to Bank in Wild it was busy didn't get many but oh well. I miss him... Then Early this morning me and hubs2b were cooking :-) i made a few pies again and we talked about future and kids lol hahaha. A dozen or so? lol. He had to go I meet up with Lord and Cent later as Cent needed herbs and gave me tons of prayer pots! We all were silly running and dancing think i needed sleep.

Later Lord meet me and we went to train on magic. I leveled to 48 I want to get to level 55 to high alch. After I ran outta runes my bf comes on we try to go do something 3 times and he had to go each time grrrr lol.. I was a tad frustrated missing him is all and changing outfits 50 times lol. My bank is full of junk hehe i gotta clean house.

If only I could high alch all this junk haha. Well meet back up with Lord when He left and we mined essence get this I didn't even tell him and I look up and there he was next to me mining same place even essence. What r the odds of that??? Anyways that was fun we then made mind and air runes and ran around alters lmao. Echos and how pretty they were we decided we'd go visit the chaos alter together but I hadda go. Next time!

Fan and I hooked up later at the Zoo and went to see fire giants too but was busy. I got a Rune Med from Drop from lessers as well when I had gone to visit Exo who i don't get to see as often anymore... :(

Sold a scimmy.. hummm what else? Thats it I guess lol. I know i'll put new stats up yet and goals tomorrow. I have not so many as I have wedding preperations to make now and missing my fiance is making me nervous a tad bit. Lol long story to that hehe wish I could tell. anyways a week and counting now.... :-)

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Icy Queenie!

I have gone down with other peeps to kill her and been to scared they had to kill her down for me heheehe and once down alone I watched some1 die trying to fight her so only with Fantom did I feel safe. We 1st went long ago and got gloves together but I died and lost them. So he was sweetie and took me back down and he cheered me on and I killed her get this 3 times!!!!!!! Whooo Hoooo all thanks to him! Thanks *Hugs* I'd have never killed her without his tips and as nervous as I was. I gotta get over those times I died... :(

Friday, June 18, 2004

Baby n Dragon Swords

Hadn't seen Baby for awhile but he's always begging to PK with him and he's into arching now which I really am so I went up to castle with him. We get up there and lots of level 80-90s kinda scarey we walk round exploring and go back. So this level 65 or something attacks me I have him to 1/2 health i'm sure and i'm ok and Baby says run north so I can help. So I do in the mean time his lil level 55 GF attacks me. I turn to finish her off and Baby kills him. I get a bunch of cakes he gets runes and a drag longsword! OMG OMG OMG I am sooo jealous!

I have never pk'd nothing really I just go for the thrills and to help and exploration and runes or if peeps beg me to go I will for fun but anyways I had no skully it wasn't like I attacked 1st hehehe.... yea yeah i'm trying to justify deaths ... So I pout to baby booo hooo he was mine:( I want drag sword *cry* and he says Ohhhhh OK and gave it to me! Whoo HOooo i was sooo excited Lord B met me in Edgeville and Baby me and Him went to caves to train.

Thought I'm not leaving until I hit attack 60 so I can hold drag! hehehe. So Baby has to go and Lord the sweetie stays wtih me for a long time too. Bryan writes what r u doing I tell him he says when i get to 5K call on him he wants to b with me. Cent writes me Whatcha doing. I tell him he's like omg cool i'm coming. War and a few others wanna come too I say hell yea come on hehehe My Cheerers' hehe All cept my hunny who was mad at me and didn't ask to come join me or cheer me on and I was sooo heartbroken. He was upset all my friends there and I told him they all ask what r u doing amy, where r u amy, can I come see u amy, unlike u !!! and he logged off. I never heard from him I was most upset and sad... another fight. Prob 1st time I was really really hurt by him in awhile and I was mad!

So I decided I'm not going to let my time get runied! I was thrilled to see my friends I seldom see them like I used to. I miss that a lot. So I hit 60 we hooted and hollared and Bryan lite up a stinky cigar. hehehe THey all let me take turns holding their swords for the 1st time I help Cents! Thanks Cent btw! and Bryan lent me his Battle axe and we all headed to the duel arena where they all kicked my ass some. Well Cent actually mark this down let me win i swear a few times hehehe which made me most happy cuz he can b harsh dueling me hehehe in the past!

Bryan haha I can't even try he' has me down in 4 hits!!! lol. The pic above is of my holding Dragon Battle axe for 1st time hehe!!! It was a lot of fun even if they are many levels up on me! They are sweet I loved this day! Cept for the argument between me and my hun:( :( :( what do i do? I am most upset he never came back just left like that with no words.

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