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Friday, September 27, 2002


Cassandra went off to her room to play this morning about 10 and was quietly playing for about 10 minutes when I thought I had better go check on her. Walking down the hall I smelled something almost gaggin me and I walk in and notice she was going thru my purse. The little tiger sneaked off with my purse. And in those 10 minutes had taken all my change and put it into her piggy.

That wasn't what got my attention but the smell... she had sprayed 1/2 my perfume all over her room or herself.. but it was worse. Watching her Trying to cover up her legs I asked her to show me them. She said no and ran off cryin.. When I finally had a look I realized why.. She had also gotten a hold of my Purple nail polish and painted up not only her toe nails... or toes.. but that and her entire leg and 1/2 the other.

Perfume and Nail polish smell was so strong We spent next 10 minutes scrubin in the bathroom and back into the tub. About an hour later our kitty came up to me to be petting like he always does and I noticed the poor kitty had big globs of nail polish on his back too and that Cassie had got to him too. I thought oh no what else will I find but didn't find more.. at least not yet.

Zac was a good baby all day feel so bad leaving him at daycare now he knows I am leaving him and cries and runs to me. It's just so hard to leave him. They only go to daycare thrusday afternoons when I work at 1pm until 430 when daddy gets off work. It's nice the lady that watches them watches 3 other little girls from one family. They are 3, 2 and 9 months. So all around their ages cept Zac is the only boy but sure he still has fun. Cassie loves going and playing with other girls her age so it's nice as well as nice for Mommy to be able to have 2 hours to get out and run errands and stuff alone a little too!

Josh is excited it's homecoming week and he bought 3 buttons, one for him and one for his little brother and sister. I hope it's nice out tommorrow for the homecoming parade & I'll take the little ones also! He's going to the football game tomorrow night with my cousins. Last night he went to our churchs after school program until 5 then turned around and was invited to Bible Adventures program at the Baptist church and went there from 630-8 too!

post by [ Mommy ] at 9/27/2002 12:42:03 AM

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Cassie's Party

Cassandra's 3rd Birthday party went great last evening. She hauled in a ton of stuff too! Aaron and Amanda got her an outfit coloring book, world book and some glowin the dark stars we put up in her room. My Parents gave her a cute pink dress and some molding clay and sponge paints. Great grandma/pa gave her a shirt and a September Proclein Doll. Dave and Wanda gave her a Barbie Ice Cream set. Josh and Zac got her 2 puzzels, coloring book and some dress up jewelery and a dress up outfit. Daddy and Me got her 3 outfits and some new Dora Dora shoes, a memory match game a nightlight and a Toy Microwave that is so neat as well as some socks and a card game and some blues clues books.

Everyone came over about 6 and we had BBQ's chips veggie tray and crackers and cheese jello Macaroni salad and cake and ice cream. Cassie had a lot of fun and was so polite about her gifts! All day today she wanted another birthday tommorrow. cute

Zac likes the new toys as well. I try and Tell Cassie if she goes into her room and shuts the door she can play with her toys without Zac. But instead she plays right in front of him and gets so mad at him when he grabs that from her. She hasn't been the best at sharing but I think it's hard when everything she has he wants.. But then again it's a two way street. Because whenever Zac does have something she too is right there taking it away.

Josh is reading a new book and 1/2 way thru in just 2 nights. He had a classmate come over this evening they rode bike played football and played in his room for about and hour and 1/2. He's doing so very well in school this year again I'm so proud of him!

post by [ Mommy ] at 9/25/2002 12:06:48 AM

Monday, September 23, 2002


Kids are being just great today Cassie so excited it is her birthday we went and picked up her cake from the bakery. It's a Dora Dora Themed cake and says Happy 3rd Birthday Cassie! It has a wind up toy and track on the cake it's pretty cute but can't keep her away from it before her party.

Zac is really cuddly today I think he is more on Monday after the weekend working he misses me and wants to sit in my lap and be hugged and loved on. He's my cuddle bug. Josh is still in school and has his paper route to deliver when he gets off the bus. Everyone is coming over at 6 for supper and Cassie's party. We are having BBQ's Chips, macaroni salad, relish tray, buns and cake & ice cream.

post by [ Mommy ] at 9/23/2002 02:54:24 PM


Happy Birthday to You... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday Dear Cassie.. Happy Birthday to you! My Baby girl turned 3 just 45 minutes ago. September 23, 1999 at 12:24am. Time goes so fast I went in and kissed her at that exact time!

I wrapped her presents tonight when I got home from work. Sure will be a fun time tommorrow! Josh had fun out hunting all day with both his dads. Zac & Cassie had company at 4 as great grandma came over for a visit and watched them for a bit when Mommy went to work until the Daddy and Josh got home at 5.

post by [ Mommy ] at 9/23/2002 12:58:44 AM

Sunday, September 22, 2002


Kids are Loud this morning. I have a fan blowing out here to get the fresh Cool air from outside in and they can't stay away from it. They are running up to it then sit and yell in the fan. Not talking or saying things but the long low little yell. I sopose they like the reverb it puts on their voices. I guess it's kinda cute but after so long I'm ready to unplug.

post by [ Mommy ] at 9/22/2002 11:02:59 AM

Saturday, September 21, 2002


She has been something I can't explain when it comes to potty training. She absolutly loves being in a poopy diaper I think. She'll be 3 in 3 days and she won't tell me when she's gotta go. If you put her on the potty she will go just fine but she'll sit until she's soaked and even then not care. At least she's better a few months ago she would scream and kick the entire time. I guess I'll continue the potty breaks every 30 minutes and keep my fingers crossed.

I got up this morning and Cliff says.. Ohhhhh you missed the cutest thing last night when I was at work I guess Zac started Kissing people he leans down not quite touching you and goes MMMuuuuawwww... He was kissing everyone last night but me at work and I tried a few times today to get him to do it and now he won't:( Ohhhh I wish I could've seen that.

Josh went duck hunting this morning and did all the calling They got their limit then he had football practice and 2 games and then went to brookings for his little cousin Jacob's 5th birthday. He's always so busy.

post by [ Mommy ] at 9/21/2002 02:41:04 PM

Tuesday, September 03, 2002


This is my first Entry in the Childrens Diary! Welcome

post by [ Mommy ] at 9/3/2002 02:54:20 AM

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