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Thursday, October 24, 2002

Wow wild kids. Zac has been just the busy body! He's climbing and getting into everything and wild... Just a go go boy! Constantly busy and getting into everything he isn't sopose to it's a full time job chasing him I think. Cassie likes to help him on his little adventures too but enjoys telling on him now too!

Cassie's been going on the potty more and more Maybe by Christmas she wants all these toys on the commercials now! Mom I want that Doll House, Mom I want that, Mom I want that baby toy, Mom I want that toy, Mom I want that! And we got a Shopko ad in the mail and she goggles over the toy section and wants all that too. So we told her about Santa and potty chairs! If she's good and goes Santa may bring her a toy or two and if she's good!

Josh has his last football game this saturday it's Superbowl Saturday! He has a solo for the church christmas program ! He's excited but nervous to sing up in front of everyone! Were dog watchin Scruffy Grandma/pa's puppy while they are gone on vacation! Josh likes little scruffy and takes good care of her. He now has a new paper route also about 200 papers to deliver every Sunday. He's getting $19.45 per week now and thinks he's rich! I've always made him put his checks in savings and tell him to use his allowance money for spending. a 10 Year old doesn't need that much cash. So he figures he'll save over 4000 by the time he's 14 1/2 to buy a car.. good goals I guess!

post by [ Mommy ] at 10/24/2002 01:27:09 PM

Tuesday, October 15, 2002


Josh didn't have school today because of Native American Day. He doesn't have school Friday either or next monday cuz of Teachers conferences. Josh rode bike over to Great Grandma's this afternoon while the little ones and me were napping. He went with her up to the nursing home to visit Josh's Great Great Grandpa Lloyd who is 95 and not doing so well. He had a lot of fun over at Grandma's he always does and rode his bike back home about 530.

Josh did great on his mid terms for school and I'll get his report card for the 1st nine weeks already this wednesday. Cassie and Josh played outside a half hour this afternoon Josh invented a string bungy cord thing he hooked up to her little hot wheels barbie tricycle and pulled her around the walking track over at the lake. They had fun.

Zac was my buddy this afternoon after his nap he cuddles up in my lap and sits for about 20 minutes. I talk quietly in his ear to him about the things we see outside like the puppy running around and the wind and he stares out and listens so cute and smiles! Didn't do much tonight after supper the time flew and it was bedtime by 830 for them. Josh has been in his room ready for bed by 830 but stays up until 9 - 915. He can either play or read and does a little of both most nights.

post by [ Mommy ] at 10/15/2002 12:37:18 AM

Saturday, October 12, 2002


Josh's 5th Grade Pic

Just got back Josh's school pictures this past week. He's is the 5th grade this year and 10 1/2 right now and still loves having his picture taken! He went to the Football game tonight with my twin cousins. So nice that they took him as I know how much he loves going! He has flag football in the morning but it's raining out now so hope it clears up before then.

Here is some other pictures that were on the latest room of Film:

Petting Zoo at Trainfest
Zac and Cassie at Petting Zoo at Trainfest August 2002

Zac Sept 2002Zac Sept 2002
Zac September 2002

Cassie & her 3rd BDay CakeCassie with Birthday Outfit
Cassie & Her 3rd Birthday Cake! She loves Dora Dora and her the next day in a new outfit!
September 23, 2002

Zac in a Box
Isn't Zacy cute.. he's a Zac in the Box! Sept 2002

post by [ Mommy ] at 10/12/2002 12:07:31 AM

Wednesday, October 09, 2002


I asked Josh for his Birthday and Christmas wish list and here's what He wants in no particular order:

  • Lego Race Car - Remote Controll Type

  • Lego's Lego's Lego's

  • Bike Pegs

  • Portable CD Player that takes 2 batteries

  • VCR for my Room

  • Speedometer

  • Headset for Wrestling

  • Another Controller for Nintendo 64

  • Hair Dye

  • Clothes - Toys - Games

  • Reading Lamp

Not too bad of a list for both birthday and Christmas I thought. Thing is he has 2 portable CD players already so I am surly not going to buy him another he doesn't like them because they take 4 batteries . A Speedometer for his bike sounds good but he got one last year for Christmas and didn't want to wait for Dad to help him put it on his bike and I think he broke it or something.. maybe he'll get a new one i'm not sure yet.

Cassie and Zac have been pretty good. Cassie got bit by her eye by a bug I think cuz it's kinda swollen up. Wish I had that digital camera I want for Christmas already to post up a picture. Maybe not it's kinda sad.

Went to Watertown tonight to pick up some things and we ate Chinese and the kids just ate it all up.. well almost all up Cassie's been a really picky eater latley but Zach and Josh chowed down I was surprised. I am painting the living room walls and waiting for the primer to dry for the 3rd coat so I better go

post by [ Mommy ] at 10/9/2002 12:34:56 AM

Thursday, October 03, 2002


Cassie is feeling a bunch better but now Zac has the sniff's and rattles. He's had a clear runny nose for past day and this morning he has a bit of a cough and rattle in his voice. I thought he was cutting teeth again he has some big ones coming in but think it's moving into a cold also. It's been so chilly last few days and nights about 45 degrees out at this time. Josh got out of school yesterday at 130 and he watched the movie the scorpion King which he thought was really good.

Last night Josh and I went out and picked apples off our apple tree for a good 1/2 hour then it got so dark at 730 we couldn't see which were good and wern't so we stopped and Dad went out and they invented this apple picker and climbed up on the roof with a spotlight and picked 3 more big bags full. So then Josh and I pealed about 10 apples and sliced them up and we made apple crisp. Nummy it was really good and warm.

post by [ Mommy ] at 10/3/2002 01:52:23 PM

Wednesday, October 02, 2002


Before Cassie went to bed Sunday night she had a fever not too high but about 101 degrees and didn't eat supper very well. She was up a couple hours that night and Monday spent the day just laying around and again only drinking and a few bites here and there. We mainly just cuddled and played quiet games and reading books. Zac was a good baby as Sissy didn't feel good.

Tuesday night she perked back up and slept all night finally and this morning she's running wild and feeling great. The 2 little ones are playing so cute in Cassie's room so far. Sooner or later one of them will cry or yell but for now it's nice. Going to start some dinner now.

Josh had a field trip to watertown on Monday for school they went to a play at the high school and then to the Terry Redlin art center where they watched a film on rollercoaster there too. Yesterday their class had a Reading party for all the books they read in the 1st month of school. He really likes his teacher and I"M SO PROUD he brought home his mid-term report card and he had all A's and one B+. Sceince he needs work in but he said they havn't had a test yet and not too much so hopes to raise that grade in the next 4 weeks. He gets out of school at 130 today.

post by [ Mommy ] at 10/2/2002 12:15:43 PM

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