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Sunday, November 24, 2002

Cassie is getting so grown up. Asking all kinds of questions all the time now. Why.. what r u doing? What are those, what does this do. Why not, why mommy? OK sometimes I will admit it's a lot but it's still cute! I don't know what it is but right away in the morning it's like she's a jabberbox. Constantly talking singing and asking questions non-stop talking. Maybe after a good nights sleep she's wound and ready to explore and learn the everything there is about the world. Early afternoon she's quite and watches TV getting tired for nap time I think then.

Zac's just happy baby 99% of the time. The only time he's not smiling is when big sis takes something away he was playing with when he gets in trouble with me he cries and runs up to me and tries tucking his head into my lap. The second I say Zachary or Nooo he cries and comes a running. Not that I have to yell at him much cuz he's really a good baby and so intertained by Cassie and Josh that he's a content little boy!

Josh helping out around the house a lot wants some Xmas $$$ thinking he'll make this much or this much if he cleans this or that. Running around with a calculator. Told him I'd take him to a discount store or dollar store and he can buy the family members something there that's reasonable.

Having Thanksgiving supper at our house. Will be nice but I have alot of work to do. Josh wants to go out for boys basketball this year. It runs Dec 2nd, ,thru Mar 21st. A long time and wrestling always starts in Jan thru end of march so may interfer but I'm going to call coach to find out for sure if it will conflict with wrestling. I told him he could try this one year and give a break off wrestling but he isn't sure he wants to do that yet.

post by [ Mommy ] at 11/24/2002 02:49:21 PM

Thursday, November 14, 2002


Josh played 2 songs tonight with 6 other classmates at the school board meeting with songs they learned on their recorders in Music class. Sure was nice to sit and listen to them play in front of so many people and they did so well all of them!

We had early Thanksgiving at Grandma & pa's tonight afterwards. They will be going to my aunt Gina's this Thanksgiving so she had my family and my Uncle Daves family over for supper sure was nice and fun! The kids were great. Cassie ate up a 1/2 bag of carrots dipping them in ranch dressing. Zac was anybody's buddie who was eating specailly when Grandma brought out the pumpkin pie!

Cassie is so awesome for being potty trained after working for so long. I think that she just wanted to be like her baby brother for so long is what made it so hard because now she goes all day long with regular panties on. She still has an occassional accident at nap time and at bedtime she still wears diapers but almost dry every morning. I just put pull ups on her at nap time or after lunch for the just in case situations and she thinks they are panties too.

Zac has been a wild guy. He will come up to me and yell or more it's his way of talking he'll say some grunts and pull my hand up to follow him all over the house all day. And for getting into things he's always right there diggin in getting into something he's not sopose to. I found a toy car in the VCR a couple times now. And he pushes the kitchen chairs around the kitchen pushing them up to the sink or counters to grab stuff if anythings on them. He can open the fridge now too! If I can keep him away from the kitchen it's ok. Most of the house is 99% safe just more to get into in the kitchen so it's where he always heads 1st!

Cassie' had fun today playing with the kitty. She laid a little blanket out in front of the patio door in the sunlight and the cat came up and laid on it by her. She petted him so nice and talked to him and read him a book. It was funny becuase she kept telling the cat to look at her. Look at me, Kitty Look at me and the cat never does. Kitty just loves the two little ones always going up to them. Not at all scared of them like he was when Josh was younger. They are very gentle with him and that helps and Zac barely touches him when he pets him. I think hes a little afraid of him yet.

post by [ Mommy ] at 11/14/2002 01:25:22 AM

Tuesday, November 12, 2002


Cookies were a hit at school today for Josh's classes bake sale they raised $261.00! He was excited and said his cookies sold out first. They were little teddie bear apple butter, molasses cookie pastries I made. Were a lot of work took me 3 hours just to make 2 batches and got 24 cookies! I do think I cooked them a little too long cuz the ones without the apple butter were a little too hard and crunchy.

Zac's upset right now think it's about bedtime him and Cassie have been fighting and getting into everything the past 2 days I can't keep up with them. The house is clean cept for the piles of toys everywhere And that's the last thing they want to play with . They are into tearing off the couch cushions and rolling around on them on the floor and jumping off and hurting themselves!

Josh has to play his recorder at the school board meeting tommorrow night. He volunteered to play with some of his other classmates! He has a Awesome 1st report card all A's and one B so smart!

post by [ Mommy ] at 11/12/2002 08:29:01 PM

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