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Mother's Joy

Welcome to My Family's Webpage!

My Name is Amy and this site is a little about me and things I love to share. I started this as a hobbie but like that I've meet many friends online thru clubs, groups and chat as well as visitors and of course my friends and family as well!

I don't get as much time online as I did in the past but I still like to share my pictures and journals if your into reading. I am in a fun Crochet club called At My House Crochet and started a Crochet journal that tells about my projects and fun sites I find online. My Kids Journal I keep for little tidbits of their lives and things I find fun or that they are doing at the time I wrote it. My Own personal journal is online but your only able to view if your lucky enough hehe..

Be sure to check out my Brothers Band the Mullendhalies website and if you get a chance to check out their show DO IT!

I have had hundreds of pages and links off this main page over the years I've added more and more and have had to expand and I'm really working on cleaning that all up as well as the links. So for now it's a little cluttered yet but bear with me. The Webrings I'm in I'll be redoing as well, Like the Garden one.. OK I Garden but hardly one to brag about. It's hopeless again for another year. I had no time but still did produce a few nice things.

Well Enough updating for now .. Until Again:)
Updated: October 9th, 2002


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