When twilight brings her curtain down,
and pins it with a star,
remember that you have a friend,
thought she may wander far.

:: As of July 13th ::


Thursday, June 10, 2004

whoo hooo Bryan!


Whooooo Hoooo I have come to b personal cheerleader for my friend Bryan hehehe when he levels on major things I am always wanting to b there to cheer them on! This time he leveled to a 50 ranger just like I did the other day! I know what an accomplishment that was for me.. I didn't have the cakes or party stuff this time... next time !!!! we will celebrate and go away to mine or something lol. I so missed him the past weeks and so glad he's back. *hugz*

Almost felt like old times ystrday we were bow hunting orges and here comes Cent omg lol who i haddn't seen forever as well and it brought back happy memories of when we all used to hang 2gether or how bout that night together in the wild... lol omg.. that was fun and so long ago near my bday! Me War cent and bryan explorers of the wild.. i only wish i could remember more of it... !!! I was most happy to b friends again they grew me 3 flowers in the bank lol. I wonder how many i have now.

OK back to killing wizzys! I need runes...

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