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Magmadar is Dead!
6/19/2005 1:44 PM
Lucifron is Dead
6/5/2005 3:31 PM
Vintage Poster Competition
5/30/2005 3:01 PM
A Search for New Members
5/29/2005 9:35 AM
Armor Sets
5/26/2005 9:10 AM



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Magmadar is Dead!
Added by mylycha on 6/19/2005 1:44 PM

ts official, we’ve successfully encountered and taken out Magamadar!  Yes, this two headed beast deep in the Molten Core did not know what hit him when we showed up Saturday night.  We were placed with the secondary tanks again, and easily worked our way passed Lucifron this time.  The irony of the night is that we did not wipe on either of these two bosses, but did a couple times on the way in.  I think we were ambushed by re-spawning dogs and destroyers.  : )


he raid employed the usual strategy for Lucifron; one guard, two guard, and then Lucifron… it went well with several epic drops.  After taking out the core hound packs we faced the beast, Magmadar.  He attacked with plenty of fire spits and a truck load of fear, but this time the hunters kept him tranquil, the warriors kept the agro, and everyone else conducted an onslaught from the rear.  This was a great strategy and kept Magmadar from a constant killing frenzy. 


he key to a successful Magmadar take down is patience and this group had plenty to see more epic drops.  Once again our thanks goes out to Icenymph, Pmslayer, Riven, Sconc, and all who participated.  We’ll see you all next time in the MC when we go for Gehannas with his shadow bolt, rain of fire and ever faithful companions.   

Lucifron is Dead
Added by mylycha on 6/5/2005 3:31 PM

hat a great Saturday we had with our allies Icenmyph and crew in the Molten Core.   This was a well disciplined group who knew the strategy of the MC and communicated it well to the raid group.  We had the responsibility of supporting one of the secondary main tanks, Onamier.  These mobs are a lot different than the usual instance mobs; it takes time for the MT’s to build up agro before anyone else can attack.  CTraid assist and decursive are a must.  Also, pally’s don’t play the normal off-tank roll; they are mostly secondary healers and especially dispellers.


e worked our way passed the Firelords, Ancient Core Hounds, Lava Surgers, Lava Annihilators, Molten Giants, and Imps to get to Lucifron and his faithful companions.  Our first attempt went awry, but our second attempt was almost flawless.  The MT distracted Lucifron, while the secondary tank and crew worked on one guard. In the mean time, our group kept the second guard busy.  Once the first guard was down, everyone piled on the second guard.  It was pretty quick and we all moved to Lucifron.  Victory was ours.  Several epic pieces dropped.  A lucky hunter, warrior, and paladin (not Mylycha) walked away with some nice epic set pieces. 


nto the Core Hound Packs and Magmada.  We did well with the packs, but Magmada put us in the wipe category fast.  We used a typical strategy; MT on front end, other damage dealers on back end, healers stay out of AE range, and everyone heal MT when Magmada frenzied. Alas, we failed. While we gathered ourselves for another attempt the packs respawned (about 1 hour) and we were caught off-guard.  Needless to say, we were all getting tired by this time and it became obvious another day would be better suited for Magmada.   We will meet again on Thursday to continue.  Thanks to Pmslayer and Sconce for their great communication.  Thanks to Riven, Shomie, and Onamier for their great tanking.  Thanks to everyone else for their great patience.     

Vintage Poster Competition
Added by mylycha on 5/30/2005 3:01 PM

he Royal Photographic Society of Azeroth is happy to announce the World of Warcraft Vintage Poster Competition, sponsored by Zboard!. This contest challenges the adventurers of Azeroth to embrace their inner salesman / saleswomen by creating vintage-style advertisements for their favorite in-game items!  The five grand prize winners will receive a Zboard and World of Warcraft Zboard Keyset! Submissions must be received by 11:59 PM PDT on June 5, 2005 to be considered for the competition.  Mylycha has entered her “Happy Hour” poster.  You can view this poster in the Images section at “Mylycha’s Stuff”. Good luck to all who enter and don’t forget to post your entry in our images section for all to see.  

A Search for New Members
Added by zoul on 5/29/2005 9:35 AM

I’ve been combing the lands for more ROS talent.  It has been a difficult task to find high-level players that are not already committed to some allegiance.  We must try to recruit some up-and-coming talent.  I will be employing my alt, a 25 Rogue, (Jesib) to mingle amongst the mid-level players.  I’ll be looking for those who already have some of the ROS philosophy… easy-going.  I can help them develop their style and experience for the higher-level content.  I hope this strategy leads to more recruits for the Ranks of Sage. 




“Have you hugged a priest today???”


Armor Sets
Added by mylycha on 5/26/2005 9:10 AM

he guild has been working on their armor sets, and not doing too bad so far. Dagnabbit has is holding onto to the Beaststalker's belt, boots, bindings, and pants giving him an attack power increase by 15 when fighting beasts. 

Mylycha has managed to piece together the LightForge belt, boots, bracers, breastplate, and legplates giving her a bonus to healing done by spells and effects by up to 11 and +30 attack power when fighting undead and demons.

Zoul is wearing the Devout belt, bracers, and gloves giving him a bonus of damage done by Shadow spells and effects by up to 7.

Is has become somewhat tedious as new 60's are popping up everyday and some of the instance groups seem a little inexperienced. We try to stick with allies with know and it has been going good.


Molten Core
Added by mylycha on 5/22/2005 3:59 PM

t the bottom of Blackrock Depths is a passage to the Molten Core. This is a stronghold of our enemy, held by the most powerful servants of fire on this world.

We got our first look at the inside of the core this weekend. Molten Giants, Ancient Core Hounds and Lava Surgers couldn't stop us from reaching our first boss. We fought well, but it was late and several members of the 40-man raid team had to go. We didn't quite get the job done, but we feel it was a pretty good first run. Hats off to our ally Icenymph who put together the raid and did a good job with direction. It was obvious that there were a lot of green horns in the group, but it was loads of fun. Hopefully, we'll be joinning our allies again soon for another go at it.

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