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Joshua 5th Grade
Josh is 11 years old and in the 5th grade this year! He's playing flag football right now every saturday morning and loves school and does very well! Josh's favorite toys are legos & I can often find him building new great things with them. He also wrestles in the winter and enjoys swimming, basketball, football, reading and typing.

Cassandra Sept 2002
Cassie turned Three this past September and is growing in many ways. She is aware of everything that goes on and more. Always asking questions and wanting to try and do everything us BIG people do and does pretty well. Working on Numbers and colors she's got them all down now. She's lost as well without her baby brother she's a great big sister and always including Zac and sure misses him when he's asleep or gone.
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Zac September 2002
Zachary Turned One last June and he's full of climbing energy. You can always find him exploring every area and the higher the more fun! He's lost without his sister and just loves to follow her around and do whatever she is doing. He's not quiet about telling you what he wants and loves to yell at you! He's still a snuggly bunny being my baby I just love it!
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