When twilight brings her curtain down,
and pins it with a star,
remember that you have a friend,
thought she may wander far.

:: As of July 13th ::


Monday, June 07, 2004

Level 50 Ranger

Yes! Finally i made it to level 50 at ranging it felt like i had been working for that for weeks. I'm sure not but being i like blue so well I had been working at it every chance I had while training. I was with my slave for the day when it happened. I so wanted to throw a massive party and invite all my friends but ;( sniff sniff not the same my someone wasn't on... :(

Whooo Hooo omg i'm so excited Finally it has happened. After what feels like days of training I am a level 50 Ranger! I have been "shootin" for this for weeks not. Blue being my color this blue drag armor is awesome! The magic bows look great as well!

Thanks to Knight Nate H0tt and Mideea for the bows and arrows! Luv ya all for being there for me during this time and helping me reach my goals as well as supplying me with this hot look hehehe! Hugs! :-) But u gotta see me in the blue drag armor and the magic bows! I gotta post pic of me with my new stuff hehehe :-) i look hot! hehehe
Hugs! :-)

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