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Welcome to My Journal! My entries will tell a little about me and my life as well as my crochet projects and pictures of some of the things I've made or recived.

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Tuesday, December 31

No time to crochet over the holidays but a few rows on the wedding dress I'm making in thread... will write more and add pictures in January! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

post by [Amy J] at 1:47 AM

Tuesday, December 3

I started on a new barbie dress last night. It's from Paradise Publications again and it's the 1778 Luis XVI Bride.. Volume 42 P-023. (you can click on pattern name for the link with pictures) I just hope I can find the right lace and beads when it comes time to do that part of it somewhere in town.

I absolutly love Paradise patterns but it's almost impossible for me to find the materials they call for.. different threads and beads. Even when I go to Sioux Falls I can't find it .. and online I've found some but never everything I need. The older patterns you can't buy kits for so it's the only thing I get fustrated about.

I have the bodice and about 1/2 the overskirt done already. Pretty shell like stitch! I'm just not in any yarn mood and threads so protable smaller and right now i'm repeating 2 rows over and over so it's pretty easy.. for now.

post by [Amy J] at 4:33 PM

Monday, December 2

I don't know I havn't felt like really doing anymore Christmas things because I know I won't get them all done but I have did a lot already. I had a busy busy holiday weekend with Thanksgiving and working and company at the house. I did start on a Barbie Wedding dress. I have the top done already the dress part of course will take the longest but ti's really pretty! Sopose it will take awhile. next 3 days off so hope to catch up on emails and some other things as well! I received my puffy for the granny square exchange last week and received a new square of my afghan. I will scan it later and add it to my virtual afghan!

post by [Amy J] at 11:42 AM

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