When twilight brings her curtain down,
and pins it with a star,
remember that you have a friend,
thought she may wander far.

:: As of July 13th ::


Thursday, June 24, 2004

Happy Bday Lord!

Today was Lords Bday!!! Being the great friend he is I had planned a picinic where we would explore to find the best place and we found the perfect place. I'm not sure how to get there or how we even did but it was on the beach with these cool birds flying over us! We ran up and down the shoreline and then we ate. Then I gave him his cake and candle to make a wish and next was gifts. It took me some organization but I felt I found the perfect gifts!

Lords My Rainbow and at this time he pointed out that that I am his Diamond, His diamon that is a reflection that creates him as my rainbow. With me only he exsits as one and how to b one he must b with me!! OHhhhhh it was sweet I wish i could remember all the exact words as they were beautiful!

Next I gave Lord his Gifts as all the colors of the Rainbow! I gave him gifts all themed with the colors that remind me of him and brighten my dark times with light and happyness! So I'll post in order I gave and why:

  • White: The Ring of Life, and a diamond to wear so that he may always stay safe and alive and to keep me near to him and a reminder!

  • Yellow: The flower the Daffodil is My Favorite and is yellow and I wished to share with them it's beauty.

  • Orange: Restat Pot ;) To keep him safe when he goes RRrrraagghhrrrr

  • Red: Fire Runes for finishing waterfall quest with me and 1st taking me to see the Fire Giants and teaching me new things may these help in his future

  • Green: Nature Tally that was one alter we thought we would go visit together soon as We had spent much time together in the other alters exploring last week!

  • Purple: Mith ore and arrows because we arch well together and he has many times shared his fletching exp with me and made me many arrows! thx

  • Blue: A Saffire to show my favorite color and a Blue Dragon Hide as thanks for the time he took me to blues just to get me hide for vambraces!

  • Brown: An apple pie I made Mmmm

  • Black: A Black Sq Sheild as he has often protected me recently from peeps like Step in dueling them and much other times he has just been there! My this remind u that I am here for u too!

How perfect of a time I had with them like I always do! Happy Birthday Lord!

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