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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Picture Time

Cassie Josh and Zac, September 2002 I have been busy working on updating all the pictures on my computer. I am really behind on scanned all the new pictures and putting them away in the kids photo albums. So I have been busy trying to catch up. I came accross this picture of the kids and had to post it! I hope to finish up cleaning my files then maybe next week I'll actually get some newer ones posted online! So check back later!

post by [ Mommy ] at 3/12/2003 01:16:48 PM

Tuesday, March 11, 2003


Josh has done very well this season wrestling! Last Saturday he wrestled at Districts and got 2nd place and on Sunday a normal tourney and got 1st. He cradled all 3 boys he wrestled. He is also having a lot of fun and is such a good sport. This Thursday is the city tourney and Sat is Regions. He's very excited!

Cassie's into playing to the computer. Nick Jr's website is kid friendly and she can play all kinds of learning and fun games with all her favorite cartoons she watches on Nick Jr morning on Nickelodien. Zac has been busy climbing jumping spinning and running. He's always going and the past 2 morning I go into this room to get him out of his crib.. he stand there fully out of his PJ's and diaper just smiling. Little turkey so cute! Always getting into something.

post by [ Mommy ] at 3/11/2003 10:33:34 PM

Friday, March 07, 2003


The kids are busy busy busy. Playing coloring jumping singing. Happy kids always going and keepin me Mommy going as well. Josh wrestles at districts this weekend and again on Sunday. He's excited and also has started band.. he's playing my saxaphone and he really likes it and doing well with his lessons and practices everynight on his own! Cassie and Zac are playing Lego's right now and getting a little sick of each other I think it will be nap time soon. Will be nice as soon it will be spring and we'll be able to spend more time outside and they too can run off some of that built up energy then running the house instead!

post by [ Mommy ] at 3/7/2003 10:51:35 AM

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