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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

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Wow it's been awhile since I've wrote anything. I've been so busy working and with Christmas and company not a lot of time left in the days or nights to get everything done I would like to.

The kids are great. Josh started his 4th year of youth wrestling. He had his 1st tourney on Saturday and got 2nd place. 1st match he won 6 pts to 0, 2nd match he almost had the kid pinned the last 20 seconds and time was called on the 1st period.. then in the 2nd the kid tackled him down good and fast and pinned him. Only the 4th time he's ever been pinned. He is such a good sport stood up and so smiley.. and last match he pinned the guy.. On Sunday he wrestled again and again got 2nd place. That was a different kind of tourney and one Cliff and Josh both say they won't attend again. I guess the entire thing was a joke.

Josh did so awesome on his 2nd 9 week report card. He got all A's and one B+ and two good checks on is courtious and polite and follows rules. Such a great student and works hard in evening with his studies and homework.. and trying to read more.

Cassie and Zac are best friends. You seldom ever see them apart. And although they still have their little squabbles over toys they pretty much get along. Cassie got a Doll House for Xmas she loves to play with that and her babies yet. Always carrying a baby around everywhere and pretends to go to the grocery store or somewhere and I have to babysit the babies. Or be quiet because they are laying down for a nap. It's pretty cute to watch her from a distance and just observe how good she is and how cute her little talks to them are

Zac and Cassie both got little DirtDevil mini vaccums for Christmas too. They actually pick up dirt too and are so cute. They get them out several times a day and push them around cleaning with me.

Zac got a FIsher price farm barn playset. With the little cows, sheep pigs and chickens and barn noises. He plays so nice when he is alone in his room. He still loves his cars and trucks, always pushing one around when he's not in his room playing. I find them all over sometimes right under my feet. Cassie has gotten very good about picking up her toys and we are working so hard at putting them away in the correct places.. but Zac still just drops whatever.. where-ever.

I've introduced the potty chair to him now. Everynight before bath I'll set him on there. He just loves to sit there think he's big like his sister I'm sure. I think it will be 100 times easier to teach Zac than it was for Cassie. And he'll want to sit there every diaper change or just find him sitting on it fully clothed. He smiles so cute and such a little love bug yet. He's so kissy now too. Always giving kisses. And says Oh Ohhhh all the time when something falls or he does something he shouldn't. Oh Ohh Mama. And bye bye and up are his favorite words.

He's a stinker at getting dressed. Just when you get him undressed out of one thing he's gone. Runs as fast and squirms doesn't want to get dressed. Cassie insists on dressing herself most days. And she has to pick out what that is... She does a pretty good job picking out her clothes.

The kids spend the days home with me. We usually have breakfest by 930 and then watch a little TV or play and we try to color everyday and have played with play-dough. Both the kids love to be read too. Even Zac will sit and listen almost the entire way thru a book. Cassandra loves to read books back. She will take the book and point out things in the book with her fingers.. making up a story if she doesn't know it. Or if it's a familiar book like Dr Suess Foot Book.. she knows that one by heart already.

We've been really working on the alphabet the past 2 weeks. She can get thru to G and after that it's hard. She can count to 10 no problem and 20 with a few mistakes and some help from mom. Her drawing skills are still lots of circles, squares and lines, but she has really been trying to color in the lines now.. but won't use but one color per page.

I hope to get new pictures added soon of the kids at Christmas. Phaedra and Amanda both stayed with us for 2 weeks over Christmas break and had lots of fun! Josh went to a Twins baseball convention thing tonight at the High School Auditorium at 630. He got 6 different autographed pictures and information on baseball. He said he learned a lot and had a ton of fun.

post by [ Mommy ] at 1/28/2003 12:46:19 AM

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