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Saturday, July 12, 2003


Josh 4th of July 2003Wow how time has flown this summer already. Josh is back home he spent the 1st 1/2 of his summer in Nashville with my parents leaving May 23rd and getting back July 3rd. He had a lot of fun making new friends and seeing all the big city sights. Jammin in the country capital of the world with my parents and brother. He's happy to be home and to see how much his little brother and sister have grown and what new and exciting things they have learned in the short time he was away.
Zac July 4th 2003
But for now here are a few from the 4th of July. I got off work in time to get home to spend the evening with my family and watch the fireworks. The littles ones were out with their PJ's on and Zac got some new boots from my parents for this coming winter my dad brought up but ever since he seen them the day b4 he has had them on. He loves them.. Fun. 1st time with sparklers:)
The fireworks show started about 1030 and lasted a good 35 minutes and the kids were in awe watching them with all their colors. The year before Cassie was scared of the loud noises and didn't like the fireworks at all and was crying and pluggin her ears for the show so I was surprised at how much Zac was loving them. Cassie July 4th, 2003A major difference between the two in that area. He was running around dancing and smiling and ohhhing and aweeeing with the rest of us. :) Josh and Phaedra were having a blast shooting off some of their smaller ones they bought that day at the fireworks stand.

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