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Tuesday, December 10, 2002


Got the mail and phaedra mailed us her Xmas wish list. I like to post them on here so i don't lose it.. but we plan on going shopping tonight to try and finish it up once and for all. We only have about 2 hours to do it but will try our best to get as much as we can. Here's her list:

1. Lilo and Stich
2. Ice Age
3. Tracing paper and pencils for poster
4. Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron
5. A snow cone maker
6. Hair things - Fun colors
7. Earring/hecklace set (hoops)
8. 1414 Deadend drive or Music Disney Trivia Games
9. any dolphin things (Puzzle)
10. A dolphin color by number kit
11. Toe Socks.. glow in the dark
12. Flare Pants size 11 stretch
13. boxers (sponge bob or scooboy doo)
14. E Ball
15. Lava Lighting storm lamp
16. Suncatchers (Stained glass)
17. A cotton candy machine
18. A poster of any disney princesses
19. Shirts size 14-16 color blue, black or white

Nice list huh.. just hope I can find some of the things. I'd like the cotton candy machine.

post by [ Mommy ] at 12/10/2002 12:23:14 PM

Wednesday, December 04, 2002


Cassie is crazy with the TV commercials every commercial she says I want that.. I want that.. OH Mom look I want that.. And says I'm a big girl and go on the potty so I get lots of presents. Humm kinda cute. Yesterday she was funny she had the hickups and I said.. what was that noise??? she giggles and says "It was my mouth making noises." so cute!

Zac's been a busy body always into everything. Both the kids really been into everything I tell them 20 times a day to play with your toys.. toys are made not to hurt you.. but they'd rather play with everything but them and never in their rooms when they do play they are dragged from one end of the house to another. At least they are good about picking up. I grab a laundry basket and they throw them all in.. the inturn I throw all them into their toy boxes!

Josh went to a high school wrestling match last night Think our team lost by 6 points. He's getting excited for wrestling season he weighs about 10 more pounds than last year. He sure is growing up! His birthday is in 11 days and counting! Hard to believe he will be 11 already this year. He's been so good at helping out when I ask with the kids here and there and does his household chores pretty good. His only real responisble for unloading the dishwasher if needed after school and reloading if there is any dishes. He Usually does it on his own but I occassionaly have to remind him. He also helps out here and there with setting and clearing the supper table. Of course his other job is his room. Having your own room is his resposibility. He does a good job but I still dig into it probably 4 times a year and deep clean and get rid of the things he doesn't and help him organize. This Saturday they are having a kids movie and the movie theater to raise can goods for the food pantry the movie is Ice Age and he's excited to go.

Talked to Phaedra for 30 mintues tonight on the phone she's excited to come up for Christmas and sent off her Christmas list. Amanda sent her list up last week and here are some of the things she would like.
1. Dolphis - anything
2. Dophin Blanket
3. PJ's - angle ones
4. Animal Stickers - Horses, dog, cat or Tigers
5. Tennis Shoes - size 9 Nikes
6. Rollerblades
7. Shirts - Size Medium

post by [ Mommy ] at 12/4/2002 09:49:17 PM

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