When twilight brings her curtain down,
and pins it with a star,
remember that you have a friend,
thought she may wander far.

:: As of July 13th ::


Saturday, June 05, 2004


OK there are lots of times in this game I get really pissed lol. One of those times being now. People just don't seem to understand what taken means or I have a problem being to nice to peeps :( But grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so this is a long mess story I dont' wanna go deep into the wild to b alone. I get there and tell no one and this person is waiting for me there and then the other appears a few minutes later? I'm like wth?

They tell me it's ok and continue to tell me bad things about someone i like and i'm heartbroken and sickened and we get into it cuz they had wore me down to feeling so bad. Then later I am in a cave and appears again is someone i have never seen in a world i'm not in saying .. Amy do u know this person so and so is on there was stay here. And i'm like OMG OMG noo way lol and i logged off. Creepy.

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