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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Happy 2nd Birthday Zac

Zac's 2nd Bday CakeZachary turned 2 on June 5th, 2003! He sure has grown and suddenly losing most his babylooks and with his haircuts takes on a whole new look. I have a hard time cutting those curls out but from time to time break down and do it. He and Dad went up to the Bakery and picked out his birthday cake together this year. Dad wanted to be part of that and they came back with a monster truck cake he just giggled over and veroooommm making the truck noises all day.

He received lots of nice gifts and toys and clothes from grandma's and grandpa's and sisters and his brother. Elmo Zac got for his 2nd Bday His eyes lite up when we lite the birthday candles and had so much fun blowing them out we relit them a 1/2 dozen times. We got him a talking Elmo that teaches a different subject everyday he just loves elmo as big sister has an Elmo they were always fighting over. And some really cute outfits and several other fun toys and 3 books to read. Zac just loves to read sitting on my lap he listens very well but mostly just loves to sit and cuddle and point out things in the pictures in the books.

My Favorite is a book that has a bunny asking his Daddy what spring means.. and in every detailed page and pictures is a little tiny any somewhere in the picture. Zac will find the ant and point it out and get excited and as I point out other items and things in the pictures it always comes back to that little ant. :) My favorite book with him right now. Cassandra still loves to be read to as well but she's into the stories now and a lot of the time she wants to read the books back to me and makes up her own versions of stories which I actually find 100 times more interesting than the real book. So cute to hear her words and thoughts on the pictures.

post by [ Mommy ] at 6/5/2003 10:54:33 PM

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