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Monday, August 25, 2003

1st Day 6th Grade N Babies!
Josh's 6th grade picture
Today is Josh's 1st day of 6th grade and a middle schooler at that. Does he feel different nope he says, just bummed that the 6th graders got moved back down to the elementary school this year, as next year the 7th and 8th grades will be moved up to the high school and our current middle school will be closed. I told him, think of it this way, at least this year you will be the 'oldest' again of the elementary school. He seemed pretty excited otherwise to start school and see all his friends once again, plus he had an extra busy summer spending the 1st 1/2 in Nashville with my parents.

Cassie and her BabyCassandra is in love with her babies, and her little dollys. She's always trying to dress them and changing diapers and rocking them. She makes little beds for her babys and feeds them and hauls them just about anywhere we let her take them. The kids are usually the focus of all my photo taking, but this day she came to me asking that I take some pictures of her babies for her and I printed 2 out so she could keep and have them.. it was pretty cute. I'm posting the pictures I took of her and her baby not just the ones of her baby as she wanted. Just cuz she's so cute with her dollys. Ask her her baby's names and they're all just 'baby'. :)

August 25, Cassie and her Baby

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