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Friday, October 17, 2003

Festival of Leaves
Zac in a pile of Leaves, Oct 17th

We had Fall Funday at our house today it was beautiful and perfect day to pick up the yard and put stuff away for the winter. We raked and the children went crazy with the leaves. Jumping in the leaves, throwing them, rolling around, messing them up and re-raking. Zac did stop just enough for me to snap the cutest picture of him just laying in the leaves all relaxed. He's always going and such a busy body getting into just about anything his little hands and eyes see and find to get into.

I love this picture of Cassie cuz I took a ton of pictures and about 20 of them were of her just Cassie throwing leaves jumping and throwing and all the energy she spent on doing this and the laughter I'd love to hear and remember forever. She is a good helper too, and of course everything she does her little brother wants to do. So we got out the little rakes and they'd rake up piles of leaves all the time, almost everytime they go outside they are playing with the leaves and the little toys we left out for them to play with in the sandbox. The sandbox has been the biggest and best thing the little ones have had this year, always scooping and digging and playing with their shovels and trucks and I bet 90% of their outside playtime is spent in the sandbox.

Zac holding Caterpillar and Cassie looking
Zachary was out diggin in the garden and came running he found this little furry caterpillar. Dad dug back out his little red bucket and I found some milkweed and he carried around this little bug for a good hour. Taking him out and holding them and trying to feed him, Zac has a lot of patience of animals and loves to watch the animal planet with Dad in the evenings. Cassandra on the other hand hates bugs and isn't as lovey with the little critters but has gotten pretty chummy recently with our pup Belle.

Belle our Puppy

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