When twilight brings her curtain down,
and pins it with a star,
remember that you have a friend,
thought she may wander far.

:: As of July 13th ::


Friday, June 11, 2004

Gnome Place

I awoke in fally and decided ok i gotta mine. I went to the mine place where cent and I 1st meet. that was boring and a long walk. So I was in ardy mined 100 or so iron. Then went to coal fields and mined 100 some coal. Boring it's no fun alone, I got a ruby and a emmy and then baby shows up says taking me away I work too hard. lol

Yes yes take me away. We head to seers baby is master of disguises and always sets me up with a look he chooses and equips me as well as jewelry and everything. We set off to explore the gnome stronghold. We head up to a resturant and bar and order our food and drinks. How thoughtful he is to have always planned out the most fun times just when i think i'm going to go crazy boredom there they are to cheer me and take me away! Good friend!

Speaking of friends I have noticed a lot of difference between them. I have several friends that totally 'baby' me. They insist on doing all the walking and leading and open the doors and allow me to pass 1st or check it out b4 lol... or when doing something they plan ahead and always giving me things or insisting i do not work. Even once they got mad lol so i just stood there while they mined it all for me. ?? wtf?? ok there is a point to caring and caring too much i think lol. i guess it is kinda sweet lol .. i don't know? Even so like the day I had my slave 'P he did totally everything that day made him follow me into the wild and he was killed twice now for me or maybe it's 3 times? I don't know but.. I guess 2day i do feel bad about that all and did appologize for being so bitchish. And I agreed to walk with them as they took me around again... .. I just get the feeling they still r not to b trusted. They have motive to being so helpful. Or am i paronoid. Why else would these peeps b so adament on doing everything for me??? hummmmm anyone???

I do know F was sweetest given me his robe off his back as well as his staff. Hugs* I am most thankful for them. But b4 all that I had dueled once again with Knight who totally kicked my ass all over again. :( Grrrrr kills me last 2 times we've been together like 10 times and then says i love u? hahahhaa i think not or how about in the middle of dueling some1 else comes up and asks if i will b their gf? what is up with all that latley? Do i have something hanging over my head that says i need a bf? I think not. lol Cent says i'm too flirty.. ??? me??? am i??? I do know i want cuddles.. lots n lots of cuddles!!!!

Ok enuf i must go. Nites

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