When twilight brings her curtain down,
and pins it with a star,
remember that you have a friend,
thought she may wander far.

:: As of July 13th ::


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

My Rainbow!

Whoohoo can't call me slacker anymore! I have had so much fun the past 2 days with my friend LordB !!!! we meet weeks ago and a couple weeks ago the day my kitten ran away I was soooo having a sad and lonely day and mis-directed and it seems everywhere i turned he was there to make me smile with his =)) !!! We have been friends when we bump into one another the hi how r u's and hellos when u log on and we really meant to meet up someday soon.

Well fisherman he is and lonely i become and somedays it seems everyone wants me to do this or that I say nope i'm going to meet him! So I get there we fish a bit and off we go to adventure and what fun!!!!!!!!!!! We did more in the past 24 hours than i've done in a week lol. How fun it was! We went from fishing to finishing my waterfall quest! Were we faught fire sunburnt mad looking giants.

We went to the baby blues and dragons and he got me two hides for vambraces which I had lost :-) and then decided to go get me a excalibur sword. I keep hearing peeps saying "for Camelot" and thinking what the hell??? Why is everyone saying this is it a clan or club i dont' know about or what lol .. we'll it's special attack so we go get my sword from quest and we're doing the camelot thing together and decide we just gotta get our pic taken together at this :-) i laughed a lot! it was sooo fun! He's the sweetest always walking me 1st and opening doors and gates and waiting on me hehehe as i'm often confused and lost! lol.

So in the garden we stand on the bridge trying to take this picture 6 times!!! lol and waiting for the recharge and another friend destoryer comes along as well and wants to help try to take a picture!!! It was funny

Then we meet electro who has the blue berret i sooo want! he lets me try it on and Baj says he will try to get trade me one for my headband!! OMG yes awesome but I found out now headbands r worth 100K and berret 250K... sooo :( lol But this Nic guy comes up and starts arguing with us and wants to Duel electro and me totally out to fight me so we walk to the arena and I beat this guy like 3 times hahaa.. then me and Baj fight and he and I both get into the arena and stand there lol. He can't nor can I attack lol he is the 1st person that has never attacked me or attacked me back lol! I remember with cent once he totally made me cry cuz he was ruthless.. heheehe.. maybe it was my mood but sometimes i can't handle the dueling with friends cuz after a few times it starts to eat on me.... does that make sense?

Anyways it was cute how he never did and we agreed after a bit to withdrawl lol :-) it was nice!!! Then this morning i log and and he invites me to his Bday party on the 24th I tell him about my Bday online. How fun that was! I spent that day running round in my Bday suit passing out cakes to all my friends I started out with over 500 and passed out over 280 hehe.. meeting all my friends almost cept for my bf who still never got me nothing :( :( :( but thats ok isn't it he wasn't on.

Baj says i'm too social to b left alone am i??? is that good or bad? lol ummmm it's me I guess and I'm not doing anything wrong i just know he soo spoiled me. So we theif cakes and I level up to 32 theif then we fish some more and then he says he'll show me how to make pizza's WHOoo HOoooo never done that!! yeah something more new again!

B4 we go he stops me and lends me his Blue Mask OMG OMG OMG hahaa whooo i look sooo scarey and cool!!! I must say everytrip we take to the bank theifing and fishing he changed colors. From Green to Red to Blue hehehe so I called him My Rainbow since I calls me his lil Diamond! I sparkle and shine and is the color of my hair! ohhhhh hehehe sweet they are. :-) And more so he totally understands me and after the numberous times we've crossed paths I have always admired them and how they light up and spark something inside of me everytime especically when i am sad or lonely and lost! Hehehe :-) Hugs to them!

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