When twilight brings her curtain down,
and pins it with a star,
remember that you have a friend,
thought she may wander far.

:: As of July 13th ::


Friday, June 18, 2004

Baby n Dragon Swords

Hadn't seen Baby for awhile but he's always begging to PK with him and he's into arching now which I really am so I went up to castle with him. We get up there and lots of level 80-90s kinda scarey we walk round exploring and go back. So this level 65 or something attacks me I have him to 1/2 health i'm sure and i'm ok and Baby says run north so I can help. So I do in the mean time his lil level 55 GF attacks me. I turn to finish her off and Baby kills him. I get a bunch of cakes he gets runes and a drag longsword! OMG OMG OMG I am sooo jealous!

I have never pk'd nothing really I just go for the thrills and to help and exploration and runes or if peeps beg me to go I will for fun but anyways I had no skully it wasn't like I attacked 1st hehehe.... yea yeah i'm trying to justify deaths ... So I pout to baby booo hooo he was mine:( I want drag sword *cry* and he says Ohhhhh OK and gave it to me! Whoo HOooo i was sooo excited Lord B met me in Edgeville and Baby me and Him went to caves to train.

Thought I'm not leaving until I hit attack 60 so I can hold drag! hehehe. So Baby has to go and Lord the sweetie stays wtih me for a long time too. Bryan writes what r u doing I tell him he says when i get to 5K call on him he wants to b with me. Cent writes me Whatcha doing. I tell him he's like omg cool i'm coming. War and a few others wanna come too I say hell yea come on hehehe My Cheerers' hehe All cept my hunny who was mad at me and didn't ask to come join me or cheer me on and I was sooo heartbroken. He was upset all my friends there and I told him they all ask what r u doing amy, where r u amy, can I come see u amy, unlike u !!! and he logged off. I never heard from him I was most upset and sad... another fight. Prob 1st time I was really really hurt by him in awhile and I was mad!

So I decided I'm not going to let my time get runied! I was thrilled to see my friends I seldom see them like I used to. I miss that a lot. So I hit 60 we hooted and hollared and Bryan lite up a stinky cigar. hehehe THey all let me take turns holding their swords for the 1st time I help Cents! Thanks Cent btw! and Bryan lent me his Battle axe and we all headed to the duel arena where they all kicked my ass some. Well Cent actually mark this down let me win i swear a few times hehehe which made me most happy cuz he can b harsh dueling me hehehe in the past!

Bryan haha I can't even try he' has me down in 4 hits!!! lol. The pic above is of my holding Dragon Battle axe for 1st time hehe!!! It was a lot of fun even if they are many levels up on me! They are sweet I loved this day! Cept for the argument between me and my hun:( :( :( what do i do? I am most upset he never came back just left like that with no words.

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