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Friday, August 25, 2006

Aww nothing like Cassie coming in the door excited over a new book they started reading in school Junie B Cheater Pants. She also checked out a new 'Bisket' book and was so proud that she could read it all 'so easy Mom'!!! Excited to tell me all the details of the stories her eyes just glowed. I'd love to take her up to the Library and pick out a cute story book we can read over the next week or two together like those.

Zac had a theme of the 'Fair' all weekend and made the cuties lil silly clown hat today. He has a lil homework this year writing and speech exercises. He's been into bug hunting outside all week, catching giant grasshoppers and crickets with an occassional spider here and there... :p

Josh wants to go to the high school Football game tonight against their biggest rival. He called me from his Friday football game they have in automotive class, he's taking Honor's Math, and English and Drafting and Automotive 1 this semester and doing well with his schoolwork.

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