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Mother's Joy

Thursday, February 20, 2003

My Goal is to update one page of my childrens and others everyday until I'm caught up. Today I finished up Josh's Photo page. You will find that by clicking in the above frame under Josh's subject Photos.

OK Trial number 3 cuz the things just arn't working that I want to.. damit

OK I think I have the page setup and able to transfer my logs directly via FTP. I hope to use this space and journal area to highlight events in my familys life. Posting things we do together as well as updates on the site. I have a lot to do as far as the photo's and updating of the childrens pages.

If you havn't visited my Kids Blog You should. I try to update what's new in their lives whenever I get the chance. Josh has been busy wrestling almost every weekend since Jan.. he enjoys the sport and is a good sport. I'm proud of him. He was also paperboy of the month last month. I will scan the picture and write up that was in the paper about him soon and post then.

Welcome to My Family's Webpage and Jouranl of events. You will find lots of pictures and stories along with personal tidbits about each of us!


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